Friday, August 22, 2008

If Rinse ain't top3 selected then tell me why Ghett's made a tune and said Rinse is a genius?


Rinse - Put 'Em Up (G Dub Production)

I've been pumping out a new track of Rinse's for a while now (You'll hear this a lot for the next couple of weeks because of me catching up with material from my break) and it's finally been dropped on radio, Radio 1, yeah I know!? It's a very good look. Not only has this tune got it's debut play on Radio 1 but Mike Skinner himself introduced him by saying he feels like what he felt like when he first heard Kano. Bonzaaaayyy!! His flows reminds me of Ghetto although instead of shotting O's, Rinse was watching Anime and reading marvel comic books. His content's like Durrty Goodz although replace the blurry year of being on remand with olympic karaoke sessions and as for clean rehearsed dance moves like the Rolex Sweep, he's broke so it's more like he's doing the robot.

This budding talent has being popping up all over the radar doing tracks with the likes of Durrty Goodz, Pro Green and a few artists I'm not allowed to let out of the bag, just this minute - but keep a good eye on him, yes even when he's wearing that dreadful hat. Like the track then check out Rinse's Digital Outbreak.

Silverlink Featuring Badness & Jammer - Message Is Love

I've been pumping out Message Is Love for more than a month now, maybe even longer, only because Magic said I needed some practice on my Rudeboy!! dance. A couple of months have passed and I think two things are evident. I can not dance and this is one hype tune. Demm Demm Demm DEMM. It cracks me up half way through the track how Badness just slows it down and starts drawing for the seduction lines. This is a definite Carnival hit.

DJ Magic, co-promoter and DJ behind leading urban night Dirty Canvas, releases The Message on his No Hats No Hoods label in September. He admits to being surprised by the high-impact fusion of soca, grime and soul.

'It's not a record you get straight away because there's so much going on, it's like being slapped round the face,' he says. 'It is soca and it isn't: I took it into a West Indian restaurant and they immediately said: "This is soca," even though they knew it wasn't from home.'
What's this cross-fertilisation down to? 'The internet and blogging are breaking down scenes,' suggests Magic. 'Five years ago, you wouldn't be able to get hold of the top ten dubstep tracks without going to a specialist record shop; today you can find all the music you want. It's making artists and producers aware of scenes they weren't aware of before and this bastard mix of music reflects what they're hearing.'
Taken from Uprising the Underground in today's Metro

Silverlink on production with vocals from Badness and Jammer, Message Is Love is available in limited test presses from NoHatsNoHoods, although you can wait till its full release on the 22nd September. Check out this hilarious promo video...

This is how it is in London "Shatap Shatap Shatap..." well said.


  1. Anonymous10:26 PM

    let's be honest, only reason jammer told dude to "shatap shatap shatap' is cos he realised dude had a better flow/content than him and the murkle man couldn't compete let alone go back to back! Joker


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