Friday, August 29, 2008

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Wiley - Where's My Brother?

Even if your love for grime started a month ago or when Pay As You Go were dancing for champagne you would have realised the weird estranged relationship, if you can even call it that, between Dizzee Rascal and Wiley Kat. Skip back to Summer 2003, Dizzee and Wiley seemed on top of their game together, Boy In The Corner was ready to drop on XL as well as Wiley's Treddin On Thin Ice. Looking back this is obviously where friction started, Wiley had many labels interested in him and Dizzee was much like Bill's younger prodigy coming through the ranks, Wiley's manager Cage was helping him sign with XL and during this time was introduced to Dizzee. Cage saw the huge potential in Diz and seemed to put William in the back seat. In an interview with the Guardian back in March 07, Wiley reflects back "Dizzee's vision was further than mine at the time, and our manager had to take Dizzee to where he was going, but he left us all behind. I was in Dizzee's shadow. I was naturally jealous of him, and the label XL were focusing on him, and not really concerned about me. Me and Dizzee on the same label wasn't going to work: there was a conflict of interest there...”

Then of course there's the issue of the incident in Ayia Napa, the facts are still a bit hazy but to cut a long story short, the most consistent rumour is that Diz touched a certain woman's bum and a certain crew weren't too happy about it so in return roughed up Wiley and stabbed Dizzee just before his Mercury award winning album dropped. The distance grew...


Years passed by, with what it seemed with a minimum of words exchanged. Fast forward to 2007 and Dizzee announced his release date for his third album - Maths and English on June 4th of that year. After many label experiences Wiley at that time had signed an album deal with Big Dada and was dedicated to planning his release for Playtime Is Over for the same day. Some sort of weird subliminal message to Dizzee or just a plug for more media attention!? It obviously caught Dylan's attention as once both albums were leaked before the release date it seemed both artists had completely different ideas of where their friendship was going. Letter 2 Dizzee was Wiley's attempt on reuniting the Roll Deep duo, however Dizzee had different plans. His second official single P*ssyhole, it's second verse, "There was this particular MC man who was an older in my ends and I thought he was the dan... my cousin used to say he was a p*ssy undercover" . Even though in previous interviews he has tried to deny that, that verse was directed at Will - "Wiley thinks it's about him". That idea failed miserably for our old godfather, when Diz first heard Letter 2 Dizzee (which was documented by a journalist from the Guardian) he describes it pretty frankly -

His face, it must be said, is a picture - progressing from polite interest to utter bewilderment to resigned acceptance in response to Wiley's bizarre hotchpotch of hurt feelings and blustering self-justification.'This whole situation,' Dizzee says, wearily, 'is just so very gay. But it seems to be a constant part of my life, 'cause he ain't gonna shut up. I would have done anything for Wiley, man, outside of music, and he knows that. That's why this has carried on for years. If I hadn't put this whole thing behind me, I would never have made Maths & English. We could be shouting things at each other for ever - that's what we did on the estate. It's normal, standard, just a habit - but it'd be a shame and a waste of music to fall back into that.'

What now? Well with the success of Electro inspired Wearing My Rolex hitting the UK charts at No 2 (Sadly cut short by old Madonna's 4 Minutes of madness). Dizzee Dabbled in a little Electro and mixed it with his love for chatting up girls and dancing and hit the charts up at No 1 - Independently. Who would have thought the subliminal slaps would be in full view of the mainstream?

Imagine the hype though and how successful a track would be if these two got their heads banged together by Jeremy Kyle and put their issues behind them and made ONE track, that's all, put their musical abilities to one track and performed it ONCE. The hype and the importance of that one moment would bring so many different people together. I may just be getting soppy but seriously let's forget grime for a second, it would be a powerful moment for UK music as a whole. They're both at the height of their mainstream careers and this would certainly be put down in history, well my blog at the least. It seems Wiley is on the same wave length as me anyway... Listen to Stop Being Silly which was recently popped up on Wiley's myspace:

Wiley - Stop Being Silly


  1. Anonymous11:19 PM

    thanks for this post. it is an interesting beef because..well..wiley is so crazy. he is not afraid to show how conflicted he is abt dizzee. it is all so confusing and so public. I am sure diz is just as confused.

    I feel like "where's my brother" is aimed at someone else. I don't doubt that wil has conceited that dizzee will indeed "cross over". who knows. wiley seems so volatile. he could be aiming this at any one of his "brothers". I personally think it is skepta. I am sure that there are threads and threads about this on message boards everywhere.

  2. Anonymous11:48 AM

    re: where's my brother - isn't it about the movement?

    "heard a tune called soundboy summat, crap, they ain't ready yet"

    soundboy was by revolver, who was in cold blooded with scorcher

    "slewed your boss instant it was over"

    reference to ghetts/war report?

    "where's my little bro"

    he talks about mercston as his little bro on the war report.

  3. Where's my brother is about Scorcher.


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