Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We don't need no producer battles were we live ...

140 grime st album cover
Official Album cover for 140 grime street

Summer's so quiet, everyone's sunning it out in foreign lands, while I'm trying to hold my yawns over producer battles and other boring nonsense. There is some good news though, apparently Wiley has signed an album deal with Atlantic, that electro glitch didn't exactly put the dagger too deep for William then. There's also an Eskibeat album in the works with Eskiboy and Ice Kid. It's only a matter of time till we see who the real talk of the town is. The last quarter is set to be a long awaited one with Wiley, Skepta, Boy Better Know and Kano, of many, to be dropping albums. If only time went as quick as Wiley's record deals. I'm a bit confused if I like Kano's new music, I'm trying so hard not to compare it with some of my favourite music from him from Home Sweet Home. One day I love Hustler, the next I think it's not the best opener ie. crap, I need to make my mind up, maybe the video will help me with that!?

Giggs - Uuummmmm! video

Walk In Da Park was released this monday and apparently fans were left upset and some even angry when told that the album was no longer in stock after they had queued for hours outside HMV and other Independent music retail stores. 'At 9.30am in HMV there were reported fights between fans determined to get there hands on one of the last copies of the album.' I even caught some footage... I remember running over someone for dropping a blank cd on the floor. You should of just ordered it from Play.com or Uptown Records. You D*ck wipe. I'm just playing through my copy of the album, do you feel you had a gentle bop through the park or fully got jacked for your money by an old lady in the park for the CD?


Faction G is back with DJ Sketch E, enjoy... [Download]

Apparently this is Logan and me at 70? Although I know for sure Logan has that shirt in black and red. Least I have another 49years to learn how to dance like a legend and Logan has 12 months.


  1. weasel11:30 PM

    :-) big up hyper

  2. Still not sure about Giggs


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