Tuesday, September 02, 2008

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KISS 100 - Logan Sama featuring Kano, Ghetto and Skepta (1.9.08)

As soon as it hits September we got a little pinch and punch on the first day of the month. No wonder the sun has vanished it used up a whole summers heat and shine last night. Logan hosted a great show with Kano, Ghetto and Skepta - Apparently Wiley was suppose to be there, which of course would of been a great end to the summer since he's been blessing up huge stages and now can't even bless a set. Think you're too big for us now then Will? Radio 1 treating you well?

Before the set even started Kano and Skepta done some weird karaoke style P.A of a track they done together on 140 Grime St. It was pretty average but the bar that I stood out for me was an obvious dig at Wiley and Devilman - "...I think I speak for both of us when I say Lord of the Mics was a walk in the park". So Skepta you think that Kano murked Will ... ok. He did but still - Where's Will's Brother?

There wasn't much sending, well as much as the last time both were on Logan's, but it was a great show to listen to just for the energy. Logan mixed a great variety of grime beats in a selection of up to date and classic instrumentals like OI, Pulse X and Eskimo. Destruction was slyly slid in there aswell (which many of you may know from the legendary Wiley Vs Kano lord of the Mics clash - which Skepta was previously refering to). Is it in bad taste to compare kano flowing over it now to when he flow like this over it back then? Anyway 5 minutes into the set Ghetto pulled out a little sneaky send for Skepta in the form of this: “So when I squeeze you’ll be like what ya mean what ya mean” and then followed with - "...I run the grime show you ain’t got what it takes to come for man’s throne, I know there’s many mcs that can blow but none of them can stand close ….Let me make it crystal clear for ya I don’t wanna hear - What dya mean? what dya mean?” (4.55mins) then "...I got my enemies pairing up I’ll be like so? I’ll dun the pair of ya – WHAT!? What dya mean what dya mean?" (5:15mins)

There was little other sending too be fair which for the hype lovers was a little disappointing but then the energy especially between Kano and Ghetto was time machine worthy. Both of them seemed to be hyping off of each others flow like they were b2b on Deja Vu. As for new bars Kano came totally fresh out the box but through some parts it felt like his flow over powered what he was actually saying, compare that to Ghetto who wasn't even that skippy (well ok ok he was) mixed in freedom of speech lyrics with new ones. His flow had calmed down to a point where the words he says are more empowered so they are digestible to the reader. As for Skepta, I was disappointed, not in energy (well a little bit) but more for the fact he's been away for a lot of the summer and came back with the same bars he left we several months ago. It felt like Logan had taken clips out of month old sets of Skepta and just played them between the other two's breaks. I'm not saying for a fresh pair of 128bars every set that would be silly to ask but just some freshness to keep us all on our toes.

Don't miss out the little cute interchanging of 'Buss my nine' and 'Buss 1 Buss 2' lyrics between Skepta and Ghetto - so they are friends now yeah? All that's missing now is a ring and for them to set a date. That could be what's happening on the 30th of September in this 'top secret' grime event that is being hosted by Adidas. Can't even buy a ticket - apparently that's good because then people who really love the music will be there!? If paying £30 for a ticket doesn't show dedication then I don't know what does.


I made this before the show aired, I don't even know why I thought this would be a picture of their performances if you were deaf. Little did I know Kano didn't pop out the slowest ever swagger flow. I still like the idea of Ghetto skipping while he's spitting his skippy flow though - I'm strange. Skepta's just having a little sweep. I couldn't think of anything else. bye.


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