Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Greatest Grime Show Ever - The anticipation begins...


They hyped it up on Logan's grime show, now they are making me tap my toes with anoyance aswell as excitement. I want my ticket as much as the rest of you so get in the queue. I recon we'll even have to show we've pre-ordered the 140 Grime Street Album or do something silly like do 140 steps on one foot in the middle of Oxford Street while singing the chorus to Hustler.
Either way stay tuned in the next day for the down low of how to get your free ticket out of 2000 to the 'greatest grime show ever' - in a secret location. I remember people always saying that and then it ended up being cargo 9 out of 10 times - althought Cargo doesnt fit 500 people in let alone 2000. Craig David is apparently going to play a big part at the concert type event, he'll be on the door security hopefully very far away from the mic and stage.

1.40pm September 11th - HERE


  1. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Debut Album Finally Out -Yeah BOI!!!

    Jaja - Street Boy - Album Out Now ON iTunes,,, Rhapsody plus more

    Okay so take a listen.. The albums got some emotional tracks like Nirvana, Hurt So Bad. Ladies a few tracks on their for you too.. look out for Me & My Grilfriend. Plus a couple "Hood Bangerz" like They Want Us feat Tempman, Make It Snow feat DVS & Taz also the latest single/video release BOSS.

    So..Its out everywhere online for download also in some special shops around London Including Dark N Cold (D'Arblay Street, West End), CD Bar (Stratford), Reds (Brixton), Mixing Records (Croydon),

    What can I say PDC's all grown up!!

    Its a good look..The albums bangin!

    Don't forget to peep the BOOK if you haven't already "Street Boys"

    author Tim Pritchard "The moving true story of 7 young kids and their struggle to escape a life of gangs and violence. Street Boys tells a powerful and important true story of courage, determination and hope -- of creating a family from your friends and starting again when the world seems against you"


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