Friday, September 05, 2008

It's his time...

A quick stop off tonight, check out Wiley's new video for Summertime - reminds me of Sam Sparro's 21st Century Life. Great old school video and the songs pretty good aswell, with the success off WMR and Summertime, Atlantic has signed up an album for him. I always thought Wiley was a member of Run DMC and I think this video proves my point. Possibly a Wiley Vs Dizzee come back. Please. It's the last time this week i'll ask. Promise.

Check out aswell the video from Logan's with Kano, G and Skepta PART 2 video over here.

Here's a freestyle given to me by Vis from Ace & Vis, from when Tinchy was a guest - not sure if it was aired or if this was cut off the show either way here you go.


  1. toxik kargoll5:34 PM

    thanks, just took the video and ran with it on my blog

  2. Anonymous6:55 PM

    how do i download this?


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