Friday, September 19, 2008

Tonight, Tomorrow and Next Month

Tonight! tonight get sweaty....

This is the screening of Inferno I kind of hiphop musical which one of my friends plays the main part of Bea, theres also a bunch of mcs including Jeeday Jaws featured in the performance. Screening is tomorrow make sure you're there.

My exaust practically fell apart the other day and it amazed me just how much my car sounded like a dubstep soundtrack. I was sad to get it fixed.


  1. holler if you got something in germany^^

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  3. christian8:42 AM

    grime is alive , your blogs are dead

  4. Joshua7:00 PM

    lool nah da blogs aint dead
    but lyk wa gwan... someones gettin lazy
    Cumon man...i used to ENJOY readin

  5. Anonymous10:09 PM

    this blog used 2 b live. now its deader than jme's spitting career.............wag1>

  6. Anonymous1:15 PM

    blog init..

  7. Anonymous1:54 PM

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  8. Anonymous9:30 PM

    2 weeks = lazy
    2 months = dead.


  9. Anonymous10:30 AM

    This blog is DEAD. gonna take it off my favourites. FIX UP

  10. Anonymous12:42 PM

    fucken hell whrs hyper gone...... i,ve resorted to reading styleslut !@£??&% .....wats wrng wit u mayyynnnneeee!!!

  11. Anonymous3:24 PM

    yo man hurry up and blog hyper, been like a month and a week o something, aint like der aint been nuffin to write about!!!!

  12. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Write some new blogs u lazy c***

  13. Anonymous2:05 AM

    i really like this blog and i miss it

  14. Anonymous6:38 PM


  15. Anonymous11:21 AM

    2 months frankie baby!! come on wot u tryin to do to me, i need a grime fix mannn i cnt live on this retro rudeboy wonky hiphop no longer

  16. i know exactly what you mean with the exhaust thing!!
    when mine fell off it sounded like every dubstep song playing all at once!!

  17. Anonymous5:52 PM

    update this fucking blog you hack fuck, it used to be a good read xx

  18. Anonymous12:08 AM

    2 weeks = hopeful
    4 weeks = pissed
    8 weeks = DEAD

    grime aint alive... its DEAD... well for hyper anyways!

    alternatives: is quite good n used to be on par with hyperfag's blog layout is slacking tho! basys own blog wretch blog

    and for tinchys blog

    each are interesting and keep you in the grime loop from their own perspectives

  19. Anonymous6:52 AM

  20. Come back Frank! :(

  21. Anonymous10:05 PM

    i heard H-frank got anal raped. tru stories.

  22. Anonymous9:31 PM

    she definatly died
    or realised she was white all along
    or got amnesia

    but basically she isn't bloggin no more... no goodbye or anything. dead

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