Thursday, January 31, 2008


The truth is out, yes the real reason why Scorcher ended up behind bars was because he stole my handbag. Trident jumped at the chance to lock up a grime artist, even when I finally ended up telling them it was all a joke and Scorcher just borrowed a bag for a shoot they still gave him 6 months. Trident eyy, dedicated to ruining and isolating oops sorry I mean helping communities.
Where the hell is Simply the Best Vol2? or is it a trick to get us to pre-order it and receive it UK Recordship style in 5 years?

Griminal & Lil Nasty on Kiss 100

Has anyone else noticed the love for the bait quick 'ER/aaaa' flow? The youngers coming through are rolled in it, it's like you can't get called grime without at least having 32bars with that flow. Be original, if you can.

F*ck offffff

If you haven't already got hold of Devlin's sweetner EP, you can download it free here. From Bottom To The Top & Super Trigger are topping my Ipod list. There hasn't been an official date yet for Bud Sweat and Beers but it will most probably drop after Ghetto's Freedom of Speech which is released on March 11th.

Before you set off on your high horses check out Wiley - Wearing my Rolex rip. Seems Bless Beats has refixed bodyrox Yeah Yeah and but he really wanted to do was wear Wiley's Rolex. Someone press this up on vinyl and push it to the max - PLEASE. Inspiration?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Benga & Coki - Night


I just had it confirmed to me that this is the official video for Night, as many of us over at grimeforum thought it was a joke, it isn't. How completely random, I expected a video that reflected its honest tropical suicide bass, possibly a vibrant and in your face video but an animated squid with random arrows exploding to the bass is something not even the king of random, Impulse, could of inspired for this video. Although even if Night is already quite an old track it is still an effective crowd pleaser, so lets hope the mainstream take to jelly type fish.

Anyone for a paella?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

[Frisco]You got some p's for me fam? [/Frisco]

Frisco outside Rinse ready to jump Risky

Rinse FM's Scratcha hosted the last leakers debate with puregrime's Risky. Giving pointless excuses to cover up his love and addiction for people saying 'safe' to him for bootlegging grime music. Frisco, who recently got his newest mixtape leaked by Risky on his puregrime website, caught up with Risky in a head to head situation. (Risky thought it would be a phone interview, littl did he know Frisco was waiting ourside). It was like a sound wav audio clip of how it would sound for a little girl to poo her pants. The best part has to be Frisco trying to work out 1087 (downloads) x £3/5 and asking Risky, "You got some p's for me fam?" and then after hearing Risky's shook voice they end with OG's "It's gona be alright, it's going to be ok, it's all good" so Risky didn't get too shook after he realises that 3 men outside are ready to get into skengman mode the second they clock his face. To add to the fun, DVA remixed Logan's interview into a gritty beat it should literally be made into a tune featuring Frisco (If you don't get any this just listen to the downloads). The full podcast is available here but just for the Frisco hype click here.

Download here - Risky (Bootlegger not Roadz) Vs Frisco
Full Podcast - Logan Sama, Vectra, Frisco and Risky Interviews + Music

Handbags are ready to flow at your faded trim

Disclaimer: This is not my content of my handbag - So don't rob me.

What's in your handbag?
Well what has that got to do with grime you may ask?
It has a lot to do with it...
A couple of Mc's have got their handbag's at the ready and are about to swing with all the lipgloss and nail varnish chatter that even Carrie Bradshaw would find overwhelming.

Trim over the last couple of months has blatenly been hitting at Flow Dan and Flow has just today replied - no not even in a lyrical way, in a UN approach. Pure and utter talking... how fabulously boring and creative of you, is he on his monthly flow? who knows! Flow Dan's Speaking sending for Trim and then as Logan Sama announced on his show just now that Trim had replied in the same bitchy manner, coming like Jeremy Kyle, with a track of all speaking. Trim's speech for Flow Dan. Seriously though, is this how low the level of clashing has dropped. These boys can't even slap a couple of half hearted lyrics down to lash down to improve their creativity.

If my day couldn't have been even more boring I saw another handbag fling out of a wardrobe in the form of Riko sending for Goodz. I don't think Riko could understand the wordplay of "got the forums mass debating". But before I start sending let me just remember, who released one of the best mixtapes of last year? who's been around for years and years but has still not released his 'the truth' mixtape (which was due 200 and never?), at least if you want to send have something to promote.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Griminal doubles the P's.


Been meaning to upload these to the blog for a while now and just found the time to add them. Make sure if you haven't already to download these free mixtapes, they are a must if you want to hear some of the fresh young talent sweeping through today's grime cirquit. Enjoy...

Griminal - I Got Bars Volume 1 (It's a lot apparently?)

Double S - Busy With The Bars Volume 1 (He's double the trouble)

P Money - Coins To Notes Volume 1 (What did he say?)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tonight - Mindie


Just ran into my Auntie and apparently my cousins band 'Model Horror', which he sings and plays guitar in, is headlining at tonight's Mindie. Yes it might not be Grime but if you're free drop down to 93 Feet East and throw jam doughnuts at robby rob.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Digital Outbreak- Rinse

Digital Outbreak

Rinse Freestyle over Joker's Gully Brook Lane - MP3 Download

Why did you choose to freestyle over Joker's Gully Brook Lane?
Grime's having a bit of a dry patch at the moment. Producers are either working on their own projects or are mc's and giving themselves the magic. Vinyl is practically dead, nothing has come out for ages. Gully Brook Lane brought back what was missing for me, it had that old-school-grime-set-feeling that I love. There's not much stuff floating about that makes me want to let loose any more so Gully Brook Lane is definitely a good look down the right path.

Why do you love grime?
Let me start by saying Grime is not dead, it is evolving. Like any music genre ever created it does not end how it began. Look at Hip Hop for instance, listen to a tune by Whodini from 1981 and then listen to a Jay-Z track from 2007 - It's not the same music, but still Hip Hop. Grime is in a state of confusion at the moment, nobody can agree on what is and what isn't grime, some think it's the BPM, some think it’s the subject choice, some think it’s the instruments. I think Grime can diversify from the usual sound and still be grime, as long as it is you and has real energy and expression then its grime. Any music that needs to have a certain amount of beats per minute is a genre I don't want to be apart of. On a positive note - before Grime, everyone was rapping slow with an American accent. Grime was the first big step away from American Hip Hop. It has its own identity, its home grown and it's ours.

Before the Attack out in February

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chippy Chip Chip Chippy has been busy

DSCF1380small copy

Showcasing a variety of hat condoms and freestyles over the last couple of months. He's not doing too bad is he? I think he's lost some of his roots, I mean he's not even bringing and of his family through. I was hoping to see Alvin and Simon on his mixtape or even pop down on his many, many westwood freestyles. I think I may of heard some of their singing features on a couple Wretch tracks and Black the ripper's Missing You, was easily their best so far.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Video: Slix - She's like

Oh Slix... come on. Are you seriously trying to come with that repetitive sweetboy stuff? I'm female and even I find it boring. Where's all the real grime at? Nice video but it would of been nice to change it up a bit so people don't lose interest watching the same old shadows.

D.E.Velopment (Devilman) Sending for Skepta

It's sending season, well it must be that seems to all I'm writing about these days, and it seems to be Skepta on the receiving end of the firing line. Ever since the Lord of the Mics 2 clash, Skepta has wrote bars about the clash - "I haven't clashed anyone since...". Now yesterday, Westwood hosted acts from Aftershock (With Mz Bratt, Dizzle Kid, Bruza, Devilman, Youf, Badness and more) & God's Gift turned up (he actually had some lyrics - his mixtape is due out in march 2056). Devilman took to the mic and remixed a few Skepta bars with slews. Will he get a response? In a sly direct bar, most probably, I doubt Skepta will waste any more time with him.

Devilman's bar's for Skepta

To download the rest of this show click here
or if you'd like to stay up to date with rips of the best grime shows go straight to

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Video - Chipmunk - Who are you

I'm not going to knock his hustle, clean cut - simple but straight to the point. No wiley though!?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Catching up with Ghetto


I caught up with Ghetto, who was the only grime act performing, in Trafalgar Square earlier on today were he featured on the line up for the 2012 Olympic Launch. They had several small domes which featured some random games along with the music dome which amplified his music outside to the rest of the surrounding areas and walkers by who soon started to gather outside and gave him an applause (please note no other acts got this - they got air). While I was with him I also got to catch up with him on the P Money situation, Freedom of Speech and the UK version of grills.

What's the Situation with Pmoney?
2007 was a very good year for me, I made movements into my next steps in my career. At the end of 07 I was thinking to myself and gave Unique the call, Devlin the call and everyone else around me to say 'Next year, what are we looking to do?' and a lot of plans were made. We're bringing out a F*ck Radio - the best of, my album will be coming out, the movement should be doing an album this year, the MTM series of mixtapes and Freedom of Speech is out in February. I'm doing all of this and not once did I think of that guy you just named. I'm doing 08 with out you mate.

What was your reaction to the reply?
I just expect it because I say these type of things in my own bars, if you talk to my real fans they will say he says stuff like that in his bars (screams with hand movements) "You wanna be big? I'm that n*gger that you have to defeat" I say sh*t like that like you have to come and test your skills against me. I don't know man, I don't know what these guys are thinking.

Will you be replying?
I know what people will say if I don't reply, 'Ghetto's shook' - name 5 Pmoney songs right now. you have 30 seconds. *countdown* (we all shout out one track). Imagine this guy has a mixtape out and nobody cared about it but you've received a bigger impact by sending for Ghetto than your mixtape. You've got to re-evaluate the situation and realise that is a problem. Ghetto Gospel big impact! Freedom of Speech before it's even come out - Big impact!

Why would he reply if he knew that what you was saying on Westwood wasn't an indirect?
He gave me a call and asked if I was sending or whatever but you have to realise who I'm warring with and why I'm warring with them. See me and Skepta, we can have a war and you know why? because on both sides there's things we can gain. Skepta has a very big fan base and so have I and our fan bases are completely different. So when he's warring with me what he is actually doing is tapping into my fans and I'm tapping into his fan base. We're both gaining from the wars and plus we both have CDs out and CDs coming out, that obviously insures more sales. You tell me hypes, what has P Money got coming out? *Hyperfrank shrugs* well I've got Freedom of Speech out.

Ghetto slapping buttons in his spare time.

Do you see it as some sort of weird trend that to get hype/ more hype around their hype/sell more mixtapes/albums they just send for you?
That used to work, because people have seen it work time and time again. When I came out of jail I sent for Wiley, Titch came out of jail and sent for Dizzee and people send for people that they're not bigger than. Listen that was 2003/2004 that's not working now, you see the fans they've clocked - like "no you can't do that no more, we don't care about that, what are you trying to do? GO and make an album man." The fans don't really care about it anymore so there's nothing I can really gain from this. This year I'm looking to make an album and take this to the next step and I said to Unique that I want to do this so bad like I just want to jump in the war and man is saying to me "you do that and you're never going to learn, you'll be here next year 09 doing the same thing because what, someone said something about you? You think you have to swing it out but, why? You have nothing to gain, go to the next step, you don't have to prove you're better than him, you sell more than him. Everything he does you do more, say if he died tomorrow what would they say about him? What would the grime scene say when asked what has he done? Featured on a couple of mixtapes. What has ghetto done?.... exactly. I just want to make my album, make my mixtapes and I want to war with the top guys. Right now our careers are shaped differently like you've got to get a name this year and I have to get more money this year and move on. My days of trying to get a name are long gone, I've just got to keep doing what I'm doing. Me taking time out for my man there and really my first album isn't even out yet, it's 2008 and I've been in the game for 4 years now. Taking time out to write for my man and my first albums not out is a mad ting, it's not making no sense.

It used to be Wiley who had that job, but it seems in some way you've taken that position (Sending for hype) have you taken the crown and top spot (King of grime) along with that as well?
Everyone says that but really that is just debateable because if I went through my phone and called every mc today and said let's do F*ck Radio, do you know how many mcs would turn up? Only the youngers because you see when people say they are the best, they say it but their self belief isn't there they don't really think that. You can call Ghetts any time of the day and if I have something to gain, like Wiley could call me today and say let's go sing it out on the airwaves and I'll think yeah! You know why? Because I think yeah that's going to be great, it will be good for the scene and people would love to listen to it. I'm not losing anything and they aren't losing anything, if anything we are both gaining something. You said that i've taken Wiley's place in regards to people sending for me, I have and I thank Wiley because I've learnt from his mistakes. His mistake is noticing everyone and sending back from them, I even told him yesterday that when I came out of jail and sent for him, he never needed to send for me - but he did and he f*cked it up!

Ghetto skipping

Does it get annoying when the only come back mc's have in clashes is to compare you to Kano?
It doesn't annoy me, I tell you what would annoy me is if people kept thinking of new things to say then it would be a problem. Did you not hear what Wiley said? Did you not hear what he said, I'll just come with something like 'You're typical, that's so unoriginal' then what you going to say then? Don't say that Kane stuff because Kane is himself and he doesn't even say it so who are you to say it? Man doesn't even need to start getting into clones and that.

You heated up Dirty Canvas so much that fire fighters rushed the bouncers (no hovis). You hype clashed Jammer and slaughtered him but who won the 'Watch the Skank' battle between you and Tempa T?
Tempz is a little skankers, we had a little skank battle still but I'm the guy when it comes to skanks. I won that it's normal.

Is there a date set for Freedom of Speech's release?
Expect that February.

Any new Video's to be expected?
I've got a whole Videology planned. I've also got a DVD coming as well, when they see me say that I know people must think 'Ahh! another DVD, we're gonna hear people saying yeah my tings coming out this year - and it don't come out' Just a bag of artists chating sh*t about when they're sh*ts dropping. No one wants to see that. I took the DVD way back to when you used to feel hype watching Eskimo Dance and you see all those wheels and everything. Them types of DVD's were action packed and that's what mine is, it's got me running on bare mcs and proving why I'm that guy and bare shows because nobody wants to see me talking about what I have coming out, it's bare music, bare action and no violence.

Is there anything to be expected after Freedom of Speech?
I have the whole MTM (Money's the motive) series coming out, my man's got Tunnel Vision and what not, this is my series. If it isn't money and I don't mean P then I'm not involved. Justification of J. Clark has to come out because if it doesn't I might as well quit. See how I done Freedom of Speech with Lewi White, I've wanted to do one with Rapid which is in talks. Me and Wiley are talking aswell about possibly doing a CD where it's us basically back to back. I'm trying to do this thing and man are trying to make a name off of me which is cool because it's a game and that's how it goes, I respect that and he ain't a swag mc I'm not going to lie and stand here and say he's a swag mc because that would be lying. This situation is good for him but people say similar things like 'ahh you spit fast like Ghetto so you could never be big when Ghetto's the guy' and you spit fast as well so you think you have to take Ghetto out. I done them things, exactly what he's doing but I just done it in a different way and that's why I'm still here today.

The most recent fuck radio, your birthday set, was one of the best of 07, are there plans to do any more?
Of course, Fuck Radio - The return.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Hold tight you, sending on a sly and then saying you didn't. You can't go on like you don't know what i'm on about, I rang you and you said you didn't

Ghetto, Lights, NoLay 065small

On the 9th of December Ghetto went on Westwood (see link below) were he apparently sent for South London's P Money. I've heard the show a good amount of times (hey, what can I say I enjoyed the freestyle) and was aware of the remix of the bars but thought it was just that innocent. Obviously P Money, even when ringing Ghetto (which he made sure to tell him mean't nothing), still felt the need to make lyrics for Ghetts. Why is that!? promotion? a chance to get his name linked with a bigger artist in grime? Who knows. Has he brought up anything new exposure that we don't know about Ghetto? no. The question on everyone's lips is, will he reply? We will see.

Ghetto 'sending' for P Money on Westwood

P Money replying to Ghetto

Friday, January 04, 2008

I heard some man want to take my style, hear it and then recreate my style, see me on road like what's going on wile, how you been ain't seen you in a

Faith SFX with Wiley

Is he slyly sending for Chipmunk? Slyly sending for Ice Kid?
or just the WHOLE grime scene? Who knows!? He could be talking
about his local Indian Restaurant stealing his Chicken Korma Pilau and Naan
recipe, with Wiley you never know.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hyper Meets Scribbler

Ever wondered who’s behind the majority of mixtape covers hitting the independent record shops? Laura Brosnan meets 18 year old Graphics designer Scribbler, who’s holding practically half of the underground scene in his work portfolio, to talk current projects, his philosophy on design and competition.

It’s hard to believe that at such a young age, Edmonton resident Scribbler could have so much work under his belt let alone use his predominantly DIY self taught skills to develop a career. It all began through music when back in 2004 he got listening to a track from Rhymestein’s mixtape The final countdown. “The art work on it wasn’t too impressive so I emailed him because I knew I could do better than the one he used.” After successfully convincing the UK underground mc to let him design for him, people became more aware of his stylistic skills and he evidently moved on until more prestigious jobs came his way. Although After missing out on half a year of college work, due to illness he chose to leave, “I wasn’t interested in enrolling on the same course again and redoing half the work I’d already done, I thought that I’d got things moving with my designs so I decided to take it full time.”

Designing for the likes of Ghetto, Scorcher, Jammer and most recently Tinchy Stryder, who would he say has been his favourite client? “Rinser, he’s so happy to hear your suggestions and we are very much on the same page as each other” and what about the strangest request for a mixtape? “It has to be Random Impulse, he requested every inanimate object in the world to be placed on his cover, I was completely confused, it ended up being a prank he recorded for a skit on his CD ” he laughs. With Salvador DalĂ­ being one of his favourite artists how does he cope, like many other creatives before him, with the nightmare of a blank page? “I do a lot of draft work and concepts, put a few tracks on of the artist and see where it takes me” he tells us. “A lot of people think it takes a day or two but trying to compromise with your own vision and the artists takes a lot of input.”

With the large amount of mixtapes swamping the underground it would be no surprise that others just like Scribbler would see the potential to put their design skills to good use, does he enjoy the odd graphics war report? “I don’t really like to get involved with the competitive side of things; I’m more of a collaborator and enjoy bringing other people through on a project. I work with Chris Charalambus and DK Designs who is only 13 and is already showing brilliant potential”. Although he does choice to compete with himself to consistently develop his work – “My philosophy is that you’re only as good as your last piece, it might not be music related, and I might do something for a council or for a company and still use my approach on improving.” Scribbler also uses a team of photographers Tim & Barry and Robin Bharaj, to produce a cleaner edge to his graphics.

With new artists jumping in his diary for a mixtape/album cover, flyers, posters, corporate identity or anything that is photoshop related, Can he disclose who he’s been sketching for recently? “Just finished Swindles mixtape ‘140’, Tinchy Stryder’s Album, Constantly working with Jammer, Wiley’s ‘Umbrella’, doing designs for Wood Green’s international film festival, there’s always new projects I’m just taking it all as it comes and I’m just happy to work with the people I do and keep collaborating and see where it takes me”.


A version of this featured in RWD Magazine.

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