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Lauren Mason: Serial bagpod stealer, essex born compulsive leather bag feeler, Keeping it blonde leader, freemason member hyperfrank blog reader, loves it so much shes got it on her rss feeder.

I was going to blog a while back about the most amazing bag in the world, although I thought all the male readers would ambush my blog and kill me. I found the most amazing bag on this planet which is basically a normal bag (also available in hand bag and vinyl sizes) and has speakers attached and allows you to plug in your ipod/cd player. Great minds seem to think alike when I read one of Riz's blog's, us music ladies love a little mix of music and bags. Although you can't deny my bag is much better than the one pictured in the link. I ran into Lauren Mason at an Alwayz Recording shoot (Robin any news on this?) back in November and she tried to steal my bag, although it wasn't just my stuff she was stealing but Rhianna's bloody umbrella aswell. Come on Lauren, the carrier bags will have to do for now.

Available in a couple of shops down Carnaby street.
Those who put the time in to searching will be rewarded with a 1p shiny coin.

Next Thursday! Be there or be very much an overall sad person

To view larger flyer click image

Wiley Ghetto, Alex Mills and Ny plus Dexplicit, I wasn't going to go sounds a bit boring and then I saw Fiddy b2b Collins. I shall be at the sidelines with Kapone & Walker pretending they know who I am, clapping and secretly throwing peanuts at you with a small pigeon on my shoulder. Thats how we does dis.

Disclaimer: Don't ask me what I am talking about, I haven't got a clue either.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What would you do?

If a track got signed and you wanted a possible roll in the money? make a remix/refix of course. I swear Wiley's original version has only been around for 3weeks tops and in that time it has had forum hype, daytime rapes and signed by a major label. All the track needs now is a nice chart position and then all Wiley has to do is figure out how to do that with his grime music. I've been a little harsh with Eski boy these days, but I will be the first of many to admit that the new stuff I'm hearing from his new mixtape/albums is pretty exciting. Just please lay off any such Tunnel Vision talking track 'experiments', it didn't work and it was painful on the purse.

Mz Bratt - What Would You do?

Wiley featuring Skepta - Rolex Sweep

Wearing My Rolex is out 28th April 2008

King of grime?

king of grime

Skepta - King Of Grime

Last quarter he released his debut album Greatest Hits which was critised for not being dark enough. However Skepta Microphone Champion is looking to be released in the next couple of months and from tracks like Cricket Bat and King Of Grime it is clear that Junior is on the right path. Although it wouldn't be controversial to say that Skepta has put the work in, especially in perfecting his live stage shows, but some may argue that the crown of king shouldn't/should be on his head. It's received much debate on forums, late night discussion phone calls and Pro & Con lists but do you think that Skepta is the King of Grime? and if he is then where does that leave talent like Ghetto and Wiley? Do you think that all this debating is pointless and there can be several top talents up there sharing the seat together? or do you think Skepta has more to prove and you're waiting on developments of his projects this year as well as from others to make up your decision.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Getting down and gritty

The Grit Awards 2008

Another award ceremony, another chance to give more promotion to a load of music that already has a couple of hundred thousand/millions backing it. Awards never seem to ever take notice of the home grown 'street' or, dare I say that dreadful word, 'Urban'. I'm sure 8T2 could win a Brit if he had a spare £10,000. I never understood how they can have a ceremony in february to represent the rest of the year that hasn't even happened so that's why I've done it of a 07/08 tingaling. I don't get how Take 'sloppy' That get a Brit Award but Amy Winehouse who has a larger daily heroin intake than what half of the UK's mainstream music scene have in talent (Slight exageration) but gets air. Let alone Dizzee, Kano, Wiley, Skepta or Tinchy even getting a look in, "They got Lemar singing like he's Frank Sinatra so he forgets about African Bambaataa" - Durrty Goodz

Outstanding Contribution To Grime Music

Grime Album
Tinchy Stryder - Star In The Hood

Grime's Biggest Set
(10-09-07) Logan Sama -Kiss 100 - Featuring Skepta, Ghetto, Wiley, JME, Badness and Youf

Grime Mixtape

Grime Single
Wiley - Bow E3 (Production: Maniac)

Grime Free Download
Griminal - Not Just Barz Vol1

Grime Group
Ruff Squad

Grime Selector

Grime's Biggest Par
Kano - Grime Mc

Grime Female Solo Artist

Grime Male Solo Artist

Grime Breakthrough Act

Critics' Choice
P Money

One To Watch
Double S

Concept King
Random Impulse

Grime Live Act
Boy Better Know

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Grime's monthly and not the lady kind

State your name:

Name: FWD >>
Date: Friday 22nd February 08
Price: £12
Destination: The End, 8 West Central Street, London

Name: Chockablock Vs Butterz
Date: Thursday 28th February 08
Price: £4
Destination: Old Blue Last, 38 Great Eastern Street, London.

Name: Dirty Canvas
Date: Friday 29th February 08
Price: £8
Destination: Rhythm Factory, E1-1EW

Name: Butterz Presents Launch Party
Date: Saturday 23rd March 08
Price: £6
Destination: East London (Contact email for further details)

Name: I Luv Live
Date: Monday 10th March 08
Price: £8
Destination: Cargo, EC2 3AY

Devlin gets hype from Dagenham to West

It seems everyone and their cat is getting very excited these days about grime, even Kanye West likes to dabble in a little grime youtube watching. He recently put up OT's Devlin & Dogzilla on his popular blog. However people don't know if his 'gangster rap' title was a slap in the face or a genuine interest into the music and Mr Devlin. Either way let's not get too excited and start thinking of Devlin supporting Kanye on world tours, just because he posted up a youtube video.
Not only has it got the forums buzzing but also MTV, who hardly support the sound (apart from putting a couple random videos on base) seem to have jumped on it. It reminds me of the whole Chipmunk situation, when everyone knew he had talent but only really took notice when Wiley said his name. Replace Chipmunk with Grime and Wiley with Kanye and you're there. 

Friday, February 15, 2008

So this is where Napper's been hiding...

It seems Napper, well known for the track Wasteman has turned to Westwood for support and not just for a new car. Has he found a new baby mother? Who knows but all that 'isha' naming, although is a touch humorous, could be perceived as a touch racist or just taking the micky out of racial stereotypes. Am I just in a very sensitive mood? possibly but hey either way I love Napper's new nails.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Little man said that he's on cloud 9, reality check, let me ground him again and Williams like Peter Petrelli so I don't want to be around him again

Ghetto flyer
Are you ready?

Ghetto - Mountain (From FOS) Straight Download

They say grime won't give man a mortgage (wheeel up)
For all you readers that are unaware of this release, Freedom Of Speech is a CD solely produced by Lewi White and Smasher with a good few features, but not over board (big up Goldie Hawn - big film) on them this guy can actually spit for 3 minutes and entertain you in the process. Many have critised his last release, Ghetto Gospel, for being a bit to 'out there', soft and you wanted the real angry Ghetto back (even though you moaned because you said all he was, was an angry mc but yeah anyway). He is back and he has definitely found that stable balance between both Ghetto and Justin Clarke. "The CD has the raw energy of 2000 and Life and the mature lyricism of the Ghetto Gospel...", I've heard it myself and some of the stuff is rawer than than sushi. Soon I should be getting me information about pre-ordering but I promise you, you won't have to mess about with silly little recordshops who keep you waiting for weeks, even months, for your CD's to be delivered - straight HMV business (I think). Have a listen to Mountain and let me know what you guys think about it.

Video: Skepta - In A Corner

I heard Logan was going to be one of the detectives but he was too busy (I can't even think of a joke I'm too ill).

Monday, February 11, 2008

Usually bubble... All I want to do is tell you I Love you...

Kano dropped - Wiley track signed

Over the last week some news has been revealed about several artists in the scene. Kano's situation with 679recordings seems to be a touch confusing with rumours and gossip circulating like usual. However it seems that 679recordings has been sold possibly to Warner and in that process all contracts were being overlooked to see which artists would be kept and who they would let go. Now I'm not too sure if Kano's contract was for just 2 albums but the result has still been the same he's left/dropped or whatever 679 and is currently label less. Will he come back to grime? Let's hope so.

Wiley however has had a bit more luck with labels. He has just signed a single deal with Atlantic records for his hit Wearing My Rolex. Let's just hope he doesn't spend the advance on a Rolex and invests.

Ice and Dot
If only he covered his mouth like that on Westwood (Left: Ice kid)

Ice kid and Hoodstars on Westwood (1xtra)

Last night Ice kid and a couple of his Hoodstars jumped on Westwood's 'rap show' on 1xtra for a little freestyle love. However I don't think they understood the rules of that show, no offending language etc. Westwood warned them but they continued to swear seconds after which possibly was the funniest thing, ever (maybe). Westwood - "We don't do this up in here... keep it focussed yeah.", Ice Kid - "This beat's fucked...". Not only that but Ice Kid seemed to be revealing some inside information about just why he left the imaginary label Eskibeat *listen on above player*. Although Logan and Wiley had a few things to say so I've quoted from a discussion in a thread on the RWD forum.

Logan: "Funny thing is he rung me up last month trying to give me tunes and asking me to play them. I rung him the next day when I said I would be in West to get them. He didn't pick up. Kids hey. Poor attitude leads to wasted talent."

Wiley: "I never once wanted him to go for Chipmunk that was his cousin wolf ...and there i am telling everyone he is the one forget [that] all of you I am the one. I['ve] got a new plan watch, all [the] youth will be put in there places and [all the] adults who deserve to be here will remain here. I'm a big man how can I have madness with youths? That's stupid! Only [the] youths who deserve help will get help otherwise travel your own path and dont ask me for nothing cos I'm sick and tired of making people big for no reason. Ice kid is heavy but its time he learned who I am, [I'm] the coldest 1 on earth trust me Ice you're as warm as firecamp when im around. What you need to do Ice kid is catch up to what is goin on and stop crying about rubbish. He never touched a nerve but he is getting boring [with] all the moaning just do a mix cd or something and shut up bruv your cousin told you and ghetto told you as well, yeh Ice and Ghetts vs Wiley and Chipmunk, not me bruv you and wolf stay together anyway lets see who is rough in the end you pricks."

While Wiley is on the RWD forum Dizzee is off performing with the Sugar Hill Gang.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Interview with Scorcher

Hyperfrank meets Scorcher

Remember that former Cold Blooded recruit, who released that burning fire Simply the Best Volume 1? Had a huge hype around his name and eventually joined forces with Ghetto, Wretch and Mercston to form The Movement (releasing Tempo Specialists)? He also went on to be involved in one of the most singeing war reports in grime (The Movement Vs Wiley), he became well known for his budding productions like Stay Down The Road and as a result released Thunder Power. Can you tell who it is yet? well if you haven't been watching grime since Dizzee left or you're a touched retarded I'll let you off. I caught up with the leader of the new school's Scorcher to discuss Christmas in prison, grime apparently being dead and to find out where the bloody hell he has been.

Where have you been?
I’ve been at her majesties palace.

There were rumours that you went down for beating up a girl, what’s that all about?
No, I punched up some boy who lives on my road and we went to the same school. This boy’s mum was drunk, acting up and there was a traffic dispute. His mum came over making some serious threats saying she’s going to send the police round my house and tell them I’m a drug dealer. Arguments ensued with his mum, she’s acting mad, and her son comes over like action man, I punched him up and then they called the police. That was that man… mental, mental!

You've been away twice now, when will you learn?
*Everyone laughs* I’ve learnt, I’ve learnt! You know when I learnt? See when they put me on remand and I was getting bail, I was thinking ‘this is some madness’. Being reckless you can just be gone at any time, I was shocked that they put me on remand. They put me on remand for a little bit and then they gave me bail, I was lucky I got bail. I was thinking ‘I’d rather be calm and easy because say they didn’t give me bail, boom they just sentenced me and I did my sentence I wouldn’t have had time to of done UK Unplugged and there would have been so many things I would have missed out on’. It was f*cking up my life because I had to get bail to South London and live at my aunts and spending something like £75 on cabs everyday.

How does it feel to come out?
It feels wonderful man, it feels great! Going there helped me put my brain in focus mode, I’m totally focussed now especially with music.

*Scorcher gets spotted by a young guy from his area*

Certain emcee’s they can’t walk around their ends, it’s long for them. I could never be that guy. All them yout there, we go and play football every Sunday and we make sure we see all the yout’s from the ends and make every man from the ends come down and kick ball, it’s like being part of a community.

What did you miss the most in Prison?
Maybe gal but I can’t even lie I kind of missed music because everyone in jail has a warped view about music, it’s crazy. I missed sensible people because you’re just around mad people and it’s hard to find someone to have a normal conversation with, it’s like you’re on another planet. They’re either stupid, illiterate and you’d be amazed by how many drug addicts there are. I’d go as far to say that 60 – 70% of people are drug addicts. Loads of people go into jail and don’t do drugs, they might just smoke a little weed and then they go in and start doing hard drugs. That’s the difference between a young offenders and a proper prison. I think the reason for so many drug addicts is it makes the time pass and take their minds off of things and a lot of people don’t have anything to live for apart from that minute there. What got me through was the thought of coming out and making music, seeing my family and the letters. The letters kept me going I can’t lie, like everyday, man called me mail man on the wing. In the letter’s people kept talking about Sandpit and Keep on moving and I was getting letters from people who were riding a 3 or 4 stretch and they said they would listen to Keep on Moving and even though they haven’t got a sister, it used to get them in the zone thinking about their mum or their gal, it was like rah kind of touching. Same with Sandpit like people would write to me saying it sounds like their growing up and them tunes there, I’m not making them for anyone else their personal to me and its funny how people relate to things like that.

You mentioned that you knew you were going away when you were doing the UK Unplugged, that night you performed keep on moving and it seemed like an emotional time. Was that because you knew you were going back?
Maybe I don’t know you know. I just know it’s a touching song and it f*cks me up man and it f*cked me up when I was trying to record it. When I was trying to record it I done 2 verses, this was around the time we was making Tempo Specialists, and I just f*cked off and thought this is long. Got me sounding moist, so I just came out the booth and done it another day. It’s a real song, like I really have a sister who really felt like that, it’s a bit nuts and this time I missed her Christmas and her new years.

Scorcher at UK Unplugged
Scorcher & cousin Sincere at UK Unplugged.

What was it like spending Christmas inside?
To me it was just another day, in there some people really start to get down, some people are really on edge, some people are really depressed, self harm and there’s a lot of drugs. I didn’t celebrate, I didn’t bang my door, I just rang my people dem in the morning said Merry Christmas, f*cked off and played dominos. You can’t sleep on New Year’s because everyone wants to bang their door all night, why? Like they’re going to wake up and not be in jail. Anything exciting people bang their door, so like when Spurs beat Arsenal I missed it, I was laying down dropping off to sleep and I’ve heard bang bang bang and I’ve thought ‘what’s that?’ so I know it’s got to be something on TV, flick the TV on and I see something like 5 – 1, I was so happy. I see Ribs in jail, we were talking about the music and I wish him all the best.

Did you have an opportunity to keep updated with the scene?
Right at the end of my sentence I found out I could log into Logan’s show, imagine that right at the end of my sentence. I used to chat on the phone most days to Mumbles and Wretch, get calls from Sincere, Zeon and my other bredrins. So I was kind of up to date, as well I used to listen to Westwood but you can’t listen to Westwood and think you’re up to date with the scene because his scene is based upon what someone say’s like ‘Oh play this, play this’ that’s how he gets the music init. I still don’t think I’m that up to date if I’m honest although I was astounded to hear Kano got dropped, I don’t know what they want from him like lyrically and musically it’s a good album, I don’t know it’s mad.

What's on the cards for you music wise, what's your next step?
I’ve got the album man, that’s the main focus. Simply The Best Vol 2 is going to be out in a bit, have a listen… It’s more like something to give to you to listen to while I’m making my album. I don’t think I’ll make another mixtape before my album drops but maybe once my albums made you know you do have a lot of tunes left over that you don’t use for the album. Possibly a free download, I may not take the piss and make them buy it and give them something back. I can’t think of anyone that’s done a harder album like hard, if you love Simply The Best you’ll love the album because it’s just… crazy hard. I haven’t felt like this in a long time and it’s all coming naturally, I’m not thinking about anything like. I think when I was making Simply The Best I was thinking about stuff, like I wouldn’t do another track like Way Down The Road again because it’s manufactured. Its like ‘yeah alright Way Down The Road, people liked it so let’s make a remix’. It weren’t like ‘rah boom I’ve got this…’ Nah I’m not doing that no more f*ck that man. You know what I heard Kano say that is very true, something like ‘You can’t make everyone happy so the best thing to do is make yourself happy’ you can never please everyone init.

There have been some issues, with some fans, about how your music has turned out. Many fans mentioned in the beginning of your career that you had too many knife lyrics, now it seems you've turned to a hip hop edge and softened down your bars, which has received some criticism. Does this frustrate you?
At first I was totally un-aware of it, it used to frustrate me when they used to say about hiphop I used to think ‘Are you having a f*cking laugh? have you not listened to my first mixtape?’ In truth on Leader Of The New School I was just making my music and I was thinking about b*llocks like showing my creativity, maybe that’s what people might have been talking about. All I know is I’m not trying to do anything now apart from be me, so if I want to talk about stabbing someone I’ll do it and I’ll do it for 15 tracks if that’s what comes to my head and that’s what happens everyday that’s what I’ll say.

Will you be taking their criticism into consideration in your next project?
When I’m making the album (Concrete Jungle) I won’t be taking it into consideration, however when I’m picking the tracks I’ll be taking it into consideration. In truth I’ve got older and that doesn’t really happen anymore we don’t fight all the time now that’s the truth. All that stuff doesn’t really happen so I lay off that but at the same time a lot of things do happen and I will be mentioning them. The only people I’ll be taking into consideration is my core fans, people that have bought all my CD’s but not the guy that hasn’t bought my CD but has something to say. I’ll take on board what you’re saying but I can’t make music for you because you don’t buy my music. However If you’re someone who’s bought Simply The Best, Tempo Specialists, The Movement Documentary, Leader of the New School and Thunder Power. If you’ve bought them CD’s and you feel like a certain way I’ll definitely take that on board because you support me. On the Album I want to speak as well on behalf of people because sometimes I’m surprised and totally amazed by some people that listen to my music. They could be the poshest, nicest person who lives where nothing bad happens like there’s no rubbish on the floor and they say ‘I relate to Sandpit’ or the hardest criminal that just licked down someone yesterday that said ‘Yeah I load my ting to …’. People get it twisted like I love grime, like people are going mad, man can’t tell me I don’t like grime. There are certain rappers that don’t acknowledge grime but they acknowledge man. They don’t call us rappers you know they call us grime artists or grime boys and that’s what I am. It starts from grime, no matter where man goes that’s where man ends up, grime – f*ck everything else. I’m not ignorant though I’m not going to not like different types of music because I do grime – that’s a d*ckhead ting. I’ve got the hunger back, that’s one thing Leader of the New School was missing.

Scorcher in Pizza Hut

What should we expect to hear on Simply The Best Vol2?
It’s me having fun, if you’re a particular fan of just one scene then it’s not for you. Go and buy grime compilation volume 1 or rap compilation volume 3, this is a compilation of Scorcher.

Is grime dead?
Yeah what the f*ck is this about? This is what I don’t understand they say the movement’s obsessed with rap and they are running around saying grime is dead because Nas, some dude you’ve never met before in your life, is saying hiphop is dead. I don’t even listen to hiphop I listen to rap, I don’t care about hiphop and dudes with backpacks. How is grime dead? Look this past year alone in grime you have to look at what’s happened. Kano, Lethal B, Dizzee, Wiley, Skepta and Tinchy all dropped albums. Ghetto is about to drop Freedom of Speech, Wretch’s about to drop, I’m about to drop and so is Bashy. How can grime be dead? Grime could never be dead, before grime’s dead everything has to be dead first. You’re going to have to do a Hiroshima on the whole country and even then there would still be grime in France and here there and everywhere.

Why do you think people think it is?
Because some d*ckhead on the internet put up ‘grime is dead’ because they saw Nas do it, that’s the real reason. You’re a f*cking prick about grime is dead, suck your mum man. There’s X amount of people making grime and you know how I know grime is popping off? When rappers, Indie groups and singers from other genres want to do grime and work with our artists. When they want to be involved in grime how could grime be dead? I think what they might be saying is that maybe when grime has become successful, parts of grime are becoming watered down and people get offended by that but that's just apart of being successful. If you think grime is dead because people aren’t rolling in money, then rahhh...I don’t know about anyone else but this isn’t about money I have to go on a hustle on the roads to pay for my sh*t. I do other things to fund this, this is the love init. If you ask me right now grime is popping off because everyone has a CD, a digital download or a video. I heard Ironik got signed now things like that make grime dead, I’m not hating but I don’t know how that happened that’s mad! I don’t have a problem with him but there’s so many people like go and sign Bashy, go and sign Ghetto or Wretch, go and sign Skepta or JME there’s endless amounts of people. All I know is that we have to do things not for the money, the moneys great, all my friends that are on the roads and want to spit I tell them straight – stay on the roads because you’ll make more money but if you love it and you really love music and you’re going to handle this the same you do with your line then do it init. It’s not for everyone but grime's NOT dead though.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Video: Lethal B feat Ghetto & Slinga You'll Get Wrapped

Yeah I know them way there (I blatantly don't).

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Chipmunk - Who Are You Remix

Chipmunk - Who Are You Remix

Apparently Chipmunk's League of my own will be released digitally on Itunes on February 11th along with this remix which features Double S, Ice Kid, Maverik and Griminal all one one track. Who do you think shines on the remix? It's a very hard conclusion to come to, trust me.

President finally delivers...

President T - Back In My Face Volume 1 (Link fixed)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Yeah I'm so head gone and I'm so buck wild, locals call me the problem child, no more happy days it's rare that I smile, it's nothing new...

P Money - Freestyle

P Money - Don't Jump (Production: Maniac )

Really liking this new P Money number not sure if it tops What Did He Say? though. Make sure to catch P at the Urban Nerd - Valentines Special on Saturday 16th February down at 93 Feet East, along with Maximum and Little Dee.


Riko - Don't Get Caught

Seems like Riko over the last couple of years has actually been working on something. The Truth mixtape according to Logan should be released at the end of February. It also seems like this song "Don't get caught slipping in the east end" may not all mean what we thought it did. Just take a look at the picture above what exactly would we be caught slipping in Riko? Johnson's baby wipes may help with the solution, who knows what he's been freezing up over the weekend? (Big up )


Disclaimer: Boredom will make your mind wonder to places you don't want it to go.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

The instrumental of Top 3 got played everyday and for the mc's coming up it was P Money who hit hard with What Did He Say?



Great 1Xtra takeover set by Durrty Goodz last night with Semtex - Download - Shouts to Make sure to listen to the whole show (freestyles/his favourite selection of music), the best part is his sly sending for me (Is it beef yeah Goodzy? It was gossip I know the truth now I shall never do that again - pinky) and the 07 grime breakdown freestyle (at 1hour 15mins) absolutely killed my pigeon, pancake. Don't stop though (1hour and 45min) has a great unplugged performance by Goodz called Marijuana, the squid even makes an appearance.

Born Blessed -----> On my wishlist

Friday, February 01, 2008

Digital Outbreak - Double S

Digital Outbreak
Double S & Chipmunk
Double S (Left) and Chipmunk.

Double S Freestyling over So Solid Crew's Rap Dis - MP3 Download

Why did you choose to freestyle over Rap Dis?
I chose to freestyle over Rap Dis because whilst growing up, I used to listen to all types of music and So Solid were the first group of people to really inspire me to start writing bars.

Why do you love grime?
I have a passion for making grime music because I am a fresh artist and grime is a fresh genre to the music industry. Of all genre's I feel that my flow and lyrical content fits more with the grime genre. Although I love making grime, I am still open to other genre's of music.

Has it been hard establishing yourself in the scene?
I have found it extremely difficult breaking into this industry as this is one of the most difficult industries to break into, but I feel this years a good year for me. There's people that have held me back but I ain't mentioning no names but in life their are people that TRY to hold you back no matter what but you cant allow them to. I believe that I am very unique in this grime industry because I am coming with a new style not only with my flow. I also have come to notice that a lot of artists are speaking about the same thing in their lyrics, but I try to change up the things which I speak about, for example a lot of people speak about guns, drugs etc but I speak about how I don't wanna be on the roads, the reason why etc and you can hear a bit of that new style on my mixtape thats coming out in February.

What are your future projects?
I am releasing a mixtape which is entitled Money's The Motive late february and half of the profit is going towards a charity.

To download Double S free mixtape - Busy Wid Da Barz

For more information and music check out his myspace:
Note: You must check out From Day & Skengman Mode
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