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Our very own Prince William, or is he a king? or godfather? - It's all Will power

bless & wiley

Wiley number 4

Wiley, Wiley, Wiley... he is certainly a man full of surprises and popping into the official charts at number 4 is certainly a surprise if not a shock to many. Hats off to both Bless Beats and Wiley for their chart success and lets hope in the coming weeks when the track is released physically on CD and vinyl (You might still be able to grab some white label promos of it) on May 5th that they give Madonna and her wrinkly knees a run for her money. Still though No1 on Itunes singles for 2 weeks is a very nice look indeed. With all this added attention on Wiley he's literally been popping up everywhere, which is strange because he's usually no where to be seen. Those who haven't already should check out The Guardian's podcast featuring Wills, as well as a great review by NME, the interview done by Rajveer Kathwadia, Wiley in RWD (front cover poser) and MTV interviewing our godfather (great interview, weird croche zoom ins tho). Who said Wiley was bad with the press?


Lethal Bizzle - Keys To My Bentley (Dexplicit production)


Dizzee Rascal Featuring Calvins Harris - Dance with me


Skepta featuring Wiley - Rolex Sweep (Bless beats production)


Ribz featuring Skepta - I Know You Wanna

It seems in the process of WMR hitting the charts, the electro beat has been jumped on by everyone and their mother, some call it a bandwagon, some call it ripping off but it also can be seen as a tried and tested way to get your foot in the door. Kind of like when JME sold a 100 tshirts and then the next day you pop into your local recordshop and you see 50 other different variety of phrases etc, or when everyone and their aunty came out with a channel U video/ mixtape. If someone has made money from something I bet the 50p in my pocket someone has tried to rip off and make their own angle out of the idea, that's business and certainly is music. Above are some recent experiments from grime mcs jumping on electro beats. I hear Tinchy Stryder is about to drop a track and possibly a video called Stryder Man with the same dance electro feel to it. Let's just hope the chorus isn't along the lines of 'Stryder Man knows you want to take the keys to my bentley while I'm sweeping up dust in my kitchin while simultaneously wearing my casio' or something vaguely amusing. Dizzee has also just finished a video for his track Dance with me which features Calvin Harris, look forward to seeing cameos by all the Dirtee Stank camp, including his new signing Jammer.

There's a competition over at Skepta's myspace to be in the Rolex Sweep video, all you have to do is send a youtube video of you trying to do the dance. If only I could dance...

I received outtakes from an interview with Wiley by Rajveer Kathwadia who thought you lovely people would enjoy reading.

Did you intentionally set out to make something that was going to be accepted for the charts?
No this is what it is. Bless Beats produces a lot, so he made that beat with the sample in it and he’s played it to me a couple of times and the first time I heard it I said, ‘You know what? That’s good. In electro they will accept that.’ I knew that much, and I was pondering on it but I thought, ‘Shit, but I’m doing Race Against Time, I can’t do that.’ But one day I woke up and said, ‘I can see some money in that tune.’ So I’ve done that, sent it to Sammy B, it got to the radio. After about 2/3 days it was getting played. 4/5 days it got played a bit more. After about 7 days they wanted to sign it. So then we went to the office, got that signed and since then I’ve just been making more grime. And so obviously I was making Rolex for my album cos I was trying to make different sorts of dance music for it, but then I thought, this should go separate, so I let that go. But after I was thinking, ‘Sho, everyone’s gonna moan. But they haven’t even moaned. No one’s said, ‘Oh Wiley you sell out.’ Like no one ain’t saying it. I’m thinking, ‘Maybe ok, it’s a form of dance music that we came from maybe? I dunno.’

Over the past two years I think we’ve nearly had 10 discs of music from you. I know this might sound stupid, but do you ever feel like you do too much?
My uncle and a lot of people who are older than me and don’t wanna see me fall, and even one of my Muslim friends who said to me, ‘You don’t need to give so much, it could only take just one to give you all of what everything else will give you.’ So obviously people tell me stuff and I go and ponder and think, ‘Oh he’s right, but music’s my job and I don’t do any other job so for me to make a tune is fun, so I just have lots of fun but then sometimes you lose the balance. And look what’s happened with Rolex. There’s me trying to make a groundbreaking grime album and then this tune comes out and it’s mad.

How come you’ve got so much faith in the kids?
Me and them three kids are the only thing that would have come close to The Movement. We would have done them. It would have not took long. The Movement is a strong thing. Scorcher, Devlin and Ghetto are dangerous. And Wretch, but I’m not really into Wretch too much even though he’s a smart dude. Mercston obviously is in it as well but them three are very dangerous. Spitting wise, if you go on a set with them you’re in trouble bruv. I can do what they’re doing, but it’s not for me to copy that, I’ve got that chip inside me for me to do that, but sometimes I sit there and thing on any tempo, they are comfortable. And that means a lot to me sometimes cos maybe I haven’t tried to be comfortable on every tempo. I’ve just been between 125-140. But then there’s other tempos where they fire, and that’s what I respect about them.

Talking of the Movement, Ghetto recently released his Who’s Got? track going at you. How do you feel about that? Are you gonna respond?
Obviously he’s doing his thing. You see Ghetto, he’s my brother. We do music. Obviously I’ve got a respect level for him but you see me, in the game I face any challenger. But with me when I clash, other people can feel the power of the clash. Sometimes I feel that people like Skepta and Ghetto don’t choose the power hours. They choose the ones that they know they’re gonna win, whereas I’ve been into ones where I did not know that I was gonna win. The difference is Ghetts dropped that and is doing his thing but really he should be after Kano or someone with power. Sometimes I think people choose the wrong opponent. Or the wrong opponent gets matched up like Frisco and Double O.

So why does someone like you, who is arguably the most powerful person in grime clash others?
I do it to actually test my competition’s levels, and war is just like a cussing match basically. True or false. All the stuff in the war, you have to be able to deal with it or you’ll take it to heart. Like ‘I’ve got a tune called Kicked Out The Game and yesterday Trim rung me up and said, ‘Ahh you’re trying it, you’ve got a bar for me.’ When I’ve got the first two 24’s which are nothing to do with him and the third 24 is for Sway. Cos Sway’s saying stuff on his mixtape. The bar was for Sway, but he thinks it’s for him. So sometimes it goes the other way cos sometimes people take on board the wrong bar and it upsets me like that but whatever, cos you might say something, then I’m gonna say something, and then we’re all gonna say something until the end of the earth and then what? Sometimes it gets silly. I might have done the same thing.

Do you ever feel like the scene started at the wrong time for you? Would you like to be the same age as some of the other people in the game?
Nah the scene started at the right time, but I wasted years though. I know when I’ve done that. If I’d put every bit of effort into it I could have gone so much further.

We haven’t seen an Eskimo Rave in a while, is there any on the way?
I’m doing one in May still, but I don’t even want no grime nights. I want grime concerts. I want all the kids all around the country who like different artists out of the scene to say, ‘We want this big concert to happen and everyone comes out and performs the best of their best.’ That’s what I really want instead of a rave. I’ll do it, but in every club scene in every music, you’ve gotta be careful. It’s a dangerous place club land, I’ll be honest with you. I’m a man and I’ll go club land now like it’s nothing but it can turn messy. Cos what it is, is alcohol. Cos alcohol makes me people go… and drugs is one part of it as well.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The champagne usually bubbles...

Bring out the bubbly

Wiley - Wearing My Rolex is currently number 7 in the midweeks and is looking to chart this weekend although it's all down to us for it to jump to a higher position. Wiley is up against old lady Madonna who has 4 minutes to die and Sam Sparro's Black & Gold to name a few. It has also been revealed that Boy Better Know will be releasing their album VIP on 7th July. VIP will consist of around 12 tracks including Wearing My Rolex, Rolex Sweep (released as the second single on 30th June)and remixes of Doin’ It Again (Duppy) and Boy Better Know. Let's hope it stops there with the electro influenced dance tunes and we have a decent amount of gritty grime on there. Read the full indepth interview by Blackdown with Skepta about the Boy Better Know album, the Rolex sweep and performing to 5000 people.

The digital release is out now so head over to ITUNES and if you enjoy the track contribute 75p to support Wiley in his quest to storm the charts. The physical release is out monday so if you want a CD to add to your collection make sure to head down to your local HMV to pick up a copy aswell. I've got mine, have you got yours? If you have a fetish for foxes then you can also buy the video for £1.89. (It was number 1 in the Itunes video chart but old madonna pushed him down to No2, how sad, who would of thought Wiley would of went down for Madonna)

I'm a lot of things but I'm not slow...

Dizzee Rascal

Dizzee Rascal is releasing a video for Dean (Listen here - scroll down on the player) in support of a campaign being pushed by anti-suicide charity C.A.L.M to bring to the foreground their support charity that wants to help young people, especially young men, confront their issues because "...Being silent isn't being strong". Research into the area has discovered that Suicide among men aged 15-35 accounts for more deaths of young men than any other single cause bar road death. On average three out of every four young suicide is male. The track, which touches upon Dizzee's friend Dean who took his own life, is set to be on our tv screens in the next month so keep your eyes open and even though the track was featured on the B side of the Sirens single it is still nevertheless a great eye opening track. If you want to look into Calm or find out where you can talk to someone about issues you have hit up:

Dizzee Rascal Mini Megamix by El-P

Dizzee is a busy bee, not only is he helping charity's he is also about to release his newest album, Maths & English in the U.S next week. The album will also have some slight adjustments to it with 2 added tracks on it, in the form of G.H.E.T.T.O, Driving With Nowhere To Go and a El-P remix of Where Da G's. There have been rumours that Old school isn't on there but only time will tell. Any Indian guy is a don, well he said he is.

I swear you man borrowed that from Josh... what? It's alot it's alot... From Greengate don't think I won't back it.

Part 1

This is the video from Westwood's sunday night show (audio here). I love seeing the video's to sets because you get to see classic moments like when Ghetto dropped "What? It's alot it's alot, I swear you man borrowed that from Josh"- (8:26 mins) and Tempa T's shocked reaction was like Ghetto was sending for his mum. The show ended before things could really kick off and the audio for the second half should be aired in the next week or two. I've been trying to find out if anyone got footage from when Ghetto 'clashed' Skepta on Logan last year, no luck as of yet the facial expressions from when Skepta dropped the mixtape cover bar would of topped this one.

Part 2

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Rolex Teef

"Tick tock that's my dance, certain man made the rolex sweep, tried come take a bit of my dance but your fake rolex is cheap" Does anyone care? because from when you have someone that uses a cough as a bar in your crew that is when you have to ask that question. Kick that guy out seriously he's just spreading germs. This 'Stealing' dance moves and slang phrases is going a touch too far now. It's just a silly reason to beef and send for eachother, what ever happened to working together?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Westwood continues the par.

Tempa T

Westwood with guests Ghetto, Jammer, Tempa T (Download)

Last night's Westwood was a great one, certainly eventful to say the least and continued the par hype. I've been listening back and trying to explain to myself exactly what happened but I think grimeforum member critic of musical arts put it best: "Tempz dropped his Parring bars, Ghetto defended Griminal - 'Swear you guys borrowed it from josh', Tempz called out Griminal saying he stole the phrase from maryland ends, Ghetto defended. Jammer went silent. Brutal went silent. Blacks sent for brutal who remained silent. Jammer tried to par at the end and failed..."Highlights were definitely Tempa T and Ghetto, looking to hopefully hear the continued hype on Logan's tonight. War report. Come on. Deliver.

The Pimp Suit arrives at Dirty Canvas

Dirty Canvas gave Jammer's Are You Dumb vol3 launch party a platform to give us a damn good show. To be fairly blunt, the night wasn't what I expected it to be and apart from some short hype moments it was a little disapointing. There wasn't the usually pack of Are You Dumb street teams throwing cds at you to buy, which I was weirdly looking forward to since I haven't got the first AYD. Jammer attempted to battle out with his own costume legendary title, which he gave a good beating to with his zebra printed, purple pimp suit. WoW.

Logan Sama and Vectra as always gave a great show but the complete let downs were the mcs, if you could even call them that, who were only there because they had some affiliation with Jammer and not because they actually had talent. Sounds like half of what the grime scene is mad up off. Jammer and broken armed C Gritz gave us an Are You Dumb medley and everyone could see me skanking the night away to Shake It, which is possibly my favourite track on the whole mixtape until I heard Wonder's 25th. Then as Jam and Gritz shared the mic around and eventually walked off stage, was when it felt like what a nursery school open day would sound like. Luckily through the set which felt like it went on for hours, it was that painful, Dot Rotten popped up and shot back the hype (The Eskimo bar went down very well).

Skepta dropped in and gave us an explosive performance where at one point he was spitting and was getting poured champagne into his glass. It sounds like nothing but when you was there it felt like how the Rolex Sweep would look like without the influence of Nu Brand Flex and the Macarena. Everyone got back on stage and Jammer joined Skepta on continuing the Are You Dumb selections. Everyone was on a Skankin' ting, I was standing next to a grown man (21years easily old) who when Skepta touched the mic would stamp violently up and down on my toe and scream like he was doing an impression of a 3year old girl. Is that what grime does to people? WOW.

Take 2

You may be able to run but next time I'll fully stick you up and leave your back blue.

H two O and JME bassline Collaboration

As tough as this is for me to talk about I'm going to try my best to talk about the topic without commiting suicide. Bassline chart toppers H two O, who we all may know from the track What's it going to be? which hit up the single charts at Number 2, has hooked up with our very own Boy Better Flow Jamie Adenuga aka that guy with all them t-shirts. It might not be just Wiley heading for a top 10, however would be nice for someone to possibly use grime to get in the charts but I guess every avenue to get grime up there with the rest of the chart success stories is apart of a long term plan. I only got to hear the track randomly on the way to Dirty Canvas so if I get a hold of a rip I'll make sure to pop it up.(updated)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


It's a par
Griminal, Jammer in full costume and Tempa T

Tempa T - It's a Par

The It's Alot quarrel continues with an unsuspecting warrior ready to catch anybody out on a d*ckhead ting. Tempa T dropped in to say his piece about the hype between Jammer and Griminal over the slang word It's Alot. As it appears, Griminal made a track with the title (which is on is free downloadable mixtape Not Just Bars Vol1) then several long months later Jammer made a track, yes labelled the same with the word rotating in the chorus, along with Double O, Badness and C Gritz (which can be found on Are You Dumb 3) with the additional concepts of promotional t-shirts and a video. In the effect of this, Griminal wrote a direct slew on his vicious verse on Freedom Of Speech's Threats - "Man wanna copy the sh*t that I write, now it's got grim on a hype ting again, one or two guys I'm not liking again, Jammer don't want me fi start writing again, you're not heavy! Marcus banged you already, what!? Wanna fight him again?" At the last Dirty Canvas Jammer tried to take out Griminal with the It's Alot bars but Grim touched on the Threats bars and the whole crowd, which I was entangled in, as possibly Double O would describe - up in the air. Later on though Griminal was waiting for the mic again and kept getting held back from it, which was obviously frustrating him, and all you could hear was Tempa T shouting "Parring guys... Parring guys...". Griminal just walked off. Wow. Video evidence here.

It's not exactly new information that Jammer, who as we know left Nasty Crew on not exactly great terms with Marcus Nasty, who is of course, Griminal's older brother. It seemed to explode fully when Marcus came out of prison hearing that Jammer had been talking his name. Now Tempa T is involved, stating his point that the phrase is actually a Slew Dem slang term and both of them are hyping for nothing when it should be him moaning about 'stealing' a word. I just literally wasted 10 minutes of my life talking about a word that actually doesn't even exist. Wow.


Bashy - Kidulthood (Maniac Production)

This track is from the official soundtrack of Adulthood and is just another damn reason why Maniac is one of grime's leading producers and he's like what 13? Ok he's more like 18 but he's young and overly talented, Bashy must of felt like a kid in a sweet shop with the potential of this production. Bow E3 is a classic, in 10 years time it will be sitting next to Oi, Pow and Pulse X. Is that a statement I'm going to regret? possibly, but it's a certified banger so shatap, shatap, shatap.

Chipmunk, Double S, Shalo and Anisa - Lets Change

I really like these reflection type of songs, especially coming from up and comer Chipmunk and Double S. Too many productions are too all over the place to evoc some deep emotions out of an mc, but this track clearly shows the balance. I do a lot of the time find it so ironic, when mcs have these tracks that give such a positive message, which usually involves how we should all change and how bad things are, but the next song on their mixtape is talking about how big their gun is, how much drugs they shot, how many girls they use & abuse and . Not that I'm saying you can't discuss these types of issues in a song but it's impact as a whole is minimal and plain confusing. Much of the time it looks like a token reflection or positive concept that you just scraped together so your project doesn't sound too negative. We're not exactly all 100% angels but talking about how you'll kill someone with a knife/gun and then the next song you're saying how we should stop killing each other takes the deeper meaning away and the attention is concentrated on the lyricists insane double standards. That's my moaning over for at least one post, great track though Chip, Double, Shalo and Anisa.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Is it that time already?

Dirty Canvas

Vectra and Logan Sama have also been added to the line up so make sure you're down for some PARty time.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I could be in the desert with lions and tigers fam that is what people don't understand.

After the Wearing My Rolex video was unleashed on us like some sort of deadly virus, it was that painful, rumours and random humorous scenarios have started popping as far a field as Japan and The Sun, about why he walked off set. "The producer and MC has such a severe case of vulpophobia – the technical term for a fear of foxes – that he left the shoot before a single frame with him in it could be taken." What The Sun will do for a news story has just been pushed to bizarre levels. For all of you who don't know exactly what to believe, MTV has been giving a documentary of the making of the video and has apparently got the whole 'hissy' fit as well as behind the scenes footage of the half santa clause half fox dressed girls dancing about like muppets. They should have done the macarena I mean the Rolex Sweep. Let's just hope they air the programme.

This is possibly one of the funniest 'phone jacket' type videos I've seen in a long time. Especially when all the lions and tigers pop up, he's a L.O.N TIGER. This is why I love Wiley.

Kano: Dropped a great album, Home Sweet Home in 04. He went away for a while and popped back up again with a balder, wider and squeaky clean but no way near slicker than your average Craig David and started pointing in the crowd saying This is the girl that I want. The only person that would care about that is your girlfriend Kane, then after that terrible submission in cheese and pineapple sticks he gave us London Town. ZzZzZz. He left/got dropped from 679Recordings and for some reason this issue keeps getting jumped around more than hopscotch. He's recently released Mc No1, slightly ironic that he didn't come top3 on Top3 Selected and is calling himself no1 - wow, is full of freestyles over Souljah Boy and P*ssyhole type instrumentals. However let's not give up just yet, 140 grime street is set for an independent release this year and Davinche, Skepta, Rapid and Mikee J are confirmed on production and a track from Maniac is in talks. Come back to us Kano... please it's your Home Sweet Home.

Frisco & Ghetto at Dirty Canvas

I've been meaning to finish my Dirty Canvas and Chockablock review but haven't found the time to completely finish off uploading the videos and photos. Frisco jumped on in the middle of Ghetto performing Who's Got and Griminal took shots (not literally) at Jammer in an It's Alot battle for life and death (sort of).

Rinse04 - Skepta Artwork

Rinse are on to a winner with these compilations which has so far featured sets from Geeneus (Rinse: 01), Skream (Rinse: 02), Supa D (Rinse: 03) and now we have Boy Better Know managing director, Skepta for the 4th volume. DJ Offkey is back with a bag of dubs for us, with a collection of bangers from himself: Tingles, a remix of Skream's Midnight Request line, along with Thrown In The Bin and Tropical influenced Work Days. Along with current tracks circulating the vocal and instrumental sets, double the trouble Double S From Day, Silencer's drunken scuffle outside the club - World War 4 and fully grown Frisco's Skeng man Mode. Although it is mostly Boy Better Know orientated this is definitely a must have and relevant edition within the Rinse collections. Release date: May 12th 08. (Available from everywhere they sell CDs)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Video: Wiley - Wearing My Rolex

Here's me thinking Wiley was being a silly little child for walking off the set of making this video. Apparently Wiley wanted it to be set in a club but Atlantic decided they would go for random girls dressed up in fox costumes. What would they have got Wiley doing? walking around in the same costume? For once I'm with Wiley on this one, before I go though don't you think this video seems a rip off of Dizzee Rascal's Sirens, with all the council estate/fox references. Although Sirens actually uses it as symbolism of how it is to grow up 'on road'. What does dancing in a club and giving a girl your rolex have anything to do with a fox?

After a watchin it a few times: It's quite a funny video and only after watching it a couple of times has it grown on me. The chicken munching and the random dancing on the wall in sequence spits in the face of the 50/50 green screen.
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