Monday, May 19, 2008

Imagine all this hype in one room...

Come along, skank, experience the hype and feel the vibes this Friday over at the Egg Nightclub in Kings Cross. It's going to be a crazy night so make sure to either email, email me or comment in this blog for £8 guestlist. WOW...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Grime does over time

wiley chipmunk kano and skepta at bbc weekender

Kano, Wiley, Chipmunk and Skepta at BBC Weekender [Download]

If the Microphone Champion set wasn't enough to digest I just got the audio for a mini sidewinder stageshow set that happened at the BBC Weekender. Imagine Wiley, Kano, Skepta and young pioneer Chipmunk infront of a screaming packed out crowd. Disapointed is not the word that I feel for not bothering to go. Wow. Hear all mcs freestyle over Rhythm & Gash and Pulse X. I haven't heard Wiley's Pie bars for years, trust Will to drop them bars infront of a crowded audience who don't know much about grime. Classic. Kano on grime? Deja vu?

skepta getting beat up

Skepta must be laughing as much as Bless Beats these days because his track Rolex Sweep has been signed up by Ministry and apparently Timmy Mallet is booked for the next Sidewinder. The Sweep might not exactly be the most masculine of dances but I've certainly not been able to escape it where ever I go. I'm a grime fan get me outta here. Check out the interview with Skepta that Logan Sama done when he passed through his monday show video'ed by SB.TV (Part 1, Part 2, Part3, Part4) make sure to watch all videos. Before you set off here's Mista Jam trying out the sweeping dance on stage at the BBC Weekender.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ChockABlock Vs WoW - 23rd May @ EGG, Kings Cross

Make flyer bigger

Friday 23rd May see's JP's Chockablock go up against my new night WOW and as you can see the line up isn't about to disappoint anyone. Some old time ravers Flirta D and Ghetto will be murdering the reloads with some F*CK IT HYPE HYPE (That was so cheesy, sorry). We also have DJ Logan Sama (Kiss 100) supporting the grime movement for the night aswell as Rinse's Spyro and Vectra. What did she say? I said the night won't disapoint and with Griminal, PMoney and Tempa T - It won't be a par. Aswell as having Bassline favourites Burgaboy and Wittyboy we also have Rossi B & Luca pushing all the underground subgenre favourites. Bok Bok & Manara will be giving us a Grime Vs Bassline set which of course Grime will win, JP there's no excuses it will. The night is going to be mental so make sure to drop an email to to get on the £8 guestlist. It's free before 11pm and we're running from 10 till 5am, we're here to party and then get a bacon sandwich and a cup of cocoa on the way home.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Logan Sama - One Away Style

DJ Logansama oneaway
[Click image to download]

Skepta & JME - Pulse Eskimo Freestyle

Had the launch for this last night and now we have a chance to grab it at our local London record shops or download it to our hard drive. I grabbed a couple of copies so for all of you who would like your own physical copy and live out of London or are just very lazy then just email me ( and i'll flip a coin to figure out who to send it to.

Make sure to check out Logan's reply to all the bait Westwood sending on Ghetto's Top 3 Selected - "[Ghetto] Logan's a genius and he's even schooling seniors [Logan] Ask Tim " - which just made me laugh my head off. Tempa T's special of Battle Riddim - "Draw for the dubplate spesh.... mixxxxxxxxx Jacccccck him". Another complete highlight was Jammer's re write of Skankin Ting where jammer brings up Logan's eye - "Don't think he's screwing you, he ain't, he's shorted sighted with a dodgy eye like...". WoW. Skepta and JME freestyle over Pulse Eskimo [above] which feels like its been taken out of old Meridian archives. The whole CD is basically special one offs of hot grime tracks of the last several months. A lot of the mcs on One Away Style have just refixed their bars and slotted in Logan where it's nessesary although and Double S From Day is basically a mini biography of Logan Sama although it could of been more indepth. Durrty Goodz Standard In The Hood was played a couple of weeks ago on Logan's show and I love the track but the beat used on this version doesn't feel like it really matches the track especially when you've heard the original. Don't forget to check out Ghetto's Wear My Own Garm's freestyle, I wonder who he is talking about who wrote something on their ID trainers? hmm...

One Away Flow


To celebrate the launch of Logan Sama's One Away Style, Logan had a little party and to give us a little hint of who was on the CD he bought on many grime mcs on stage. They received the opportunity to perform their heart out and in between mini sets he mixed vocal tracks on a hanging table. That is how he's doing it these days. Hanging tables, holding turn tables.

Newham Generals

It's Foots we listened to them hooks and D Double was himmm himmm on the right right. Newham Generals performed a range of tracks from their album Generally Speaking (Due September), Move to the beat P.A and Spitting over Frontline was the highlight of their performance. Footsie's Rastaman bars get me skanking everytime, especially when he used them over Stage Show Riddim.

Fuda Guy & Tinchy Stryder

Mr Tinchy Stryder came on stage with support by Fuda Guy and gave us a little exclusive. He showcased for the first time his newest single, which most haven't even heard yet, Stryderman (video of performance). It has a concept of seeing Tinchy as a super hero, I didn't like it, but through the middle the chorus started to bring me in and I secretly started to enjoy it - check the video of the performance out and let me know what you think. Although it is another Electro track, the trend continues. As well as performing his new single, Tinchy also gave us Mainstream Money and a little back to back freestyling by both Fuda and Tinch.


Jammer jumped on stage and gave us a reason to shout satap, performing one of the best songs off of Are You Dumb Vol3 Skankin ting even though Skepta was inside I was disapointed he didn't jump on to drop his bars. He also gave us Shatap which is the main track I hate off of AUD 3, actually I hate Woii Oii more.


Skepta gave a great energetic showcase with a mixed medley of his best bars from over the last couple of years aswell as pulling out the broom and doing some rolex sweeping. This was the ost embaressing moment of the night as after a couple of beers and an empty stomach I proceeded to do the dance, to say the least I got weird confused stares. Luckily the attention was taken away from me when Logan mixed in a drum and bass influenced crazy head boppin In A Corner and Skepta just swept everyone up (no pun intended). [Video uploading soon be up - youtube is long]


JME nearly got his eye popped out by the zooms on several cameras, he was literally going up to the tip of the zoom and spitting. It was scary stuff. The Microphone Champion set seemed to of warmed JME up in a way that his levels of live performing, delivery and content had clearly been pushed to the sky. He gave us Boy Better Know, one of his newest tracks Standard and like his brother a great fast passed medley of what J.M.E is about. His 333 bars actually didn't sound that bad this time.


Who's got lyrics? Me not.... [insert mc you want to attack here]. Ghetto shot in from no where grabbed the mic and pulled out Top 3 Selected, which gave one eager waiting fan a reason to pull out his 3 fingers and push them up in the air like he'd won the lottery or something. The room was pretty still so he stood out like Sunjay. Mountain dropped and then Logan slyly slipped in Who's Got without Ghetto knowing and got the crowd excited, for the first time, idiots. No war to report tho. Overall was a decent night, Logan was selecting some bangers so I'm looking forward to hearing him spin the night away at WOW Vs Chockablock (23rd May - EGG, Kings Cross). Download Logan Sama's One Away Style here and I'll be giving away some physical copies for the people that can't get hold of it.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sets galore


Download: Boy Better Know - Microphone Champion Episode 1

Microphone Champion is here and has already made a firm inprint within the net sets. MC is Boy Better Know's take on Hazzardous Sessions and The Movement's F*ck Radio. On the first session expect to here Skepta, JME, Frisco, Jammer, Slickman and Shorty touching mic and DJ Maximum spinning on the 1's and 2's with a great selection of instrumentals, some dark sh*t right there. Listening to it all the way through I noticed too many name sending which I think you may enjoy, because it could slyly develop over the next couple of months as this is the first Skepta has hit back at Ghetto since the Logan Sama Clash. Frisco flings back a bar towards ghetto in response to Who's Got [1.15 - 2.13 mins] "Which little fool said I ain't got lyrics, I got bars they got gimmicks so why should I care about this waste man rhymer?" Some may not have noticed Skepta slyly dropping a bar for Wiley [20:05] - "...The king of grime, yeah I'm the best in it but Wiley ain't respect in it, well if you don't agree with me then we can start 50 and kanye west in it". Rolex wars. Skepta aimed straight forward and took a shot at ghetto [24:20 - 25:00] "So let me spit the real ghetto gospel into the mic... but ghetto made Freedom Of Speech and said my name every 2minutes, man want to go to mountain, go to the show on tour bus next time make an album not a cd full of war dubs and anytime you wanna beef just call us" wow.

Jammer, who continously kept jumping on the end of a hype reloaded bar, adds directly after "What's all this I'm hearing about the movement...' from his war report dubs. By the end of the set Shorty couldn't stop sending... [1hour 3:30 - 1hour 3:46] "These promoters ain't phoning the rest, these promoters ain't phoning the movement these promoters ain't phoning ghetts, these promoters ain't phoning scorcher these promoters ain't phoning wretch" Like I mentioned before Jammer jumped in on the hype to make it look like people were rewarding his bars with cheers "...But I'm a wretch in the ghetto but my name ain't scorcher".

It was a great set. If you don't download then you clearly voted for Boris in the elections. Londoners might aswell move to hatfield or something. Everyone was on point in this set although Jammer really started to get on my chest area by the time 6 minutes had passed. Looking forward to Microphone Champion, Famous?, VIP, Back to the Lab Vol3? Looking forward to hearing the tracklist Maximum chose some tight instrumentals. F*ck Radio was suppose to be doing an edition for Logan's show this monday but it seems there has been some problems, but make sure to look out in the next following weeks for this special show along with some possible replies from Ghetto regarding this MC set.

These are some other downloadable podcasts/mixes for your hearing pleasure.

Download: Terror Danjah & Illness - Hardcast May Edition

Download: DJ Furious - 2 Fast 2 Furious Volume 3

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Video: Tinchy Stryder - Breathe

While you're enjoying the calmness of Breathe pass through Tinchy's new blogspot. Like I mentioned in the previous post, Stryderman is the newest single from Tinchy about to drop with a video. So keep your ears to the radio...
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