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"Theres nothing happening this weekend..." Shat up Shat up Shat up


Grime: Frisco, Ruff Squad, Badness, Lee Brasco, Little Dee, Spyro and Mak 10
When: Friday 20th June ( TONIGHT)
Where: The Egg Nightclub, Kings Cross - Nearer tube Kings Cross St Pancreas
Pocket: £8 if you email quick enough


Grime: D Double E & Footsie
When: Saturday 21st June (TOMORROW)
Where: 93 Feet East, Brick Lane
Pocket: £10

While you're thinking of how the hell you're going to get £20 out of your mum to get into these places go ahead and download Taz Buckfaster's own mix of his dubstep/grime productions. It is definitely a taste of the bitter elements of dub & grime my head is doing some mad movements in this net cafe. DOWNLOAD. Get to know about this producer, I remember him showing me some kind of country western dubstep track like you could imagine some cowboy skanking to it. Legendary.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm not no deep sea diver blud I was blatently a postman and a bus driver, I was moving raw while blatently driving the 114


I went to one of the screenings for this film last week sadly I was being true to my grime roots and arrived an hour late and only caught the last 45mins. Saying that though it was still a decent watch and hopefully this weekend or next week I'm going to cough up my £7 and see the full thing. Men or should I say boys should definitely learn one thing by the end of watching both Kidulthood and Adulthood. You will always end up looking like a donut and have no girls if you talk to people the way Adam Deacons characters does. I liked the way they captured the ever ending circle of revenge and pain. Another great thing that has come out of this film is the soundtrack. Bashy's Kidulthood to Adulthood is the main track for the film and I absolutely love it, another banger from Maniac, I was a little confused to catch the video with it's edited words and it's slower beat to the original. Bashy explained when he featured on Logan's show last night that the explicit lyrics in the original would of made it harder to persuade the music channels to give it further air play so they decided the calm the lyrics down a bit but still give the original message. Fair play. The soundtrack is available now to buy and with tracks like Paranoid by Dizzee Rascal, Reppin London by Sincere featuring Scorcher & D Double E, Follow by Tinchy Stryder, Bars Of Truth by NoLay, Who Are You by Chipmunk, Kids by Goldie Locks, Grime Kid by Wiley and Bashy's Kidulthood to Adulthood you haven't got no reason to not add it to your collection.

Mista Jamming...

Ghetto slowing down the hype a bit to perform I'm Ghetts remix and if you want to see more go through to Mista Jam's fabulous blog to see more videos including Ghetto spitting his newest single Sing For Me. I would never of imagined Ghetto to be jumping on one 'unplugged' vibe a few years back let alone to be booked for someone's birthday sweet 16. Imagine you passing the parcel around to ghetto spitting the bars off of Buss 1, I'm sure their parents wouldn't be shocked at all. hmm.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ice Kid in Bristol battling Ladies & Gents.

I popped down to Bristol last night to see Ghetto at Dirty Canvas Vs Donuts and Durrty Goodz at Bodynod. Although sadly I didn't even get to go to Bodynod because Ghetto reached late and made me miss out on seeing Goodz. Slightly angry about that, wow. Ghetto done a great set though and was joined by Ice Kid who seemed to be developing his stage delivery but I still think he's got a good amount of time before he's on the level of Griminal. Not that it's his fault but I guess Griminal's had the lucky hand by growing up into the circle of Nasty Crew and performing from a very early age. While we was all waiting for Ghetto out side, Ice Kid walked out and just lit up, minding his own business. Then a couple of guys ran over to him wanting to battle, which later happened to Ghetto during his set, and I of course being the nosy person I am grabbed my camera out and caught a little footage. Watch it carefully because he pars a good few people.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yeah it's a friday ting yeah it's a Bristol ting so if you got the keys to the car then let's drive and have a good night or just do a skankin ting

First we buss some threats in this ghost town...

Then we try to keep up with the ravers and the dj's switching songs.

Overall a full on grime out of the ends mad mission.

Petrol for there and back: £35 max

5 Toilet stops which really means you want to load up on munch: £10.15

Both tickets: £13

Slapping your friend in her sweaty face on purpose and using ghetto's Buss 1 lyric as an excuse: Priceless.

Does Scorcher still have it?

People are always throwing around Scorcher's name like he's not talented anymore. Does this recent Westwood freestyle prove their point or does it slap them in the face? There's no really masking the fact Scorcher's flow and angle has completely changed and I don't think the release of Simply The Best Vol2 helped his haters who prefered him in his early days but I think this freestyle is strong. Do you prefer the Cold Blooded raw Scorcher or the leader or the new school Scorch?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

BOOM BAM I'm in the ghetto like Justin's yard

Scorcher Bashy Wretch 32

Wretch Featuring Ghetto and Badness - Inna Di Ghetto

I had an exclusive listen to Wretch 32's debut album several weeks ago and I was literally skanking my head off when this track Inna Di Ghetto came on. Produced by Maniac and featuring a verse from Ghetto and the chorus sung by Badness it is one of my favourite tracks of many from Wretchrospective. I love the way this track including it's production ticks the boxes of so many elements of what UK underground music is about, without even trying. Badness's raw singing elements give it that reflective edge, while Ghetto's greengate gutter delivery and subtones of aggressive mannerisms allow Wretch to open up the track strongly and shine while they feature strongly without overshadowing him. Maniac brings every fundamental factor of each vocal artists great token side out while still making a strong grime track. It is without question one of my favourite tracks of this year. No hype. Although I still hold my thoughts that this track shouldn't of been handed out before at least an official date is released for the album. Wretch should of waited at least till a couple of weeks before his release to fling this out for promotion. But hey what do I know!?

Anywhere we go

Kano Featuring Wiley - Anywhere We Go

Kano was on Logan's show last night showcasing some of his material from 140 Grime Street and this Wiley produced and featured track popped into the selection. It definitely feels like something made around the Grime Wave time, especially with Wiley singing over it. It's edging grime towards the mainstream, but it's just not aggressive enough/ lacks stabbing, killing or violent bars for me - something my sister would definitely like. Kano 's 140 Grime Street should be in the shops on the 9th september 08, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what he has to offer. It's a great thing to see these pioneers working with each other, *wipes a tear away*.

Logansama TV by SB.TV

Several weeks ago Doubles S, Brutal and Ghetto were on Logan's Kiss show, spitting some flavour for the promotion of F*ck Radio's soon to be released DVD which has footage from all the F*ck Radios and an exclusive unheard set which comes along with the DVD. This will be available nationwide on the 7th July, HMV and all that grime.

It's Double the trouble

Footsie and D Double E are two of my favourite mcs at the moment, Newham Gens have that complete package with them catchy hooks, strong production and hype bars. Logan has got together with young filmer Smokey Barz to bring us a more visual element to the 100% grime show. It's clear that the inspiration was obviously from the success of Westwood TV on Youtube but either way it's made everyone up the levels. Make sure when you do watch these videos to choose the 'Higher Quality' version it is so much clearer and of course SUBSCRIBE to Logansama TV. Do we really have to wait another 4months for Newham General's album?

DSCF5230 copy

I popped down to the From Day video shoot a couple of weeks ago where I caught Westwood trying to kidnap Double S in some sort of 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' re-construction. He could possibly be the child catcher with his 1Xtra sunday rap show being the net to catch all the young kiddy talent. Who knows? I haven't got a clue what I'm typing... it's just babble as usual. This video should be release in the next couple of days so keep your eyes open. Money's the Motive is out now at Uptown Records.

Press here to make image larger Press here to make image larger
Double S trying not to get too excited (left) and Double with his Marvell crew (right)

I also got to view Chipmunks new video for Muhammad Ali which is basically chipmunk running around up and down steps and doing kick boxing, it's like a Rocky/Rambo fitness video . It's a decent video.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Video: Tinchy Stryder - Stryderman

I actually love the chorus to this although several posts ago I was emplying that this track was just another old electro bandwagon track. I have since learn't though that this track was made last year in October way before the Wearing my bentley while sweeping up champagne hype. Clean cut and very smooth looking video.

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