Thursday, December 24, 2009


Caught up with Skepta last night at the Nightmare rave, whilst standing at the bus stop waiting for the N55. Obviously if you don't know what's been happening between Manga, Wiley / Roll Deep and Big H and Paper Pabs/ Bloodline then you have been on one long hibernation. Skepta's name has been flung into the equation first by Wiley and then by Big H. Apparently there's a shadow going about that people keep stepping into. So good old Pigeon Face flew down to give you the low down, to take away the hype from the tweets and indirects, and see what really is happening behind the filmed phone calls and gassing footage. Skepta talks... Excuse JP & me we were slyly little drunk... and I was swine flu'ed out. Obviously..... haha.

Surely the hype and talk is done and over with now right!? From now please no more talk talk talk. If you do grime and you write lyrics then why oh why are you talking. War Report Part 2 or just draw for the turkey and stuffing and enjoy Christmas.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Young Kye (who was recently announced as one of the Top 5 MCs to watch for 2010 by Fabric) has been around for quite a while, but took a break for a hot minute like myself but is back on this. So Pigeon Face got him down to see if he could handle some dubstep (Define & Amazing Feat Rowl - Marshmellow Mindrush) and he tore it up, although when Coki's Goblin came in, the bass slyly surprised him haha. Like most MCs he produces as well and from what I've heard he's decent, but without anything to show you right now I'm not going to big it up, I'll let the epic beat I heard speak for itself.

Then we come to the whole Manga, Roll Deep Vs Bloodline dispute which I've tried to hold myself from commenting on, because I really don't want to get shot... but fuck it my post in the next couple days will probably result in that. Can't wait. We were randomly sitting in a kebab shop when Manga, Young Kye and J2K rolled through and some random guy felt the need to sit down with us and air his kebab breathed opinions on the whole Paper Pabs Vs Manga & his glasses situation. It got a little controversial when the random guy got a little too excited and started sending for Pabs himself. The random is not JP even though they actualllllly look like twins.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Was a great night haven't been to a Dirty Canvas in Yonks. Filmed a few highlights on the old cam but don't get excited it's not some next high quality where you can see a guys pimples although the audio is pretty decent, I was there to actually enjoy the night so the camera is mad shaky because obviously if reloads are happening and I'm standing still, I've been spiked by your grandad. Pigeon Face isn't about having the best of the best but it's more about having fun and catching some random footage that you most likely wouldn't see.

Back to the night though, Younger remember him? yes you you shut your mouth got a nice reload. Fuda Guy, Rapid, P Money, Blacks, Little Nasty, Dizzle Kid, Younger and Maxsta all introduced the hype to a packed venue for DJ Magic's Grime & Dubstep set. Badness literally jumped in for 10seconds with DEM DEM DEM DEM got a reload and then passed the mic on. D Double E and Footsie the pair of Newham Generals took to the stage. Now I've watched these both many many many times. Always been a great show, but even though in general they gave a decent performance it lacked something. I don't know if it's because 97% of the set was dubstep, which I understand is their thing - a dominent Dubstep edge which seems to work single wise but sometimes it's just too much, some grime up in there would of been nice. Seriously. One thing I must say is DJ Magic is seriously a sly epic leng man selector, he genuinely doesn't get enough ratings.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

That is the only person on God's earth who you should have a problem with...

Wiley goes in. "Mans just been to the bakery and ting that's what we're really here for..." Wiley's interview's make my day. Expects a video on grimedaily tomorrow with Big H and Pabs.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Black The Ripper & Jammer twitter tapping hype. no fun.


It's kind of old now but hey i will still address it because i think seeing these two clash lyrically would be the most dullest and randomness thing ever simply because Jammer is a party animal on a next murk a man hype and takes bare bass to be woken up while Black The Ripper talks about well... I can't think right this second but it's more on a slow hiphop tempo. It would be like getting big bird from sesame street to fight the cookie monster. The hype I want to see is in a hair war who would win. Like seriously who would whip the other into shape? would Jammer strangle BTR with his dreadlock or would Jammer get chocked with a mouthful of the Rippers fro. If only Pak's was opened 24/7 I'd organise this while sitting in the corner getting these full blown beauties. Just imagine if they delivered. nah low it. Nandos need to start delivery but hey that's a whole other argument all together.

If you ain't on a twitter hype you're a neek, more than if you live by 140 characters, go here to see what blew off a couple weeks ago with Black The Ripper & Jammer.

P.S: Me even bothering to post this means their is a lack of quality stuff out. Come on people be creative. Experiment and work with new people and not just the same old same old same old.


Forget Tinchy, Devlin, BBK, Ghetto etc... invest in this amazing quality music. I proper wish my dad had mad money and worked in advertisement like this little shit. When Chav's have money part 1. He's the next to blow, your eardrum with this waste material. If you watched this more than once or requested it on AKA, I would like to kill you slowly.

Radio Gaga...

I've missed some of the main guys in grime, who leave a mark when they go off for months/years at a time, I was mighty surprised over the last couple of days to tune into RINSE and hear Trim & Flow Dan hitting up the mic. Flow stop doing naughty things and going pen. I saw you at 9am the other week at waterloo station but you failed to wave back to my fanatical waving. par. Maybe he just didn't see me. I was sad to see all your cainrows are gone. sad times.

Logan Sama (KISS) - D Double E, Footsie, Smurfie Syco & Badness

JJ (RINSE FM) - JME, Flow Dan, J2K, Little Dee & Manga

Plastician (RINSE FM) - Trimbal Trim

I woke today and now I'm an official part time MC, Producer, DJ and caretaker

People make me laugh sometimes, the constant (and I mean constant) crap that comes out of some of your mouths cracks me up. The unoriginal, general complete turd of ideas that you chat about and sometimes even go through with is the highlight of my day. Day? Ok realistically I won't even be dramatic let's just go back to when I first started this blog yes people like what 3 long damn years ago. How many MC's, producers and DJ's have gone through the "Yeah, Yeah check out my new swag 'mixtape' in the next month cough (6years later air)" talk the damn talk but can't even crawl. Sometimes it makes me respect a lot of the people who're still about 'hustling' if I can even call it that. Putting the work in and still making people buss a skank. It brings me back to a song from a couple years back..Wiley Featuring JME - Heart Ain't In It. ...Don't do it if your heart ain't in it, I do cos im in it to win it cos i got lyrics, i'll be in the games till the whole games finished, some of you's give up because your heart ain't in it...". I went away for a year and mc's are still waffling on about the same mixtape that still hasn't dropped. Wasteman's they're tagged as, so I wondered just how easy is it to become one of these so called idiots. Or if I was to put it nicely job-challenged individuals, but I'm not trying to put it nicely so I'll call them waste any guy mc's. Is there some sort of guide that these aspiring avocado's abide by, or do they just do nothing in their power to look, sound and make lovers of underground music despise them. If there wasn't now there is... introducing...

Rule 1: Never under any circumstances tell the truth (lyrics or everyday life)

Rule 2: Even though you still live off money from your dad and nan (hold tight nanny nell and her primark joggers she buys you) never be humble or thank anyone for helping you out. Don't want people to actually like you, cos if they respect you then thats a battyman flex, surely.

Rule 3
: When you are fresh of the new titled mc boat and some stupid silly promoter (they must be stupid to book you) asked you to jump on the mic at their night or do a p.a etc always ask for no less than 8 bills. Come on a super star big man like yourself should never leave his house (your mums house) for less than a G but hey you're doing him a favor for being so amazing, right!? I mean how many raves/nights/birthday parties that your aunty held have you been booked for in the last year and got paid? oh 2? wow... yeah you're a big man.

Rule 4: Do a Crep Check for and make sure to neatly write prada in crayons on your £3 canvas shoes so no 1 clocks the reality of your budget or just do what everyone else does: go out that day and buy new 'exclusive' to JD creps, go on while licking your lips that you just threw them on and didn't even clock you was meeting with posty. Hold the receipt tightly in your hand, so one doesn't misplace or lose it, then as soon as they're out of sight run back to the store and get a refund.

Rule 5: When a Journalistic, blogger or anyone with a pen and paper asks you - (by the way don't send any music out! are you silly? people might actually like it and want to help you by letting people know how good it is.) to send them a copy to review for their magazine etc... send them a link to rhythm division's website. True Stories.

Rule 6
: The interview. Don't worry I don't mean job interview, the job center ain't clocked on about your bad football injury that never happened so you'll still be getting that £60 every fortnight for your crack. Lemon. Peanuts. or whatever you choose to roll up these days.Make sure you use as much slang as possible so that the journalist hasn't got a clue what you're talking about. This way when they try and transcribe they even A) Give up B) If readers try and cuss you at least you can point the finger at the writer and say 'Boiii it was all that pricks fault who don't know about road life and road words get me' .

Who are you and what do you do?
Man's been working mad hard in the studio ya nah. like every single second of the last hour I've been grafting. That's why i've released so many tunes ie: 3/4 full tracks cos mans been grafting out here for decades on this music ting. I just linked up with my boy smokey bars and laid down one hot f64. no lies cuz. It took me 4weeks to write them bars and all my fans are so proud of me. well my deaf aunty and my cousin paul who got 5stars last week on his spelling test. big up my elder right der. They been refreshing the youtube page for the last week now and it's hit over 5,000 plays so of course me ah gangstah out here ya hear. Platinum boom bam.

What have you got in the pipeline that we should look out for?
Of course badman's got a new tune out called My nan feeds,baths and fills my wallet for me with her pension that's the next single, kah even doe there hasn't even been a first single this one is going to be the start of my chart success. I've been doing grime for years but obviously man wants to get signed so man is going to jump on a funky/electro/sweetboy tune and soft out my lyrics a lickle it doesn't matter dat I have made a whole fanbase of music buyers and lovers who like what I do now but I want that paper. Then when I get dropped everyone better still like me otherwise I'm fucked. true kano stories. Rock'n'Roll more like go to your home sweet home and lock yourself in there. safe.

Rule 7: Even though you haven't released anything, well you did ask Logan, Spyro and Mista Jam on twitter for their email address and sent them that half arsed freestyle where your mum made a special feature shouting about how your din din's was ready but they never got back to you. You need to have your own T-Shirts saying a pathetic or random phrase that has something to do with one of your lyrics. For Idea's sake my biggest bar that get's reloaded on the biggest set of all time ie: in my bedroom on a tuesday night:

"I'm a badman but this ain't no flick ! i'll stab you in your eye with my blue ball point bic...Yeah I'm a bad chick, but I ain't Janine Butcher, Pauline or Ian Beale - but ill slap ur girlfriend up with my 2 hands, grant and phil..."

These are clearly chart material we're working with so I have to have my own fashion line and have every badman on road and on the scene wearing it.

Make sure you get the top guys repping your positive message.

Rule 8: Make a music video. If you haven't got the funds in your piggy try and hustle money out of everyone and anyone. Even established clothing lines who don't know who you're and boom bam ask them for £2000 on the spot. might as well ey. You're a super waste cadet. You can't drive, you can't afford a bus pass, you steal your nan's mobility scouter to pick up the daily mail for your racist next door neighbour for pocket money. You're 21+. Times are good for you. Make sure your acting skills are on. Swag is correct ie: uncle has got them knock off Gucci hats, bandanas and belts for you and your whole 'crew'. Boom. Get all the slags from your estate to pull away from their abortion schedules and drop by the shoot so it's not too much of a dick show.

Rule 9:
To make it big time. Get Donatella from Grimedaily to go down and dirty. She'll make you feel extra skype special. I mean you might not be the first or last but hey for that 10minute slot you would feel so damn good about yourself. Being a badman gangstah mc you must expect girls to fall to their knees and if they don't then they were butterz anyway. or you could just... no no mercston naughty naughty.

Rule 10: When your cousin Wiley/Skepta/Ghetto/Tinchy/Jammer go to radio make sure you hide inside the boot of their car and sneak in. Plug in an extra mic into the decks and boom you're making it big time LIVE ON RADIO. While you're spitting them lyrics you and your friends wrote together about how many skets you bang. Text your girlfriend of 5 years and tell her you love her.....

Monday, December 07, 2009

We also have a rasta he's priceless...


Skepta - Blow My Own Trumpet

So to keep track of the last week or so of music that's been flooding in and out of your ears, some you may of loved some you may of hated and even missed, I've done a di di di down low of everything that matters. Skepta's giving away apparently a free music E.P full of some of our favorite skepta freestyles and tracks. Surely that's what should of been on his album... Greatest Hits or Microphone Champion and not a load of crap snackle jibber jabber that he tried to get us to buy. Check him out supporting his younger Chippy... ie: the biggest reason to stay humble. Chipmunk grew up wanting to be Skepta and Scorcher - now Skeppy is supporting him. If I was being nice it's a good look blah blah. It's good exposure blah blah. But it's realistically kind of embaressing. Goin in is a a big track though, I do the Jammer 'jump out of bed' the rasta's ready every day at work. true stories. If that track doesn't sell more than 12 units on Itunes, I don't know what will, well definitely not any of Ny's singles. profit on her last single = £4. wow. Now that's goin' in...

11.35 starts after the waffle. we also have a rasta he's priceless. When was Gritz and Jammer in BBK? and Where is Frisco?


Lauren Mason - The Boss Remix (THE QUBE)

The Pat Butcher of Grime, blondy but heard her natural hair color begins with G. On a deep and true level, this remix is sick. I'm not going to go any further rambling on. listen. learn. buy. If you haven't got it on your iphone your a swag profiterole and if you have a blackberry calm your maxwell d hype drinking self down. chill. Even if you hate Lauren Mason the Remix is a straight cop. real damn talk.

Nicki Minaj - Copycat (Saxon) - download

I'm slyly obsessed with this dubstep sexy bitch of a mix. I bet every designer hat was your size... especially with that beautiful everest of a forehead you have. I know it's a played out joke but I heard Rhianna is coming out with her own range of hats. Small, Medium, Large, XL Large, Rhi-Large, Everest-Large. The beginning is a sample of Rhianna and the rest is? Nicki? I'm confused. I just know this needs to be released before I jiz over your nan.


Dev o Lin aka Devlin has been graftin in and out for a few years. He dropped his mixtape, but it lacked singles. So he dropped London City. I hate to say this because it's technically so cliche but he's kind of the new Mike Skinner. He talks politics, community issues and is just himself in a ukhiphop/grimey vibe. I'm kind of a big mouth that's why I will tell you apparently he's been signed to a big label. shh it wasn't me who told you. He deserves it. Big up to Dev's especially to see him and slow word Giggs on the BBC Sound of 2010, which is like the official ones to watch. I watched the RWD Magazine one to watch on Dev, the other day and he sounded so level headed . It made me kind of happy that someone so down to earth has got a good thing going. Allow the whole swagger, I got money when I blatantly live with my mum/dad, wearing a Gucci/YSL hat when I can't even afford a deposit on a car/house

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


News has got around in the last couple of hours about N.E or Nu Era, most may know him from From Jenny with Essentials and Get Down with OG's, sadly he was found dead in his house earlier on today. Murder has been ruled out and some suggest that a possible long going medical issue is most likely the reason for his sudden passing. I wasn't his biggest fan musically but from meeting him a few times he seemed over down to earth, passionate about doing music and genuinely up for a laugh. My thoughts go out to the rest of the OG's and obviously his family. I'll leave you with this Essentials crew set, which was easily my favorite set from the Dark & Cold Industry Takeover DVD.

Exclusive: Wiley - She Likes To (England 10 Remix) official Dance Remix


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wiley should of put Gary Barlow on the Remix. True stories.

Wiley Ft JME, S-c-r-a-t-c-h-y & Lethal Wastizzle - Take That Remix

So I'm tuning into Mista Jam to hear some fresh new music since I hear the remix for Take That is going to drop on his show. I'm excited, obviously. So I'm listening... furthermore I'm listening... and I hear it. All 3 minutes and 22 seconds of it. How dead-out of a remix and a waste of my time was that is what the whole of radio 1, their listeners and I am thinking. JME's bar's were coming on. swag. Scratchy d-e-a-d-e-d the beat and if it couldn't get worse Lethal Bizzilizzionthetizzimynizzy left my ears pretty much feeling like I'd just been waxing out my ears with a chainsaw. On paper it's a good look, Scratchy has always been rating and they bring him out of the Job Centre. Then there's the whole Lethal Vs Wiley saga which has always been bashing around (pure homo) for years. It's the track they never thought would happened. The original however is a straight cop on the 28th Dec. No lies. No Worries. I want Wiley going into 2010 with a damn Number 1. But if I spend my 79p so wisely please. please. please. Will don't try it with this bull again. You're killing me. I'm so glad William has stopped with the every bar ending with the same word. *Jesus is good*

PIGEON FACE: P Money, Little Dee & Ghetto

I caught up with P Money on wednesday after Hardknocks and he dropped a bar or 4 with Little Dee. P's mixtape his hard, I'm looking forward to Ghett's 'Calm Before The Storm' but after talking to Ghetto in the pub it seems that he's coming hard grime before the storm. The storm, however, is more mainstream vibes - he said "You'll be shocked by the stuff I come with on my album, hypes...". Hopefully that's a good surprised/impressed kind of shocked than an oopsy daisy what did Ghett's put out shocked.

P.S: Big up the wind.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Video Ft Chew Fu - Take That

Hattie Collins is loving the cameo's but when did she get a perm and why the constant zoom in to her face? Tres scary - reminds me of .... IT . As for the video - it's definitely up there with the fox's and pie's. As for the worst of wiley who could forget - 50/50!? hopefully everyone. I hate to compare this to Dizzee but it's got a little Bonkers feel to it, either way that went Number 1 so... it's all a good look. So take that.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Video: P Money, Little Dee & Blacks - SAY SOMETHING

"Wiley said she glows, if you got it like me she blows...." reloadddd, I love the part when Little's comes out of the Tickle Me shop, it seems to be video season this month.


Video: Jammer - Party Animal

In the same breath my ears are bleeding and in the next I'm tapping my foot shouting I'M A PARRRRTY ANIMAL. I'm so looking forward to hearing his album. cough. cough. low it.

Joseph JP Patterson gets out the car.

He's a legend - check him and his blog. Hold tight the headbanger.
(no beg friend - friends from daaaaay dot. shatap)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If my man's fire, I'm water alie!?

Sharky Major ft Devlin, PMoney, Dot Rotten & Ghetts - Shark Attack Remix (Download)

So lets go straight in and cut the crap. We've all been waiting for at least a year and half since the sly indirects between Ghetto and P Money started for some sort of big final explosion that will end in some sort of War report like the whole Movement Vs Wiley. Basically some excitement and to entertain us all. Here is the History in a quick run down: Ghetto apparently sent for P on Westwood on the 9th Dec 07 and P responded (audio links here) then I caught up with Ghett's to see what the the deal was - (Ghetto catch up from JAN 08) - then there was the Westwood march 9th to the 16th sending audio. From then on it's been bashed about from corner to corner more than Rhianna's forehead. Yesterday however Logan, as always, played us an exclusive remix of Sharky Major's new Shark Attack. The sending is baiter than Mz Bratt and Griminal dating.

There's been rumors flying around for the last couple of months that the new Lord of the Mics 3, which is being filmed as we speak, has managed to get a Ghetto and P Money clash. From this track it sounds like it was more talk than action from the track above. P Money lays in hard with 'Skinny sorts wanna talk on youtube...' and while he's there he takes a tap at Wiley with 'I don't care what She Likes, man can't say I'm not top 10 in England...' - ' Wanna be cool then keep your distance, I'm the teacher teaching these infants...' then he counter acts Ghetto's bar about 'water alie' with 'Talking about wetting up guys but I'm water resistant...'

Ghetto holds himself up and shows pure levels explaining behind the hype and why there's been no real clash and most likely won't be. 'So many fans want Ghetto to clash an mc... He's sending he's sending he can't stop sending - what is that the best you got? just cos you say ghetts a lot please don't think you can stand up next to God.' also referring back to the ghetto bar that PMoney hit back at 'If my man's fire then I'm water alie!?' which could be a play on people think P is fire hot or a tap at Chipmunk. THENNNN Ghetto shows the direction with 'Normally I'd get caught in the hype but right now them man are going number 1 so a hit is the only thought on my mind...' BOOM BAMMMM. Still though it would be a sick clash and they keep teasing us not because it's going to happen it's because it's bait promotional hype. clever. but not original.

Take a look at RWD's behind the scenes with Wiley for his new single Take That - which is out 28th December 09. Mainstream wise he seems to be more focused which is great he deserves some chart success but it can't be like last time. Every damn interview mentioning Dizzee for hype or even just because journalists etc want to create some rivalry. Step away from it otherwise it makes you look like you're begging for a good old hug from Dylan. It won't happen if you keep calling his name.. positive or negatively. Move on and do you, leave mr rascal with his success and achieve yours.

Before I jet, heard a Mix CD today called Eski Sound which is practically a showcase of Wiley's lyrical and production talent throughout the years. It's mixed by DJ Furious and it's slyly Epic and a must for everyone's collection. Look out for that release early next year. Now we're going on terrible.

Video: Griminal - Invincible

Bait for your life.
Big up Boxfresh for the clothes though. My coat is better than yours!! mwahaha

Monday, November 16, 2009


Slight minor glitch with the first PIGEON FACE which featured Wiley, nothing to do with weed, or any other dramatics more that the track playing in the background isn't exactly out there to be heard for now. So it will be re-upped/ put public again when the track hits our radio playlists soonage. As for this mini edition which features Ice Kid on the buttons and in the booth, Wiley, Kosha and Skepta. I have loads of material of random 3-5 minutes of grime fun packed videos. Like I said from the first one it's nothing fancy, nothing amazing, just random footage I've managed to collect over the last month and half. Good times.

As soon as each video reaches 5000 views i'll upload the next one: Drunk and Hyped Mcs. wow how bloody excited. rolls eyes.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Video: Lauren Mason - The Boss

Lauren Mason kidnaps Wellard and Guss is heartbroken. Scorcher plays postman. Jokes aside the dubstep remix of this is MADDDD. true stories. Grown men have been happy slapped by me from listening to the dubstep version. false stories.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm locked up.... baityourlifeupspace

The Sun is going in hard on grime. Today - Ribz. Then - Chipmunk and Maniac.
The token gang sign picture is a must. wow. Thought this was more the Daily Mail's territory!? Looking for every nook and cranny for a story, I thought that was my job. Hold tight Ribz being excited about a 'cushty' holiday pumping weights in a prison full of men. macho macho man.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Video: Funky Allstars - Take it to the dustbin

.... No Comment. Waste.

PIGEON FACE: Wiley Rolls Deep - well not that deep.

Music: Rude Kid - Jack Daniels

PIGEON FACE: Is a random, dirty and in your face video production. Nothing fancy, no silly pointless HD so you can see people's bait scrubby face even more, just straight basic video and without Hollywood action packed intro's. To keep people entertained from behind the scenes where you don't see. Underground DJ's, MC's, Producer's and randomers doing everything and anything from debates, drunken shenanigans to skanking the night away from a birds eye view. Filmed by Sir Alan Suge and Hyperfrank.

P.S: I won't be giving up my day job to edit. Simple basic ones.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Video: ChockAblock 6.11.09

Courtesy of Ralph Hardy

PMoney smashed it. No need to comment further.
JP & Me are doing the next ChockAwow watch out for the flyer. big night, don't turn up we don't careee you'll be the only one who won't be there.... JANET PON DA MIC RELOAD DAT.

Video: Ruff Squad - Tryna Be Me

Tinchy brings through Rapid, Dirty Danger, Fuda Guy and Slix. The song isn't exactly XTRA but he's gone to No1 with No1 and is still bringing through the people that he's been with from day. I mean it's not like Kano done that, not that he ever went anywhere near the top 5 spot. Actually he might of done a little with Ghetts but now he must feel par'ed to dear life that he has to get Ghetto on a tune so the track has any type of credibility. Hard times. So salute to Tinchy who's in cloud 9 right now enjoying personalized Ipods, featured 02 adverts and This Morning TV but still has time to keep the people, that put him there, happy. Everyone's jumping on the name of the video like Tinchy isn't in Ruff Squad. Be realistic do you think your average 12 year old knows that 50cent is in G-unit. NO. Not that Tinchy is 50pence but you see where I'm coming from... he's promoting the group name. Little kids will get excited in their Y-fronts and search up more Ruff Squad material. Them ones. It's not a Diana Ross and the Supremes one.

If you want to be picky ask where the hell Shifty is and why he is no where to be seen!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sky walking back to grime?.....

Scorcher Ft Terminator (Prod: Rudekid) - Spartan DOWNLOAD

Scorcher's Concrete Jungle is out now to digitally download or to pre-order your CD from Rhythm Division . I slyly miss Terminator but hey I guess he's back now since he got dropped from his football team a while back or has he been re-signed? who cares... I haven't yet prepared myself for Concrete Jungle I slyly don't know what to expect. When I interviewed Scorcher just as he come out of prison he seemed more focus like it was more of a lipsin' ting rather than a hype shankin' ting I'll let you know if it's terrible or amazing. I sure hope it sounds like Spartan. I HOPE in the Lord that it doesn't sound anything like he Invented Love. Unless you're deaf or mute then don't download it. It's awful. Like hold up Prec is that you on the end of that phone call!? wow.


Tommy Mottola is the retard. Truth or no Truth. Sony want to re-coupe their money. That pressure got hold of MJ, Nas and many others but on a teenager like Chip this could be the result. That's if this has any truth. Label's will do anything for money... anything. Big up all the independent labels who are supporting and not raping.

EXCLUSIVE well not really: I'm not trying to preach to the kids but you don't want to die before you've lived

Chipmunk -Sometimes (Franky YAWN remix)

So... last week I actually attempted suicide with one and half paracetamols, I felt dizzy for 30 seconds but then I realized it was just an Eastenders/PR stunt to help my album shift off the shelves. Then I woke up from my dream and clocked for a second that I wasn't the head of Sonymusic and I didn't have to turn one of my young emcees on my labels flu symptoms into a who shot Phil Mitchel dramatic 'I Wanna Die...' twitter. I actually got an exclusive interview with Chipmunk himself and not his friends aunty who used to go to school with betty, you know Betty who lives round the corner from that pet shop. Yeah!? well not her. The other Betty who lives on upper lane. Anyway here it is...

Hyperfrank: So Chip Diddy Chip do you really want to die?
Chipmunk: I wanna die...

Hyperfrank: Right, so you've topped the charts and everyone's choking on their soup clocking your movements and you want to die?
Chipmunk: Yes well what other way can I change the color of my condom hat? I wanna dye my wooly hat yellow to go with my album you know Cuzzy.

Hyperfrank: Well everyone thinks you're on the edge like ready to shift to H town.
Chipmunk: The only thing I need to shift is units and it's not like I haven't shifted mad amounts of Albums already but major labels like Sony only are investing in people like me for profit not to invest in my longevity.

(This Interview is purely fictional and never took place only in the dream-reality world of superfrank's real talk head)

*Franky Yawn Remix = this is why I'll never ever attempt producing

Friday, November 06, 2009

Video: Kosha - Old Skool

No ok ok it's not grime give me a little break, but I literally love this track off like crazy. Although the video doesn't go too well with the actually track, you still got to love the Old Skool, feel good, vibes. I was at Fabric the other night and he smashed it down and even attempted the running man on stage. Wild ones. Check out my random behind the scenes footage of the shoot. I'm dry on the knees when it comes to editing and HD and all that hype, but it does the job. The tracks got some gigantic remixes from Witty Boy and Donaeo but Pirate Soundsystem's is by far my favorite. Yeahhh let's get Old Skool init...

I've recently got to hear some of the new stuff from this guy and without a doubt my favorite was his new tune with Ghett's - Product Of The Road, which I heard on the final cut Wiley and Dubz have also sprayed some pigeon filth on it. It reminds me of the same kind of Inna Di Ghetto feel. "They search for greatness and I'm great now..."

Are you Dumb, Stooopid, Semi-cracked out?

Shaodow is from Oxford. The man in the bowler hat at (3.33) looks like Charlie Chaplin and sounds like he backslapped a pregnant cat with his crackpipe. Sorry for the constant video video video blog-rape just catching up on things.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Pay As You Go Cartel is now Fixed Monthly Contract Cartel

While he's not headlining gay nights and getting excited over his mobile phone device he's getting fully par'ed off on BBC2 Never Mind The Buzzcocks. If you didn't know the full story of Maxwell D selling a story to the News Of The World, a few years back, about having sex in his Rover Metro with a stop watch then go here.

Solo single coming out January, good luck with that, half a shandy and then he responds:

The cry baby way is not the one, he should of just took the par and sold another story.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Video: Grimedaily behind the scenes with Boy Better Know

We're going innnnnnnnn..... Hold tight Jammer's kneecaps. I can't wait to hear Jammer's album with Big Dada... ... .. .. .

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Your life don't matter...

If you're not at Matter or Fabric or even both? yeah damn it let's go to both.
That is all. Oh actually, William please turn up.

Goldielocks starts the clash... TONIGHT


Name: Hardknock Soundclash
Date: Wednesday 28 Nov (TODAY)
Time: 7pm till 11pm
Venue: The Camp
Main Event: DJ CLASH
Money Situation: FREE

Who will win? my money's on....

Chockablock - Friday 6th Nov


Name: Chockablock
Date: Friday 6th Nov
Time: 10pm till 5am
Venue: Egg, Kings Cross N7 9AP
Main Event: DJ Competition
Money Situation: Free Before 11pm, £8 After or £6 guestlist (email:

Maniac and Snoopy. Some news is bad news.

This isn't exactly breaking news but pretty late (holdtight the whole media frenzy). I didn't even hear this from anyone a few weeks ago it was from reading the metro one morning and I was slyly shocked. As I hear it's all currently going to the end of the trial so a lot of it is still held under raps. All I can think of is really how much of a loss this is to grime, not in the sense that the scene is going to flop or go under, but he was undeniably and still is a talented producer. It just fractures more of the image over the last year or so grime has built up especially in the media. When it comes to issues like rape or attempted murder or even murder for that matter do we say "You know what he was still a sick producer in grime.. it's a shame.." or is it a reject and illiminate as soon as someone fools into prison or extremely negative light? The main story in the Metro and The Sun. Without knowing other inside details that I'm sure the papers will hide so he and Snoopy look even worse, it wasn't exactly the smartest thing to juice up an underage girl, plot her murder and then carry it out. Thinking of it, it's actually disgusting to think that someone would even think of doing that let alone carry it out. It's kind of hard to sum this up because I genuinely liked Maniac's music but you have to take responsibility for your actions.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Question time with @HYPERFRANK

Q: Does Wiley have the formula to take Take That to Number 1? Honesty is the best policy...

A: Answers on a postcard (address: Yourmum SG5 9RS or
@hyperfrank on your Twit-Twat .

(Listen if you are lateee or want to tap your foot Wiley - Take That)

Monday, October 26, 2009

K.A please NO


So he's back and you know when we didn't think things could get worse. Well guys. They have. He got dropped. Got lost, made 140 Grime St to gain some fans which was more transparent than glass, that flopped, now... well now K.A is new the JAY-Z or Lil Wayne or... (insert Iconic US Hiphop artist here). Well take it in the sense of how the Xfactor twins are the new Zig and Zag. More impersonation in a cute sort of way than actually doing him any sort of justice. Roc and Rolla or something like that is out soon I think. I can't remember what it's called it's just that bait raped auto-tune track. Go buy it if you like it but instead of me posting PR babble listen to this:

Photography by: Flashbastard

Boy Better Know - Going In

Mista Jam Jam exclusively played this on saturday and keeps reloading it on every damn show he does. Good move. Support. The track features Skepta, JME, Jammer and Frisco. The chorus sounds like a crazy hench crowd of men on a stag do drunk in a pub singing "We're Going INNN!" instead of "Vindaloooo..". Legendary. The video shoot for this track was literally done today so keep your eyes on a tap for when it drops.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

No Hype Just Frank

You could say I'm back... I can't be bothered to be nice anymore. I re-done the site since it was getting a little dark in here. Looks a little batty but hey when in rome init Logan.

I've been in a shed, not my shed just a shed, for the last year. Just watching the scene and to be honest fallin' back in love with the music. Sometimes you get caught up in the hype and forget just why you got involved in the first place. Laughter. Good Music. Saying what people really think.Bass. Hype. Brap. Dunknowdadunknow.

P.S Lord of the Mics 3. Ghetto Vs PMoney? Better be happening.

Video: So Solid Crew - Since You Went To The U.S

I clocked So Solids new video really representing a real english edge... this tunes got 21 seconds to flop. Oh No, thats the word.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Too Many Weaves...

Finally something entertaining to blog, I don't know how other blogs have lasted.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hyper Meets Sway

I caught up with Sway, for a quick interview in 2005, for, which was a site I ran to promote UK underground music, before the MOBO Awards and before his first album dropped. This is also my first ever interview, quick and snappy, although I have to say he's a great character and would be great to interview him properly rather than a few questions.


What are you representing? UK Hip Hop or Grime?
I call it MUSIC

Where do you see your music career in 5 Years?
I can’t guarantee anything, but I guess I’m gonna be as big as I can be, which is BIG, VERY BIG. I’m gonna take my music as far as I can, I’m just gonna… try

I red that you produce all your own tracks? Is this true?
I actually produce over 80% of the tracks I put out. I can play keys [board] a little bit, just enough to put my point across. I produced Flo Fashion, Up your Speed, and most of the singles I’m putting out are my productions and a lot of people don’t know that

What kind of message are you trying to spread in your music?
I’m a pretty positive thinking person. Although I have got a dark side.. & a humorous side as well. The Basis of my music hasn’t got a whole slogan to it like ‘save the world’, Because Sometimes I just wanna chat crap, but I think you no what.. My little cousin might be reciting this, so I got to be careful...

If you could work with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why??
Hyper – You no its Tupac
Sway – I dunno, Tupac’s too bait... if it came down to it…Michael Jackson
Hyper – Don’t get your little cousins to visit you at the studio...
Sway – Michael won’t touch nothing! Id slap him up, strictly in the studio that’s all…

If you didn’t go into the music business then what other job do you think you will be doing?
I’d be into Politics, I’d try and get myself in the house of commons…
I like challenging people…

Who do you think in the uk urban scene performs the best live?

Ty .. Ty puts on a REAL show. He doesn’t just stand there and let the dj spin his instrumentals and JUST rap, he really takes control, gets involved…

What’s your favourite track to SKANKOUT to?
Properly be Feel so good by Mase

At the moment who do you think is UNDER rated, in the scene?
Every single one of us.. we need more exposure…

How about … Over rated?
I’m gonna deal with this diplomatically. Theres SOME people, yeah.. that don’t tiggle my fancy…

What’s your opinion on people downloading yours and others artist’s music?
I think they should STOP IT! The qualities hideous… Buy my MIXTAPE! Fresh sound and you help me out! Comes out officially in big stores like Virgin, HMV etc… on the 3rd October! Which is both mixtapes (this is my promo 1 &2) merged together for half the price…

What word cant you live without?
ummmm….. I use it as my way of getting out of difficult situations…

Whos your biggest influence, comedic wise?
My dad, without a doubt he's hilarious.

If you could live without Music or Sex? What would it be?
OHHHH that’s a hard one.. Its gonna have to be MUSIC. But see I could make music while I’m having sex... Think of it like this, you need sex to reproduce for the world to carry on. Music on the other hand, there’s no way there can be a world if know one had sex. SOOO who would make the music?, BUT I would find a way in making music, But there’s NO WAY I could find a way of having sex without a woman…

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