Monday, October 26, 2009

K.A please NO


So he's back and you know when we didn't think things could get worse. Well guys. They have. He got dropped. Got lost, made 140 Grime St to gain some fans which was more transparent than glass, that flopped, now... well now K.A is new the JAY-Z or Lil Wayne or... (insert Iconic US Hiphop artist here). Well take it in the sense of how the Xfactor twins are the new Zig and Zag. More impersonation in a cute sort of way than actually doing him any sort of justice. Roc and Rolla or something like that is out soon I think. I can't remember what it's called it's just that bait raped auto-tune track. Go buy it if you like it but instead of me posting PR babble listen to this:

Photography by: Flashbastard

Boy Better Know - Going In

Mista Jam Jam exclusively played this on saturday and keeps reloading it on every damn show he does. Good move. Support. The track features Skepta, JME, Jammer and Frisco. The chorus sounds like a crazy hench crowd of men on a stag do drunk in a pub singing "We're Going INNN!" instead of "Vindaloooo..". Legendary. The video shoot for this track was literally done today so keep your eyes on a tap for when it drops.

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