Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wiley should of put Gary Barlow on the Remix. True stories.

Wiley Ft JME, S-c-r-a-t-c-h-y & Lethal Wastizzle - Take That Remix

So I'm tuning into Mista Jam to hear some fresh new music since I hear the remix for Take That is going to drop on his show. I'm excited, obviously. So I'm listening... furthermore I'm listening... and I hear it. All 3 minutes and 22 seconds of it. How dead-out of a remix and a waste of my time was that is what the whole of radio 1, their listeners and I am thinking. JME's bar's were coming on. swag. Scratchy d-e-a-d-e-d the beat and if it couldn't get worse Lethal Bizzilizzionthetizzimynizzy left my ears pretty much feeling like I'd just been waxing out my ears with a chainsaw. On paper it's a good look, Scratchy has always been rating and they bring him out of the Job Centre. Then there's the whole Lethal Vs Wiley saga which has always been bashing around (pure homo) for years. It's the track they never thought would happened. The original however is a straight cop on the 28th Dec. No lies. No Worries. I want Wiley going into 2010 with a damn Number 1. But if I spend my 79p so wisely please. please. please. Will don't try it with this bull again. You're killing me. I'm so glad William has stopped with the every bar ending with the same word. *Jesus is good*

PIGEON FACE: P Money, Little Dee & Ghetto

I caught up with P Money on wednesday after Hardknocks and he dropped a bar or 4 with Little Dee. P's mixtape his hard, I'm looking forward to Ghett's 'Calm Before The Storm' but after talking to Ghetto in the pub it seems that he's coming hard grime before the storm. The storm, however, is more mainstream vibes - he said "You'll be shocked by the stuff I come with on my album, hypes...". Hopefully that's a good surprised/impressed kind of shocked than an oopsy daisy what did Ghett's put out shocked.

P.S: Big up the wind.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Video Ft Chew Fu - Take That

Hattie Collins is loving the cameo's but when did she get a perm and why the constant zoom in to her face? Tres scary - reminds me of .... IT . As for the video - it's definitely up there with the fox's and pie's. As for the worst of wiley who could forget - 50/50!? hopefully everyone. I hate to compare this to Dizzee but it's got a little Bonkers feel to it, either way that went Number 1 so... it's all a good look. So take that.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Video: P Money, Little Dee & Blacks - SAY SOMETHING

"Wiley said she glows, if you got it like me she blows...." reloadddd, I love the part when Little's comes out of the Tickle Me shop, it seems to be video season this month.


Video: Jammer - Party Animal

In the same breath my ears are bleeding and in the next I'm tapping my foot shouting I'M A PARRRRTY ANIMAL. I'm so looking forward to hearing his album. cough. cough. low it.

Joseph JP Patterson gets out the car.

He's a legend - check him and his blog. Hold tight the headbanger.
(no beg friend - friends from daaaaay dot. shatap)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If my man's fire, I'm water alie!?

Sharky Major ft Devlin, PMoney, Dot Rotten & Ghetts - Shark Attack Remix (Download)

So lets go straight in and cut the crap. We've all been waiting for at least a year and half since the sly indirects between Ghetto and P Money started for some sort of big final explosion that will end in some sort of War report like the whole Movement Vs Wiley. Basically some excitement and to entertain us all. Here is the History in a quick run down: Ghetto apparently sent for P on Westwood on the 9th Dec 07 and P responded (audio links here) then I caught up with Ghett's to see what the the deal was - (Ghetto catch up from JAN 08) - then there was the Westwood march 9th to the 16th sending audio. From then on it's been bashed about from corner to corner more than Rhianna's forehead. Yesterday however Logan, as always, played us an exclusive remix of Sharky Major's new Shark Attack. The sending is baiter than Mz Bratt and Griminal dating.

There's been rumors flying around for the last couple of months that the new Lord of the Mics 3, which is being filmed as we speak, has managed to get a Ghetto and P Money clash. From this track it sounds like it was more talk than action from the track above. P Money lays in hard with 'Skinny sorts wanna talk on youtube...' and while he's there he takes a tap at Wiley with 'I don't care what She Likes, man can't say I'm not top 10 in England...' - ' Wanna be cool then keep your distance, I'm the teacher teaching these infants...' then he counter acts Ghetto's bar about 'water alie' with 'Talking about wetting up guys but I'm water resistant...'

Ghetto holds himself up and shows pure levels explaining behind the hype and why there's been no real clash and most likely won't be. 'So many fans want Ghetto to clash an mc... He's sending he's sending he can't stop sending - what is that the best you got? just cos you say ghetts a lot please don't think you can stand up next to God.' also referring back to the ghetto bar that PMoney hit back at 'If my man's fire then I'm water alie!?' which could be a play on people think P is fire hot or a tap at Chipmunk. THENNNN Ghetto shows the direction with 'Normally I'd get caught in the hype but right now them man are going number 1 so a hit is the only thought on my mind...' BOOM BAMMMM. Still though it would be a sick clash and they keep teasing us not because it's going to happen it's because it's bait promotional hype. clever. but not original.

Take a look at RWD's behind the scenes with Wiley for his new single Take That - which is out 28th December 09. Mainstream wise he seems to be more focused which is great he deserves some chart success but it can't be like last time. Every damn interview mentioning Dizzee for hype or even just because journalists etc want to create some rivalry. Step away from it otherwise it makes you look like you're begging for a good old hug from Dylan. It won't happen if you keep calling his name.. positive or negatively. Move on and do you, leave mr rascal with his success and achieve yours.

Before I jet, heard a Mix CD today called Eski Sound which is practically a showcase of Wiley's lyrical and production talent throughout the years. It's mixed by DJ Furious and it's slyly Epic and a must for everyone's collection. Look out for that release early next year. Now we're going on terrible.

Video: Griminal - Invincible

Bait for your life.
Big up Boxfresh for the clothes though. My coat is better than yours!! mwahaha

Monday, November 16, 2009


Slight minor glitch with the first PIGEON FACE which featured Wiley, nothing to do with weed, or any other dramatics more that the track playing in the background isn't exactly out there to be heard for now. So it will be re-upped/ put public again when the track hits our radio playlists soonage. As for this mini edition which features Ice Kid on the buttons and in the booth, Wiley, Kosha and Skepta. I have loads of material of random 3-5 minutes of grime fun packed videos. Like I said from the first one it's nothing fancy, nothing amazing, just random footage I've managed to collect over the last month and half. Good times.

As soon as each video reaches 5000 views i'll upload the next one: Drunk and Hyped Mcs. wow how bloody excited. rolls eyes.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Video: Lauren Mason - The Boss

Lauren Mason kidnaps Wellard and Guss is heartbroken. Scorcher plays postman. Jokes aside the dubstep remix of this is MADDDD. true stories. Grown men have been happy slapped by me from listening to the dubstep version. false stories.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm locked up.... baityourlifeupspace

The Sun is going in hard on grime. Today - Ribz. Then - Chipmunk and Maniac.
The token gang sign picture is a must. wow. Thought this was more the Daily Mail's territory!? Looking for every nook and cranny for a story, I thought that was my job. Hold tight Ribz being excited about a 'cushty' holiday pumping weights in a prison full of men. macho macho man.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Video: Funky Allstars - Take it to the dustbin

.... No Comment. Waste.

PIGEON FACE: Wiley Rolls Deep - well not that deep.

Music: Rude Kid - Jack Daniels

PIGEON FACE: Is a random, dirty and in your face video production. Nothing fancy, no silly pointless HD so you can see people's bait scrubby face even more, just straight basic video and without Hollywood action packed intro's. To keep people entertained from behind the scenes where you don't see. Underground DJ's, MC's, Producer's and randomers doing everything and anything from debates, drunken shenanigans to skanking the night away from a birds eye view. Filmed by Sir Alan Suge and Hyperfrank.

P.S: I won't be giving up my day job to edit. Simple basic ones.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Video: ChockAblock 6.11.09

Courtesy of Ralph Hardy

PMoney smashed it. No need to comment further.
JP & Me are doing the next ChockAwow watch out for the flyer. big night, don't turn up we don't careee you'll be the only one who won't be there.... JANET PON DA MIC RELOAD DAT.

Video: Ruff Squad - Tryna Be Me

Tinchy brings through Rapid, Dirty Danger, Fuda Guy and Slix. The song isn't exactly XTRA but he's gone to No1 with No1 and is still bringing through the people that he's been with from day. I mean it's not like Kano done that, not that he ever went anywhere near the top 5 spot. Actually he might of done a little with Ghetts but now he must feel par'ed to dear life that he has to get Ghetto on a tune so the track has any type of credibility. Hard times. So salute to Tinchy who's in cloud 9 right now enjoying personalized Ipods, featured 02 adverts and This Morning TV but still has time to keep the people, that put him there, happy. Everyone's jumping on the name of the video like Tinchy isn't in Ruff Squad. Be realistic do you think your average 12 year old knows that 50cent is in G-unit. NO. Not that Tinchy is 50pence but you see where I'm coming from... he's promoting the group name. Little kids will get excited in their Y-fronts and search up more Ruff Squad material. Them ones. It's not a Diana Ross and the Supremes one.

If you want to be picky ask where the hell Shifty is and why he is no where to be seen!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sky walking back to grime?.....

Scorcher Ft Terminator (Prod: Rudekid) - Spartan DOWNLOAD

Scorcher's Concrete Jungle is out now to digitally download or to pre-order your CD from Rhythm Division . I slyly miss Terminator but hey I guess he's back now since he got dropped from his football team a while back or has he been re-signed? who cares... I haven't yet prepared myself for Concrete Jungle I slyly don't know what to expect. When I interviewed Scorcher just as he come out of prison he seemed more focus like it was more of a lipsin' ting rather than a hype shankin' ting I'll let you know if it's terrible or amazing. I sure hope it sounds like Spartan. I HOPE in the Lord that it doesn't sound anything like he Invented Love. Unless you're deaf or mute then don't download it. It's awful. Like hold up Prec is that you on the end of that phone call!? wow.


Tommy Mottola is the retard. Truth or no Truth. Sony want to re-coupe their money. That pressure got hold of MJ, Nas and many others but on a teenager like Chip this could be the result. That's if this has any truth. Label's will do anything for money... anything. Big up all the independent labels who are supporting and not raping.

EXCLUSIVE well not really: I'm not trying to preach to the kids but you don't want to die before you've lived

Chipmunk -Sometimes (Franky YAWN remix)

So... last week I actually attempted suicide with one and half paracetamols, I felt dizzy for 30 seconds but then I realized it was just an Eastenders/PR stunt to help my album shift off the shelves. Then I woke up from my dream and clocked for a second that I wasn't the head of Sonymusic and I didn't have to turn one of my young emcees on my labels flu symptoms into a who shot Phil Mitchel dramatic 'I Wanna Die...' twitter. I actually got an exclusive interview with Chipmunk himself and not his friends aunty who used to go to school with betty, you know Betty who lives round the corner from that pet shop. Yeah!? well not her. The other Betty who lives on upper lane. Anyway here it is...

Hyperfrank: So Chip Diddy Chip do you really want to die?
Chipmunk: I wanna die...

Hyperfrank: Right, so you've topped the charts and everyone's choking on their soup clocking your movements and you want to die?
Chipmunk: Yes well what other way can I change the color of my condom hat? I wanna dye my wooly hat yellow to go with my album you know Cuzzy.

Hyperfrank: Well everyone thinks you're on the edge like ready to shift to H town.
Chipmunk: The only thing I need to shift is units and it's not like I haven't shifted mad amounts of Albums already but major labels like Sony only are investing in people like me for profit not to invest in my longevity.

(This Interview is purely fictional and never took place only in the dream-reality world of superfrank's real talk head)

*Franky Yawn Remix = this is why I'll never ever attempt producing

Friday, November 06, 2009

Video: Kosha - Old Skool

No ok ok it's not grime give me a little break, but I literally love this track off like crazy. Although the video doesn't go too well with the actually track, you still got to love the Old Skool, feel good, vibes. I was at Fabric the other night and he smashed it down and even attempted the running man on stage. Wild ones. Check out my random behind the scenes footage of the shoot. I'm dry on the knees when it comes to editing and HD and all that hype, but it does the job. The tracks got some gigantic remixes from Witty Boy and Donaeo but Pirate Soundsystem's is by far my favorite. Yeahhh let's get Old Skool init...

I've recently got to hear some of the new stuff from this guy and without a doubt my favorite was his new tune with Ghett's - Product Of The Road, which I heard on the final cut Wiley and Dubz have also sprayed some pigeon filth on it. It reminds me of the same kind of Inna Di Ghetto feel. "They search for greatness and I'm great now..."

Are you Dumb, Stooopid, Semi-cracked out?

Shaodow is from Oxford. The man in the bowler hat at (3.33) looks like Charlie Chaplin and sounds like he backslapped a pregnant cat with his crackpipe. Sorry for the constant video video video blog-rape just catching up on things.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Pay As You Go Cartel is now Fixed Monthly Contract Cartel

While he's not headlining gay nights and getting excited over his mobile phone device he's getting fully par'ed off on BBC2 Never Mind The Buzzcocks. If you didn't know the full story of Maxwell D selling a story to the News Of The World, a few years back, about having sex in his Rover Metro with a stop watch then go here.

Solo single coming out January, good luck with that, half a shandy and then he responds:

The cry baby way is not the one, he should of just took the par and sold another story.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Video: Grimedaily behind the scenes with Boy Better Know

We're going innnnnnnnn..... Hold tight Jammer's kneecaps. I can't wait to hear Jammer's album with Big Dada... ... .. .. .
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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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