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Giggs has surprised me, that's all I can say. I remember the random hype of that freestyle. Every Hiphop or trendy DJ, every school kid at the back of the bus, everyone was playing it. Hell my nan might as well of got her and little church friends over to butter up their scones and snort his charlie. Giggs was the new in thing. Everyone either loved him or, not hated because most people were too scared to hate but more, had an issue with his husky slow paced punchlines - yet he was on the tip of everyones lips. Some, which included myself, thought he was just a won hit wonder who would most likely fade away as quickly as he appeared. I hate using the cliche phrase street heat, but that's exactly what he had after dropping 08's Hollowman and Dubz Ard Bodied mixtape. The Giggs blood trail grew wider with the release of Walk In The Park, his official album. However, the track that really made me see Giggs in a new light was his Slow Songs, no not because Mike Skinner featured but because, he showed himself to be heading into a new direction. It was a fully structured song that had me in deep meditation after every bar. Fast Forward to 2010 and he's getting hit listed on BBC Short List as one of the main hiphop acts to watch in the UK and a deal with, Dizzee's old boy's, XL Recordings.

Don't Go There is officially out now so don't go here or here go THERE to get your copy. While you're here check out a great interview (with talks about difficulties crossing over, the police and prison) with The Guardian's Paul Morley. Although funny at times it's quite insightful especially as Giggs talks more in this interview than I've ever heard him talk. It's like Giggs getting interviewed by white scared middle England at one point. My favorite quote from the video is easily:

Paul Morley: "People like Dizzee, Tinchy and Chipmunk they're almost household names, coming out of a world that's known like your world. Some how to get to that stage they've had to become like cartoon figures in a way. They've had to become really blanded out , it seems to be that's the only way they can cross over..."

Giggs: "- Fuck that! cos that's not the life I'm living, I'm not living in some happy place. I'm living in a fucked up place so I talk about that, when I start doing well in the music and then I start living in fucking Disney World 24 hours a day, then I'll start talking about Mickey Mouse. I'm not innit, I'm still in this world trying to get out..."


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    dont go there is a big tune still nice article


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