Sunday, February 28, 2010

I stand out in a crowd yo rah that guys loud I said that's not allowed 16 bars make my peoples proud

Tinie Tempah, that wifey guy who used to sound ever so much like Dizzee, is back so hard you might just Pass Out. That was so corny wasn't it!? well least I didn't say a bait remark like oh I just wonder how tiny his temper is? queue all the mainstream media. I was invited down to 1Xtra's Max presents Tinie Tempah's Live Lounge at the BBC Maida Vale Studios. He performed Pass Out and his version of Al city's Fireflies with a live band. Got my interview out the way and I was thinking, it's funny how things have changed he's set to hit the number 1 spot and just over 3 and half years ago he was keeping an arms length away from chicks. - Catch all the footage and audio from the show here and while you're in the tinie mood go BUY Pass Out.

Gigg's UK tour got cancelled thanks to Trident, apparently their new agenda is to make ex drug dealers go back on the streets with guns and take up their old profession. They have no concept of anything realistic in their minds. Giggs seemed to not seemed fuss with the 'I'm gaining promotion off of you' quotes, but you must be pissed! I would be. Trident need to take a break and chew some gum... hope they choke on it *innocent smile*. To say thank you to his fans he's given a new track of his away for free, just because you're all amazing - Giggs - Whippin All Day

Logan Sama hosted one of the best sets I've heard in such a damn long time - 2hour special for Kiss 100 - Chosen Ones. Newham Generals started it off with a 30min set and then in comes Ghetto, Devlin, Dogzilla, Griminal and then came OG's (P Money, Blacks, Little Dee and Mega Montana). Then Bloodline came in and finished the set off. Was immense. Seriously. D Double and Foots murked it as usual, it was nice hearing them over some up to date grime instrumentals. Ghetts slipped in a few nice little P Money bars that we haven't heard YET and Dogzilla told us how much he fancied Tulisa from Ndubz (apparently she's not happy). OG's tore it up and showcased some great bars b2b, they're getting stronger as a team. Bloodline - Big H, Bossman and 9Milli Major tore it up. That authentic meridian sound from Big H and Bossman. You can listen back to the set for till next friday and hopefully after Logan uploads the sets fully rather than ripping them old school style. LISTEN HERE (If you don't listen to this you're NOT a grime fan) (Tracklist here)


I never knew Opium was from Turkey, the drug that is, here's another talent from E3. Opium brings us a free E.P, I've been listening to a lot of music recently, this guy really stood out, his flow really reminds me of Eskiboy - which of course is never a bad thing. My favorite tracks are Real Talk and Up There Featuring Cookie. Sadly these tracks weren't on youtube so make sure to download and get a feel for his music.

Opium - Out Of This World E.P [DOWNLOAD]

Drugs are bad.


  1. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Tinie tempa will go number 1 support that

  2. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Opium breh is decent stil safe for da download link

  3. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Re. Giggs: let's not pretend he's any good or that his lyrics are in any way positive or a good influence on the youth. The police locking him off is a freedom of speech issue, but that's not to say he actually has anything worth hearing, especially not by impressionable teenage boys who are his main audience. It's fair enough for Grime MCs to go on like they hate Trident - it's part of their roadman posturing - but for a blogger like you to take that stance is stupid. You're begging it. I remember you talking some years back about a friend/acquaintance of yours that got murdered - did you hate Trident then? Would you still hate them if they caught whoever did it or stopped it from happening in the first place? I suppose your'e just copying this ridiculousness from the scenes that you follow but you should know better.

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  6. Anonymous6:42 PM

    What song is the title from ? ( I stand out in the crowd....)?


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