Monday, February 22, 2010

Man's saying grime is dead and that's true cos I don't think grime's been fed, I breath life on tracks no hyping fam


Maveric - Lights Out

Maveric - Black Clouds EP (Download NOW)

Maveric, who you may know from Faith SFX's Passionfruit or even from the track that exhibited the best of the top youngers in grime: Chipmunk - Who Are You Remix. Recently though the E3 born Mav is the newest and first signing to Tinchy Stryder's, newly established, home grown label Star In The Hood. I could look in the thesaurus for some amazing words to describe his music but lets leave it out. His music talks for itself. Track's to definitely take notice of are Lights Out, Smash Your Face (Featuring Dolla Da Dustman & Double S) and No Limit (Featuring Rapid & Tinchy Stryder).

lil nasty

Little Nasty Featuring Yunga - Badder Dan Dem

Part of the Nasty dynasty, Little Nasty is back to bring us that distinctive Ramsay twist. Leaving where his younger brother left off, he's working on his Nasty Effect E.P as well as the Nasty By Nature which I'm not sure as of yet if it's an Album or Mixtape but this will feature collabs with his brother most definitely. Just imagine though a Nasty Mixtape which features collabs with the current members and the previous long hall of past members like Kano, Jammer and Ghetts etc... mixed by Mak 10. Now I'm not saying this is in the wood work but just imagine what kind of music would come out. I booked Little Nars at my Pigeon Face night in early January, he completely merked it, along with Griminal and Yunga. I still haven't put the pictures up. I'm waste you don't have to tell me - I'm fully aware.

Maxsta - Back to grime

Now the 'youngers'of 07/08 like Chipmunk, Griminal and Devlin have moved up the scale it's down to the new, and even younger, generation to move forward and give us the new grime sound inspired by the 03/04 days. Maxsta is one of the best of the bunch if not one of the best up and coming mc's of them all. He's got some exciting stuff in the pipeline (No Iraq) like his new Maxtape which features a whole load of grime grime and more grime. Wiley, Dot Rotten, Mercston and Ghett's take the position on the feature front while there is only the best producing: Terror Danjah, Bless Beats, Swindle and Target. Out on March 29th. If you're fed up of hearing the usual take a listen to Terror Danjah bang out on the buttons to Max's I Promise, a letter to his mum, the troubles of a young mc while juggling school, road life and having your family on your back.



  2. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Maxsta I promise is banging whens da nasty album out?


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