Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mc's like me style upon style, mc's like P couple of flows// Mc's like me performing on tours, mc's like P couple of shows...

Ghetto replies to P Money's DUB and in the process sends for blue borough and Blacks. (Previous dubs). He comes quite hard on this reply much better than I had expected - What do you think? His flow is crazy and killer bars include: Asking where the artillery is, the silly prick won't know till I kill him with it, where was I when the beef kicked off? right in the middle of it! replying straight back from the direct personals P threw at him. As well as that there I delivery the hits, like sing badder badder, I made more more off of a song that flopped than P Money has in his whole career so sing badder badder. Referring to the send about Ghetto going from his mixtape Freedom of Speech and then jumping on a girl vibe with Sing For Me.

Then Ghetto takes it back to when P first came in the game: I came in the game a year before you, yeah, risky roads 2, yeah I saw you. That was 05 now its 010 and your still in the new comer category swear P Money wouldn't win this clash if he made everyone in Blue Borough battle me. That's going to get a lot of people angry along with the 'blacks in the oven bar', as well as bringing up Little Dee's name again into the equation. P ain't got no doe in the bank, that's why he looks like a tramp, I'd rather wear no bling than gold ring sovereigns on every finger I told him you can head to cash converters hoping, it's a doh ting.

Ghetto came hard and the hard hitting skippy comedic chorus along with lines like Killed him already but his fans went to the cemetery and dug that mug up - Brought Ghett's back into the game and fired some decent shots at P. Let's not get too excited though, this however hype it is has brought a lot of interest to the scene, which can be only a good thing (especially with the artists/crews involved's high work rate, they have something to buy if they like what they hear). I caught up with P Money before this track was released and I'll make sure to put the interview up tomorrow.

Desperado has also just released a dub, just after Ghetto's was aired exclusively on KISS, sending for Ghetts & Griminal.

Desperado Sends for Ghetto and Griminal - Download


  1. Anonymous4:35 AM

    ARD G done big tings wonder what money will come bk wid

  2. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Why is Desperado getting involved? IS HE MAD?!?

  3. Anonymous9:47 PM

    "It's a doh ting"

    Yes it is. LEARN TO SPELL. You've been doing this for long enough

  4. Anonymous2:26 PM

    P is winning no need for a clash real talk. safe frank


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