Monday, March 15, 2010

Free Mercston - Better Late Than Never


Mercston - Days Events

It was only a year or so ago people were still shouting "Free Mercston", now Mercston's free he's giving us some freeness to make sure people know he's back. Better Late Than Never has everything to offer from an old school grime vibe with his version of the classic Pied Piper freestyle. I'm Sleeping Featuring Wretch 32 carries a great hip hop reflective track and then there's even some Electro Pop with Wiley's Living It Up Remix with Chipmunk and Mercs. Stay away from Money Making which has the worst chorus I've ever heard, why do MC's attempt to sing!? The crime is also committed on Soldier. Either way if you agree with my picky criticisms or not, he smacked every side of the grime, electro and hiphop.

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