Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hold that mic cuz cos I don't wanna do no back to back cos after you say something I don't like on the mic you won't go back to rap

00JungleBook Cover

Scorcher - Jungle Book [DOWNLOAD]

This mixtape is unofficially split into 2/3 categories, for the ladies, for the swagger hiphop lovers and the grime crowd. He's pretty much got it all covered and for each spot he covers production and flow on point. Obviously I shall be concentrating on the grime area as that's the whole reason I'm downloading it, however I won't lie even the other categories have got me slyly tapping my foot but leave me be it's the woman in me, we're weak creatures. The bar for bar rally Over Here with some of grime's finest including Ghetts, Roachee and even Mercston gets busy on this riddim. Tracks like Every Night and Rendezvous popped out, while they're irrelevant to grime purest musically, verse for verse and the escalating hype to the chorus works damn well. Back to the grime though, Rude Kid smashes our head tops with Spartan Gang, Terminators weird, strange hovering flow and spine shivering 'I'll violate your mother... and it's T' bars only compliments the skippy cold blooded flow Scorcher delivers. Cold Blooded is easily one of my favourite tracks featured on Jungle Book, it merges the old Scorcher, that many grime fans wish we could have back, and the swagger loving Lipsin Ting Scorch. On the track he answers a lot of issues brought up by his critics from all angles and from just this track alone makes it a must download. So why you still reading for? download it!

OTTMixtape Cover

Hydro - On This Ting [DOWNLOAD]

I was quite surprised by this mixtape, Hydro a 16 year old North Londoner, there were a good couple of tracks that I enjoyed blending elements of hiphop, grime and funky. Embodying a cheeky youthful angle with some fresh fun views like with Items In Your Closet produced by rolex wearer Bless Beats. A random funky Summer Time that just popped out of no where and made me pop open a coca cola can and put on my camden 'ray bans' indoors. On a grime view tracks like Lost In a Maze, maybe beat wise didn't give the grimey feel, but flow wise sounded tight and together, like he was about to fly off the track. However some of the tracks seemed like a lot of filler which ruined the vibe and flow of the collection, might of been better just cutting it down to 6 tracks and pushing it like that. As well as that there seemed to be a good amount of songs that were ruined by a terrible attempt at singing with and without auto tune, I blame the elders, which could of been avoided. Close To My Dreams / Copper Phase finished off the mixtape really well and showed, although an obvious tried and tested method of, some passion in his system but still nevertheless was a nice outer lude. Still young, and I believe in giving someone honest feedback, tightening up the flow and using more original concepts for tracks will be the next move.

bad weather ep

Maveric - Bad Weather [DOWNLOAD]

Apparently Maveric isn't a grime artist, even though most of what I've ever heard from him has been over grime, twitter is dangerous don't say things you could regret. Nevertheless this is pretty much all hiphop, and nothing really stands out apart from his Hard freestyle & Bad Weather where he glides over the beat and makes it his own, just shows his potential. It's worth downloading, otherwise I would of never put it up here, but I feel a bunch of out of date bait U.S hiphop instrumentals is just not good enough. I'm aware we've had a previous free instalment but with music you're only as good as you're last track/release. More grime for next time, thanks.


  1. Anonymous11:47 AM

    you right about the bad weather all hiphop black clouds was so much better. big up for promoting that new kid though he sounds alrite still

  2. Anonymous12:59 PM

    I was surprised by scorchers cd and it was free gwan!

  3. Anonymous7:42 AM

    hydro cd is was quite good.


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