Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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Tinie Tempah - Frisky

Tinie Tempah's first official single got people reaching for the paracetamol's and vodka and had him sticking around at the top spot and swimming around the top5 for a damn good couple of weeks. Just like Tinchy Stryder, Tinie came pretty much out of no where with the success (When I mean 'out of no where' I mean most people would never expected him to storm the charts - not in a sense that he didn't put the work in, come on guys I've been around for a while I know my ish). Now here's his second single, it isn't sticking to me as much as Pass Out did but the catchy hook that even little babies could sing is still in plain focus. One great thing I found out the other day was that Pass Out was actually just a 'keep the underground happy' track to gain underground support, they never realized it would be so successful on both fronts. He's apparently even had to re-do some of the album to make it more harder, of an underground sound, because of the success of Pass Out. The risky decision for the first single definitely paid off but will Frisky deliver a second blow to the charts?

Griminal - Supa Dupa

Griminal's moving more towards a mainstream market with this Supa Dupa single, I'm really not to sure about the beat it's a little confused reminds me of Pass Out. His flow however has definitely not changed, but his connections to Fugative - anoyed me and this track, I'm just thinking I want to hear something much more stronger from Grim, the levels have been set from his previous work and I'm disappointed with this track. I'm aware of what market he's trying to shoot at but at the same time I feel he could be alienating his original fanbase.

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  1. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Tinie needs to switch up the flow, he can't be doing that skippy shit on every tune. The Griminal tune will probably be in the top 10. Overall, I'm not feeling either of these. P-Money Slang should be no.1 !


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