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So I'm gassed off my head top right now and trying to be as calm and collective as possible so I can inform you of exactly what has just gone down over the last couple of hours. In a nut shell, Mista Jam put a great platform together to soundclash the best of 'UKG' sounds. Which I'm guessing is the broadest name, not exactly the best name to describe but, Grime - Dubstep - Bassline & UK Funky.

The idea was that over the course of the LIVE show, which was aired on Radio 1 & 1Xtra, each sub genre had their own studio and team which would soundclash it out till only one genre was left standing. Now before I get into this, Mista Jam didn't actually have any pull on who was on what team or any sway on the votes within the clash. All votes were from us, the live listeners through all the social networking sites and texts, so no 'fixing' or silly excuses can be blamed (just had to get that out the way).

Team Representation

DUBSTEP - Team Leader - True Tiger (Stanza)
Sukh Knight, Rod Azlan, Newham Generals, D1 and P Money

GRIME - Team Leader - Mz Bratt
S-X, Ruff Sqwad, Opium, Maxsta, Dot Rotten, Lioness and Macca

FUNKY - Team Leader - Donaeo
Lady Ny, Ill Blu, Flukes (Crazy Cousinz) and Lil Silva

BASSLINE - Team Leader - DJ Q,
Slick Don, Majestic, Mc Bonez, Ts7 & The Wideboys

That is where it all got a little controversial as many were arguing that aside from who was representing the teams, why were 3 of the most important grime artists of this year, P Money, D Double E and Footsie, on the Dubstep Team? Sources (sounds like News Of The World) have explained that the artists didn't know before hand which teams they would be on, still though - what was that all about!?

So all teams were ready to go in but before they did, as it was also on peak time Radio 1, each team was told to introduce their genre with one of the most important or relevant tracks that even listeners who weren't regularly ravers would understand which sound was which.

Grime came in with Lethal Bizzle Pow (Forward Riddim) dub which set the war tone along with Lethal B's sending intro to all the other genre's "we're the dad's of this ting... we run this ting... you're our son's we run this ting.. grime no one can't talk to us"

UK Funky came with Donaeo's I’m Fly which didn't seem very relevant more just a ploy to add more money to his PRS Cheque. He also sent back for Lethal B with "Lethal can't tell me much because he jumped on my tunes and he's not making grime now he's making dance music..."

Dubstep introduced us with La Roux's In For The Kill (Skream Remix) which to some was a moist move, but in relevance to people who haven't heard the genre before this would definitely give them a flavour of what a softer side of Dubstep is like. As well as that this was one of the main tracks that pushed dubstep into the forefront last year and made a lot of people take notice.

Bassline hit up with T2's classic Heartbroken that stormed the charts a few years back.


The first round hit us and the clash was about to begin, Get On The Mic was a chance for some of the MCs and singers to take to the mic, each had 3 minutes, to represent for their genre.

Grime: Round 1 - Get On The Mic - Macca, Opium & Maxsta - [DOWNLOAD]

Grime went in with Macca and Opium represented but Maxsta definitely went in hard and backed the team with his unique attack over S-X productions. Was a bit disappointed that no strong instrumentals were used by the likes of Rude Kid or Teddy within many of the sets.

Funky represented with Lady Ny singing but was completely ruined by Donaeo's non stop commentary of why funky is 'the best' and anoying 'zoop brap yeaaah'.

Dubstep: Round 1 - Get On The Mic - P Money & Rod Azlan [DOWNLOAD]

Dubstep went in on a mad one with some gritty beats, P Money, made grime slyly proud, when he ripped up and skipped over every beat that was laid under him with his insane energy. No wonder he's BBC Radio 1 playlisted now - he definitely has come along way since Coins To Notes.

Bassline dropped some quirky bassline beats and gave us an introduction to just how Sheffield, Birmingham and the rest of the up north massive rip up sets on a regular.


My Opinion: Definitely deserved to win, dubstep had the strongest 3 minutes while grime came second for me they missed out due to the beat selection and the choice of the first MC's to spit. Whatever team P Money was on, would of won, as his flow and delivery over beats has become so strong he's hypnotising to the ears. Why again was he on the dubstep time? Apart from him dropping two dubstep tracks in the last couple of months what other music has he ever done that was not grime? With regret of sounding too much like Craig David, please fill me in!


The first round hit grime with a nice slap as dubstep beat us with our own fire ball but the second round approached fast with the subject If All Else Fails. All the teams drew for their secret weapon, the tunes that go off in a club when all else fails.

Grime - Round 2 - If All Else Fails - Bring out the ladies... [DOWNLOAD]

Grime attacked on a woman knows best vibe with Mz Bratt & Lioness breezing over grime's claps and snares.

Funky drew for last year's anthem Are You Gonna Bang Doe -

Dubstep - Round 2 - If All Else Fails - Newham Generals go innnn [DOWNLOAD]

Dubstep went in with fire I say, I say fire, with Newham General's Hard P.A - D Double E and Footsie are hype central arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Bassline drew out You What You What? but wasted most of the time bigging people up.


My Opinion: What on earth was that all about? they spent half of the time bigging up people from their ends rather than playing a track or spitting. D Double E and Footsie literally spat their heart out in a ground shaking P.A and Mz Bratt and Lioness went in, someone must of got their whole family, including their nan and all of her retirement home to text in.


This was one epic round and definitely one of my favourites. Round 3 was where each team bought in a Wild Card which was laid under by a beat that was from another genre

Grime - Round 3 - Wild Card - Dot Rotten over Gucci Mane's Lemonade [DOWNLOAD]

Grime came first and literally blew my socks away, Dot Rotten was our wild card and he did not disapoint. Last night I was listening to this while at a family BBQ and it was emotional to say the least after hearing this live. Dot Rotten has been an underdog for years and always seems to come back so strong but I think his major downfall is that he lacks consistency, last night just showed him that people still rate him and he still has the edge over so many others... he's got the hype now he just needs to back it up with the material we know he has.

Funky came with Lady Ny again having a sing song but following up from grime it definitely wasn't strong enough to stand up against what grime had to offer. Also Ny Split Endz Vol1 & 2, you're grime why you on the UK Funky team?

Dubstep - Round 3 - Wild Card - Dubstep P.A Junior Spesh [DOWNLOAD]

Then Dubstep came with Doctor P's Sweet Shop with a P.A from Red Hot Entertainment Junior Spesh. Now I'm trying not to take this personally, but Junior Spesh is a grime tune right? Red Hot Entertainment is a grime crew right!? Don't get excited from all the hype guys "we don't touch grime, we don't touch bassline..." oh please. Other than the politics was a random but clever move and definitely sounded good.

Bassline pulled out their wild card with a brand new bassline mash up of V.I.P remix by Majestic & the Wideboys with Bob Marley's One Love. Although most of the hype came from the Boy Better Know's verses from the V.I.P Remix (grime representing everywhere).


My Opinion: Much deserved, grime was included in all of these clashes in different ways. Dot Rotten absolutely smashed it and deserved to of took the crown for grime just for that strong skippy flow.


After much hassle trying to move on from the hype of the 3rd round, the 4th round consisted of a second part of Get On The Mic where everyone had another chance on the microphone to fully represent.

Grime - Round 4 - Get On The Mic Part 2 - Ruff Sqwad [DOWNLOAD]

Grime had Dirty Danger reproduce a beat while in the studio and was played within 30minutes of when he first began to make it. He along with the rest of the Ruff Sqwad family (as westwood enjoyed pointing out, Tinchy wasn't there) Fuda Guy, Slix and Rapid all Xtra'ed up the grime beat - I have to say Slix's 'East London where da man dem a boop boop boop boop' will make me flip out a chicken leg skank any day of the week. The levels, listening wise, seemed very low on this one, it was really hard to hear much of what they were saying which I can only assume was just a fluke.

Funky - Donaeo spitting waffle.

Dubstep - Round 4 - Get On The Mic Part 2 - P Money [DOWNLOAD]

Dubstep brought us a live P.A of P Money Left The Room and then went in with fire balancing the grime bars with wobbling dubstep

Bassline brought the classic bassline grimey beats lining them up with that mix of grime and garage delivery on the bars front.


My Opinion: vote's wise it could of been hard to see who won but in my opinion P Money won it for the grime I mean Dubstep team.


The final round (well in the end it wasn't the final round) Round 5 saw the Yankee Swap. Which was where teams had the opportunity to steal a member from their rivals. Grime knicked P Money, Team Funky stole Lioness, Mz Bratt ended up with Dubstep and Donae'o went in with Bassline.

The full swap mania [DOWNLOAD]

VOTE DECISION: Bassline and Funky kicked out, Dubstep Vs Grime to the final.


Grime Vs Dubstep - Round 6 - Sudden Death [DOWNLOAD]

After the close rounds a sudden death round was started for Dubstep and Grime as they were easily the main genre's shining through out the whole clash. Grime has Maxsta backing the attack over Eskimo while Rod Azlan


Aftermath: So grime isn't dead, I didn't have to tell you that, while a lot of people including myself thought that the people representing as the main leaders, DJ's and spitters could of been at a higher level. The conclusion is that at the end of the day all of these sounds were represented at peak time on Radio 1. It wasn't just us regular underground fans locking in getting excited about hearing our favourite sounds go back to back but new listeners and possible music lovers were given access points to our music. Grime came out on top, and too damn right! pretty much every genre that represented had artists that started and created their foundations within the grime sound and then went off to experiment with other sounds. It would of be great to of had Skream and Silencer representing their corners as well as other DJ's to give it more of an edge but from what I hear, Rinse FM have a complete ban on their DJ's going on 1Xtra. Imagine if these competitive barriers could be smashed and important DJ's just like I named could represent along with some of the key names as well as up and comer names within our scene, pushing aside all the pointless politics. We can all dream right!? Was a great show... listen back to it all to get the whole hype. Salutes to Dot Rotten who completely came out of no where to take the crown for grime, with Maxsta following through so grime gave the final punch.

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  1. This was all a madness.

    I mean, calling it "UK Garage takeover"

    Where the hell was the UK Garage? Not one hint of the newer 'future' garage stuff that's coming through.

    P.Money & Newham Generals...course they knew they were gonna be on dubstep's side, they've been vocalling dubstep tracks of late.

    If grimes best mc's are spitting over dubstep instead, then that's saying something to the grime mc's that aren't...BE THE BEST.


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