Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm doing my ting in a war, know that I do my ting, man wanna try do my ting don't gwan like say you never knew my ting....


D Double E & Footsie on Logan's kiss slot freestyling

D Double E is possibly one of the best just as much as he is one of the most unique spitters we have within grime, the way he delivers every bar I don't know whether to laugh or break my TV. His street figher Riddim is out now on itunes, so if you haven't copped that yet then make sure you grab at it quick before he sends you a fly quick bluku bluku. Newham General's as a collective are so damn strong & relevant right now, I've been lucky to see them perform at a few festivals this year including Love Box and they tore it up on the mainstage, had little kids screaming 'HARDDD HARDDD'. I'm really looking forward to not only the collective's mixtape but also the Bluku Bluku solo mixtape from Double.

1 comment:

  1. Oh shit. This is what I do, get blazed and stay up all night tearin' up SF. Dope video.


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