Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The lord is my Shepard, let's get this beef measured and walk through the shadow of the valley of OG'z



Jendor who was a member of Essentials, which broke up and half of the collective (Jendor & N.E) went on to form OG's. Dot Rotten was also a member of OG's up until last year. None of the collective have worked with Dot since the split and since many of the current members as well as dot haven't touched upon the subject, up until the Ghetts Vs P Money clash. Since then the whole situation has been become a bit of a touchy subject. I actually caught up with Dot Rotten a few weeks ago in an exclusive interview for Super Super. I asked him what was the reason behind leaving and to be honest behind all the hype and rumours there was no exciting hype. On his side, for which is what he can only talk for, he just felt he wanted to part ways and evolve as an artist by himself. He also went into depth about N.E and how much he has helped him (that's why it was ironic to me when Jendor mentioned the interview parts).

Let's get into the Jendor Dub for Dot, this isn't exactly your typical 'your mum' send. It sounds very personal, especially the anger in his voice when he's mentioning how much N.E looked after Dot. Jen comes hard but not with his classic flow but still has that grandmaster bars and terminology. The whole theme of the dub is pretty much Jendor implying that Dot has disrespected N.E. Everyone's getting very excited about this but until I hear a reply from Dot Rotten I'm not to sure what to think of this or more where I stand. Jendor's not really showed me a reason why Dot is resting in peace for? and if Dot has disrespected N.E what did he say or do? I sound so confused, because I genuinely am, let's wait for the whole thing to unravel and hear it from a few different angles.

War Report Circa 2006? Let's hope so.

It's a sad day to say these type of tunes will never be made again.

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  1. Jendor has some malice. If it's all true then I'd say Dot has been merked, but as you say he was mentioning NE in interviews, so that's not true for starters.


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