Wednesday, October 06, 2010

It's Our Generation


Myself and Joseph Patterson did a piece for The Creators Project (Vice/Intel) on the new generation of grime MC's coming through, this is some of my part below, to see the whole thing go HERE.

East London has always been a factory for top grime talent, and this time around there is no exception. With the likes of Maxsta, Shrimpoz, Big Shizz and Marger all pumping up the flow with gritty kicks and snares, East London’s flag will continue to fly. Maxsta set the tone earlier this year with his “East London Is Back” track and brought a lot of attention to the new generation of young spitters that are ready to take the tone back from a poor excuse for pop, to the sound that started it all off. Big Shizz, formally known as Little Shit, was part of Lil Rascals from a very early age and has since returned with all his power to show that he isn’t just a great emcee, but can hold a note or two, as you can hear from the video above.

While Rival sustains a venomous flow and hollow tone, with his references to a darker side of grime with his “Funky House” track, he shows a lot of experimentation with dubstep which comes mainly from his involvement with Alien Musik. This track also underlays the value of just how important the pure grime sound and culture is to the new generation.

On the other side of the city, in South London’s Lewisham, grime is just as strong-hearted and a part of life and culture. Kozzie is one of the main emcees at the forefront of the new generation. His main drive is to take grime back to the days when it was all about the mixture of hype production and equally hype lyrics. With his Lewi White “Metal Face” vocals, Back Again, as well as his hardcore mosh pit-induced “Destruction,” it’s hard to not notice him at every angle: club nights, on the radio and the rest. Fellow Blue Borough representative, Merky Ace, follows a separate style of honest street tales packaged with an aggressive style and flow. “Do This Ting” is a great example of his raw, gritty formula and his collective, Family Tree, all show a hunger and passion that seems to lie at the root of the new wave of grime.

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