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I say this with pride, FUCK THE BNP.
Someone just sent me this web link on the BNP website, I don't know how they found it but this has just made me laugh at them even more. The way they think is sick, this piece is an over dramatic piece of crap spilled about Lethal Bizzle refering to a joke comment about them on twitter. Please flood the site with real talk please people. This just gives me more reason to get off my bum on election day and vote, it should do the same for you. This reminds me of when David Cameron attacked Lethal B and Tim Westwood 4 years ago about gun and knife lyrics - David talks , Lethal calls David a Donut.


2000 & OG's


OG's (Jendor, Blacks and P Money) - DJ JJ Live On BBC 1Xtra Last night

With Slang Like This getting rave, radio and personal play all across the board from Dubstep, grime and underground dances and BBC Radio 1 (Nick Grimshaw making it his hot record of the week, Mista Jam & Westwood constantly playing it), 1Xtra and Kiss 100 supporting the sound. P Money along with OG's are making their presents known to the outside world. To be honest it's hard to avoid them especially when every single rave he is on the line up. I was randomly in Brighton a few days ago and as soon as I walked off the train all I saw was a massive banner with his name right at the top. Just shows that hard work, developing your sound but keeping it still as hard and authentic as when you started as well as a bit of patience - your time will come. Check out the set above for a sick set from him last night on Cameo's show and also go here for the footage of P Money's P.A he done of Slang Like This on the show. Blacks sending for Griminal on that set? with the line about emotional letters to the forum!?

Boxfresh & Chockablock Presents The Grime Forum Awards 2010


Chockablock Presents The Grime Awards

Chockablock Presents The Grime Awards

Spooky in the mix

Chockablock Presents The Grime Awards

Complex hyping the crowd up

Chockablock Presents The Grime Awards

''...Tempa's looking around for some bottles''

Chockablock Presents The Grime Awards

Boy off da ting - Tempa T

Chockablock Presents The Grime Awards

Next Hype

Chockablock Presents The Grime Awards

Blacks, P Money and Little Dee - OGs

Chockablock Presents The Grime Awards

Jammer murkling

Chockablock Presents The Grime Awards

Skepta passes through to stay true to his grime roots

Chockablock Presents The Grime Awards

Badness goes in

Chockablock Presents The Grime Awards

Jammer, P Money, Badness and Skepta

Chockablock Presents The Grime Awards

P Money shows us what HEAD GONE means

Chockablock Presents The Grime Awards

Slew Dem' s Rage

Chockablock Presents The Grime Awards

Slew Dem's Shorty Smallz

Chockablock Presents The Grime Awards

Scrufizzle backs it for the youngers

Chockablock Presents The Grime Awards

Logan Sama and one of this fans

Chockablock Presents The Grime Awards

Who Are Ya? Trilla Jermaine Trilloski

Chockablock Presents The Grime Awards



Chockablock Presents The Grime Awards

Chase & Status Saxon X Tempa T Next Hype

I'm aware that Next Hype is a touch old but it's presents and crowd reaction still over this past year is epic. From Battle Riddim's Swing and then the Rebound X's Rhythm & Gash freestyle, Tempa T is giving us some of that authentic grime hype that we ever so desperately need. This Dubstep Vs Grime is definitely something that I could see both crowds going mad over, I'm going to test it out in Brixton Jamm this friday on mine and JP's guest DJ set. I've also heard rumours that Tempa T is on the Chase & Status tour along with Devlin this May. Woiiiiiiiiiiii big up Semtex for the uppage, officially.

Video: Frisco & Jammer take grime LIVE

WHOOO IS IT? WHOOO IS IT? Them barring b2b is immense.

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You can tell there's a difference ONE TIME, She made the sun circle around them FIRE, who's hotter? I ain't found them


Lady Chann Featuring Maxsta - Dun Dem Season [DOWNLOAD - Courtesy of]

Lady Chann one of the UK's front line Dancehall queens linked up with grime's fresh leader of the new school Maxsta. Toddla T's production definitely got bullied around the playground and left for dead , for her new mixtape Dun Dem. Exciting collaborations with Toddla T, Beenie Man, Serocee and J2K. To get a copy of the FREE taster mixtape before her album, sign up to her mailing list and it's sent to you.

I don't wanna hear it, what them man better than us? This war ting gives me an adrenaline rush...


9 Milli Major - Rudeboy Ting Production by J Beatz [DOWNLOAD]

Bloodline Family member 9 Milli Major, who is usually in the shadows of Big H & Paper Pabs, has finally took to the forefront and smashed it. This grime anthem with that signature meridian flavour has literally captured a lot of current issues that are arising within the underground at the moment: Who's just 'talking' and who's actually 'packing'. Keep them levels up Major!

D Double E JOSH MG
Photo by JOSH MG

D Double E - Street Fighter Freestyle [DOWNLOAD]

Does D Double E ever have to have any kind of introduction, he just flows over this gritty dubstep influenced street fighter beat like it was nothing to him, he's unstoppable. Newham Generals as a collective are so powerful not only with production and bars but as a total sound merging with that grimestep (did I really just try and call it that, yes - yes she did) flavour that in Doubles words is just straight bassline murda things you've never hearda.

Video: N dubz Featuring Fearless - Duku Man

I'm not really an Dubz fan but when I heard this and the bait sending and also the girl with the lace front weave as the girlfriend that cheats, I just had to blog it, personal jokes all the damn way.

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Bad man Ben and my dads hard man Phil, I got an uncle hanging wid bare gangs for Sky TV when he's suppose to be in Brazil...

What the hell is up with Eastenders these days? I am a big Eastenders fan, judge me all you like but I do love it, however this whole moist 'gang' and 'slang' crap sweeping the soap is completely backfiring just so they can look a little more like the authentic east end. I could just about handle Peggy hosting a grime night in the Vic, then the random E20 episodes and then the R&R getting sprayed down like a funkydaily dance but I had to put my foot down - Ben Batty Mitchell dropping some slang like he had just heard P Money's Slang Like This. Next he'll be an aspiring MC and call himself Fugative, Phil and Roxy will mortgage the car lot and Vic, he'll start calling himself supafly after being styled by stacey slator and he'll have a music video looking something like this.

You never know though he might start hanging with the Albert Deep Crew and start listening to some leng a man down bars and get all excited, I can see it now:

"Bad man Ben and my dads hard man Phil, I got an uncle hanging wid bare gangs for Sky TV, when he's suppose to be in Brazil, don't watch my face don't get up in my grill, while you're playing with Action man, dressing up like lady gaga is where I get my thrill, You're moist and I'm real"

Woiii reload that selector franky, them kind of bars would make him hot property, he'd most likely get selected to be in Roll Deep and go back to his moist roots. Good times down this avenue.


fugativebenmitchel copy

I've always wondered why I've never seen Fugative and Ben Mitchell in the same room and now I know why... I clocked it's just the glasses, take them off and he's SUPAAA FLY.

Pars on question time

Grime also made a tiny appearance on Question Time, when a member of the audience wore a Tempa T Pars R Us Tshirt. I wonder what he was going to ask "This PARties chating shit,MP's are fucking pricks, David's on Gordan's dick, Thinking we're so thick, promising the world and then changing nothing quick..."


Just imagine if Tempa T was running for Prime Minister, I mean lets be honest Prime Minister's questions are pretty much Posh Parring battles of who done something better and who's parties better. Griminal would be part of the Green Party and Tempz would be Red Labour. High tops would be compulsory and baseball bat swinging lessons would be apart of every child's basic P.E lessons - who needs Rounders anyway? All school uniforms would be sponsored by Nike and just like Hitler had his Hail Hitler, Every time Tempa T walked into a room people would greet him with SLEWWWW DEM! fuck question time no words would be asked or answered there would simply be Skank Off's like THIS (watch the end part) and THIS2. My dream world is a bit strange. Remember when David Cameron tried to blame all gun/knife crime on Lethal B and Tim Westwood (slight exaduration) and then came out with hug a hoodie 2 seconds later. I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to swinnnng us around with a new campaign.



The long awaited S-X Wooooo Riddim EP is about to drop on 3rd May from I-tunes, which features all of the versions including a few unheard features as well, so I'm told. I'll be straight copping just for the D Double E Bad To The Bone version. I was going to put every youtube link up here for everyone to listen to but then I thought surely that would be pointless just go and by the mixtape and you can get the real thing all clear in your ear. - Stay tuned to StayfreshDigital.


Young Wolverhampton producer S-X caught everyone off guard with the Wooo Riddim as well has his skills behind Marvel Music and Frisco's Training Day. Although a little birdy told me that he doesn't make any music without his favourite hippy pillow by his side.


A close source tells me S-X can't even producer let alone turn on a computer and the real talent behind Wooo and the other Stayfresh beats is actually the Wooo Pillow. I was completed discusted when I heard the news although I knew none of you lot would believe me so I went full undercover journalist on him and hid in his studio for 4weeks. This is where I discovered the truth... S-X's ghost producing pillow. (Full British Gas)


Tempa T and JME collaboration track CD is Dead! apparently this is the BEAT which the fire is going to be over. I'm excited to see what these too bring together, you never know it could be a madness. Available from 30th May, give us another hilarious video to watch guys.

How can people just stand there, this looks like the deadest crowd I've seen in my life.

Video: Devlin featuring Giggs - Shot Music

Video: F64 64th Episode Roll Deep Special

From when I heard first heard Good Times all I could think back to was The Avenue and when I heard they had done an F64, I thought like a lot of others, that they had lost it completely. This however surprised the hell out of me, Brazen who opens it up goes in but Scratchy's classic trademark wordplay with football teams and the alphabet was a woiii moment. 'You don't really want to see me Ipswich, I'll smack you up and put him on his arsenal.... then I come back to a newcastle, I'll then upgrade to a crystal palace'.

Video: Frisco - Training Day

No hype this is my ring tone at the moment, fire from S-X and Frisco. Stop gassing... Stay Fresh are doing this on the most professional vibe, love it.

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Video: Trilla Jermain Trilloski - 0121

Another Birmingham master microphone champion, I don't think London are ready for the Midlands invasion... 'You'll get banged in your damn nose...Head get Mangled and dangled to the side like d double wears his kango...' woiiiii boii. I remember being at the first Chockablock in Northampton more than 3 years back and seeing one of Trilla's first performances alongside Skepta, Tinchy and Logan Sama, he's come along way.

Video: RTILLERY Freestyle

The skippy flow makes me say woiiiiiii oiiii! He must of taken like 3 breaths in the whole freestyle, hats and shades off to this Birmingham born and bred MC. I'm loving hearing not only just the London MC's showing levels but the Midlands as well are fully representing the pure and original grime sound. Check his blog over here.

Video: Doller Da Dustman feat. Ghetts & Mercston - Canary REMIX

SB TV - Official Top 10 F64 voted by the people for BBC 1Xtra

10) Pro green

9) Tinchy Stryder

8) Double S

7) JME

6) G frsh

5) Bashy

4) Lowkey

3) Wretch 32

2) Chipmunk

1) Black The Ripper

"That Gucci hat and scarf don't mean shit when you die..."

A Fresh 64 Bars exclusive to SB.TV: The F64 has got the word play game tightened up and moved the levels up at a different speed than we've ever had before. With over an estimated 20,000 votes I believe this is a great reflection of some of the amazing talent that we have here in the U.K. May I repeat or just state that this is NOT my Top 10 this was put to a public vote for a top10 on BBC 1Xtra. Although I would of definitely have put Frisco in my Top 10 along Don Strapzy and a few others, Black The Ripper took my vote without question so I'm glad that my vote counted. It's not a Grammy, Brit or MOBO but to prove you have not only the popular vote but also have what it takes to be the best lyrically in the U.K is priceless and I feel Black deserved that from the selection we had to choose from. All eyes and ears are on Season 2 with already to massive starters from Sway as well as truth talker Akala, the levels are about to be pushed up an extra notch. Who would you like to see feature on the 2nd season?

Hold that mic cuz cos I don't wanna do no back to back cos after you say something I don't like on the mic you won't go back to rap

00JungleBook Cover

Scorcher - Jungle Book [DOWNLOAD]

This mixtape is unofficially split into 2/3 categories, for the ladies, for the swagger hiphop lovers and the grime crowd. He's pretty much got it all covered and for each spot he covers production and flow on point. Obviously I shall be concentrating on the grime area as that's the whole reason I'm downloading it, however I won't lie even the other categories have got me slyly tapping my foot but leave me be it's the woman in me, we're weak creatures. The bar for bar rally Over Here with some of grime's finest including Ghetts, Roachee and even Mercston gets busy on this riddim. Tracks like Every Night and Rendezvous popped out, while they're irrelevant to grime purest musically, verse for verse and the escalating hype to the chorus works damn well. Back to the grime though, Rude Kid smashes our head tops with Spartan Gang, Terminators weird, strange hovering flow and spine shivering 'I'll violate your mother... and it's T' bars only compliments the skippy cold blooded flow Scorcher delivers. Cold Blooded is easily one of my favourite tracks featured on Jungle Book, it merges the old Scorcher, that many grime fans wish we could have back, and the swagger loving Lipsin Ting Scorch. On the track he answers a lot of issues brought up by his critics from all angles and from just this track alone makes it a must download. So why you still reading for? download it!

OTTMixtape Cover

Hydro - On This Ting [DOWNLOAD]

I was quite surprised by this mixtape, Hydro a 16 year old North Londoner, there were a good couple of tracks that I enjoyed blending elements of hiphop, grime and funky. Embodying a cheeky youthful angle with some fresh fun views like with Items In Your Closet produced by rolex wearer Bless Beats. A random funky Summer Time that just popped out of no where and made me pop open a coca cola can and put on my camden 'ray bans' indoors. On a grime view tracks like Lost In a Maze, maybe beat wise didn't give the grimey feel, but flow wise sounded tight and together, like he was about to fly off the track. However some of the tracks seemed like a lot of filler which ruined the vibe and flow of the collection, might of been better just cutting it down to 6 tracks and pushing it like that. As well as that there seemed to be a good amount of songs that were ruined by a terrible attempt at singing with and without auto tune, I blame the elders, which could of been avoided. Close To My Dreams / Copper Phase finished off the mixtape really well and showed, although an obvious tried and tested method of, some passion in his system but still nevertheless was a nice outer lude. Still young, and I believe in giving someone honest feedback, tightening up the flow and using more original concepts for tracks will be the next move.

bad weather ep

Maveric - Bad Weather [DOWNLOAD]

Apparently Maveric isn't a grime artist, even though most of what I've ever heard from him has been over grime, twitter is dangerous don't say things you could regret. Nevertheless this is pretty much all hiphop, and nothing really stands out apart from his Hard freestyle & Bad Weather where he glides over the beat and makes it his own, just shows his potential. It's worth downloading, otherwise I would of never put it up here, but I feel a bunch of out of date bait U.S hiphop instrumentals is just not good enough. I'm aware we've had a previous free instalment but with music you're only as good as you're last track/release. More grime for next time, thanks.

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I wanna make P's like Diddy so don't come around acting silly


"We got paper we ain't rich like puff daddy we keep it grimey..."

Rumours on the dreaded twitville grew to a crazy erruption this past week, when the news that P Diddy had signed a U.K Rapper and all everyone could dread was that he had taken Fugative under his wing. Every real music fan tweeted their anger out to eachother and Mr Combs saying ' oi Prick! what the hell are you thinking stay away from that rich chavy moist rapper we have loads of unsigned talent who actually deserve it just look at skepta etc' (obviously there's a 140 character limit but you get the theme of things). Within a day Sean (I can call him that now since he knows what grime is, we're basically family now) contacted Skepta directly through twitter and asked him to jump on board with an official grime remix of his newest single Hello Good Morning.

Interview exclusive from Hattie Collins:

Tinie and Tinchy are both on the UK remix for Hello Good Morning, and IF it works out, then the Skepta remix (which will be properly re-done, re-recorded etc) may get it's own video.

He also denied that he's signed Fugative. I'm still not entirely sure. Not that he hasn't signed him, but perhaps he doesn't know Harry by that name. I mean, Young Lord is working with Fugative, so it all makes sense.

But here's what Diddy said in his own words:
"I think Tinie is doing something for us but not on the grime mix. He's on one of the UK remixes of Hello Good Morning with Tinchy Stryder. That's exclusive right there. I want Skepta to do a straight, dirty, authentic grime remix where I redo the vocals, the beats and everything. So I hit up everyone on Twitter and Skepta hit me right back. He was buggin'. He said his twitter blew up, caught on fire and nearly crashed the server... And we just, I guess it's just exciting. I'm actually rooting for the UK. I love the UK, I love the artists, the vibe, the style, the swag. I always wanted to do more with the UK cos I think we have an affiliation with each other. If I could be one of the people musically to help expose some of the talent through this album especially, because this album has a very UK vibe. The last train to Paris is through London so....

So I think that's happening organically. It's not pre-meditated. I didn't like go and give it to some A&Rs and say 'go get me Skepta.' This was designed by God and by the people. I put it on Twitter, people hit me back, I got at Skepta, we had a vibe on the phone. I said 'I don't know what's gonna happen with it, but we're gonna try and make it happen.' It's serious though, it's definately something we're going to be getting into in the next couple of days. If it comes out right, we're gonna be shooting a video for it and the whole nine.

When did you first hear grime?
When I first heard grime I was like 'this gon' be the next big thing' especially cos of the crunk stuff. I saw it coming over to the US but then that didn't happen and I just don't understand that. I heard it first about four years ago. I was on promo tour for Press Play and I landed in London and I heard it on the radio. I think it was Westwood. It blew my mind, that shit was raw. The first joint I heard sounded like Busta, very aggressive, but the beats? I was always into garage and drum and bass and really into the beats, that formated sound (does 140bpm beatbox) and I used some of that vibe on Press Play, like with the Brandy song. It's really progressive music. So it was shocking for me to hear it cos it was so raw. My mind was blown and I never knew what happened to it. I heard it a couple of times and then I didn't hear it no more. So with Hello Good Morning I had this idea that I wanted to do some real interesting mixes with it. Not like the same-old dance remixes with the same people that everyone else is doing.


So an officially authentic grime remix ey? If you could get any producer to do the remix who would you feel could give it that real grimey magic?

Video: Shadrack And The Mandem - Guns & Pork

These guys are funny... orange and roller skates, is the one. "I take pics and I never say cheese, I take food and I never say please, I wear Avirex in 90 Degrees..." RELOAD!

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Video: 4321 Trailer

Noel Clarke yeah?, Universal yeah? America and England yeah? woiiiiiiiii this looks mad.

Mainstream digestives

tinie tempah griminal

Tinie Tempah - Frisky

Tinie Tempah's first official single got people reaching for the paracetamol's and vodka and had him sticking around at the top spot and swimming around the top5 for a damn good couple of weeks. Just like Tinchy Stryder, Tinie came pretty much out of no where with the success (When I mean 'out of no where' I mean most people would never expected him to storm the charts - not in a sense that he didn't put the work in, come on guys I've been around for a while I know my ish). Now here's his second single, it isn't sticking to me as much as Pass Out did but the catchy hook that even little babies could sing is still in plain focus. One great thing I found out the other day was that Pass Out was actually just a 'keep the underground happy' track to gain underground support, they never realized it would be so successful on both fronts. He's apparently even had to re-do some of the album to make it more harder, of an underground sound, because of the success of Pass Out. The risky decision for the first single definitely paid off but will Frisky deliver a second blow to the charts?

Griminal - Supa Dupa

Griminal's moving more towards a mainstream market with this Supa Dupa single, I'm really not to sure about the beat it's a little confused reminds me of Pass Out. His flow however has definitely not changed, but his connections to Fugative - anoyed me and this track, I'm just thinking I want to hear something much more stronger from Grim, the levels have been set from his previous work and I'm disappointed with this track. I'm aware of what market he's trying to shoot at but at the same time I feel he could be alienating his original fanbase.

This ain't no game like EA, crystal clear on the mic you don't need no action re replay


Manga, Opium, Scratchy & Discarda on Rinse FM [DOWNLOAD]

I actually really enjoyed this set hearing Discarda & Scratchy over the Wooo Riddim was possibly the highlight of my whole year (slight exaggeration). If you haven't heard of Discarda before he's been on and off music for 5-6 nows. He's affiliated with roll deep but was a member of the legendary Bow Wolf Pack collective. If you're not sure about which MC Discarda is on the set above just imagine what Dogzilla (OT Crew) and Tempa T (Slew Dem) would sound like if you artificiality inseminated both their baby tadpoles into a red bull can. Then proceeded to grow that impossible child in a barbie sandwich box while blaring out KORN, then you might just get who I'm talking about. Also on the set hear Manga baitly sending for every Funky MC and Bloodline, his bars were a lot and showed the levels. Go on Maaanga, watch out for Opium he's a new guy thats hungry.

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Video: Ghetts Featuring Dot Rotten - Trained To Kill

This track is immense, real ghetto coming back to us, love it and also love my little friend carley's little cameo.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Digital Outbreak: DJ JJ

Digital Outbreak

JJ - Outbreak Mix [DOWNLOAD NOW]

Tell us about the journey up to this point?
I've always loved music and Football, these two things were always what I would be doing with my time. I had a mad injury when I was 14 and had to stop football though and that's when I started doing music more. Every other kid wanted to be an mc to start with but all the people who I rolled with then (Mobbd Out) chipped in with buying records and that's when I started collecting as well. I finally got my decks at 15 and did some work experience in Rhythm Division and in that 2 weeks I networked loads, met Wiley, Target, Rapid, Tinchy all in there and that's pretty much where it started.

You're affliated with a lot of crews, OG's, A List,Eskibeat and Roll Deep. What's your situation with them?
I first went on Rinse to DJ for Wiley when I was 16, I then met Scratcha DVA and started doing 5-7pm mondays and fridays, with him. The feedback from the shows where great and from then we got asked to do the breakfast shows, which I miss because they were so much joke. Booking wise I DJ'ed at Frisco's Back To The Lab Vol1 launch party when I was 16 and over the last 4 years I've mixed with Tinchy Stryder, J2K at Flo-Rida's and The Game's concerts and held down a show on Rinse.FM. When it comes down to Crews I'm 100% O.Gz and A-list, both are strong teams consisting of some of the best mc's around so both are definitely main teams.

Grime has gone from all about Pirate Radio, which empowered the DJ as well as the MC. It's clear the attention has turned more to using Mixtapes as more of a form of promotion, which has made the scene focus more on the MC rather than the Team work of both. How does it feel like to be a DJ now and why do you think things have changed so much?
The scene's changed for the better in the sense of acquiring music is a lot easier then it was 3 years back but at the same time things have got worse, via the net music is just a click away for free. As DJ's we need to do more mix tapes and less free mixes, we mess ourselves up buy doing free stuff all the time. Don't get me wrong once and a while for a bit of promotion is fine but DJ's need to up their prices and not play for peanuts. Promoters want to book their mates who clang and havent got half the selection or talent a next DJ has but because he's cheaper he will get booked.DEAD.

How would you describe, as a DJ, the selection you choose to mix in a dance to on pirate radio?
My selection on my radio show differs quite a bit to what I would play in a dance only because of my time slot on rinse, 5-7pm Wednesdays. On my show i play a bit of everything from grime, dubstep, house, funky but in raves it's straight grime & dubstep.

Why did you choose to be a DJ and not be an MC like everyone else?
I chose to DJ rather then spit because I love making people dance, there's no better feeling for me then f*cking up a dance. Also at the time there were a million MC's coming up and hardly any Dj's. Out of my kinda age group theres Limit, Meschek, Nasty and one or two more.

Being a predominately grime playing DJ, how hard is it to get bookings, especially when grime nights are quite rare. Especially when there are people like Logan Sama who have a mainstream radio slot?
Being a grime DJ is harder work than people think with the booking situation because theres a lack of raves. Not to sound too full of myself but i think I can happily say I have f*cked up 90% of raves I've done (ask anybody that caught me and P-Money at the Den a month or so back) and my selection of Dubstep & Grime is a MADNESS to say the least.

Last month saw the closing of Rhythm Division, one of the physical birth places of grime, what was it like seeing something so important close?
Seeing Rhythm shut cut me up a lot and you're 100% right when you say birth place. That shop is always going to mean a lot to me because I practically grew up in there and purchased nearly all my records from there. I miss the days where I would ring and Sparky would say 'Wiley/Geeneus/Rapid or some one just dropped in a TP for ya ' them times it was a save your launch money thing. The shops not gone though cause you can still purchase things online at

Tell us about the selection and sound you've chose for the exclusive mix?
The selection for this mix was a lot more rave orientated, its fast paced, heavy bassed, and consist of all the artist and producers that make you skits out in a dance really. It's predominately grime but there is a few dubstep bangers in there, features the likes of O.Gz, Wiley, Silencer, Rudekid, Sukh Knight, Noah D, Breakage, J2K, S-X and many more.

Why do you love grime?
I love music but grime is always going to be the biggest part of that love , it's what I've grown up too, it's what I am around, it's the people I'm around so I can relate to it in so many ways. You just have to remember that feeling you had when you first heard Are You From The Endz, Eskimo or Pulse X in a rave and it pretty much sums up why I love the sound.

How can people hear you?
You can catch me on every Wednesday 5-7pm, drive time just selecting a bag of fresh music for your bubbling pleasure.

Anything else you'd like to get off your chest
I'd like to big up every one working hard to push the sound and large up my brothers Spyro, Maximum,Vectra, Logan and all other selectors doing well.

S-X - 0121
J2K - 2010

Professor Green Single Launch Party 8.4.10


Randomly ended up at the Professor Green Single Launch Party, for I Need You Tonight, thursday at the Macbeth in Hoxton. Was a packed out venue and little did I know there was a surprise waiting for me at the end.


S-X and Joseph Patterson going ard with his wife rose.


Scaring Ayesha from Boxfresh with our skanking, to Chantelle Fiddy's mixing selection of classic grime, all that was missing was Wiley to come and walk through the door with an apple pie and a fat suit.


My Diesel U Music Underground Lab partner JP and myself getting a little to intimate during a skanking session.

Rinse that nerd that attacks, apparently... where's the album fam?


I remember when Pro G fell over at The Jump Off during a battle and still managed to kill of the guy (lyrically of course). His current performance however was just as flawless, without the falling off, although with fewer murdering punch lines but more catchy hooks. He came on with arguably a live band, back up singers, bass and DJ to showcase his newest selection of green, no mary jane. His classic Upper Clapton Dance opened the full venue to his sound , just incase they needed a lesson. By the time he came to his newest single, I Need You Tonight, the cliched line 'audience in the palm of your hand' was the only thing that could describe it. The single itself isn't my exact cup of tea but I can only show respect to the performance he delivered, it's no wonder he's number 2 in the mid weeks.


Bruza is that you avin some of dat alcohol



Without knowing I was about to witness a madness on the deckles and the mic, P Money hosting Skream's set. They both went in very smoothly with an all dubstep set complimented well with grime's P Money, Blacks and Roxxxane's vocals. Skream got the crowd edging on their imaginary seats with his remix of Ms Dynamite's Wile Out, but the hosts for the night weren't about to let the disc jockey take it from them that easy. Roxxxane represented birmingham skipping, literally, over Doctor P's Sweet Shop with bitter lines about getting rudeness from another girl. Blacks done a madness with his 'Be Easy Fam' bars over Emalkay's When I Look At You, while P Money absolutely smashed up the dance with 'Head Gone' over Midnight Request Line. It was definitely something I'd love to see again, as it seems like a lot of MC's seem to like experimenting with the industrial sounds of Dubstep and to be honest the balance of both is heaven to my ears.

P Money and Skream ready to get the party moving...

Roxxxane going in and again and again

Skream and P Money having words - Collab?? Make it happen


Blacks takes up the challenge over Midnight Request Line...

"Oiiiii I'm on a hype rudeboyyyy..."

JJ & Spyro showing me nothing but love haha

Chantelle Fiddy
Chantelle Fiddy whining it down to some bashy flavours

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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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