Monday, May 31, 2010

Video: Macca - 0'10

At a recent Just Jam Macca, along with the rest of the Stay Fresh crew, completly murked the whole place down. The Midlands movement is so damn strong at the moment and thanks to S-X's Woooo & MC's like Trilla London is dropping it's borders for the underground sounds coming from it's up north brothers & sisters. This track live goes down so well! Although I can't help but bring similarities from this bar to P Money's If Man's Talking 'head gone' bar. In 010 man ah gonna see what I'm on... what do you think about the Midland's grime movement? who you rating?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Video: Ghetts New Light Freestyle


MTV THE WRAP UP presents Donatella meets TEMPA T & JME

Being apart of the Wrap Up team I had the pleasure of helping out on the day, mostly that included helping JME tighten his durag and sipping dairy milk milkshakes in the heat. Notice JP & I running away from the camera, we're scared of it. It shoots you.
Big up Donatella, on this first one! The next few are hilarious! Filming some later on next week which should also be more epic than... than nothing else really.

It's D.E.V.L.I.N and your girlfriend thinks I'm handsome...


Devlin - Brainwashed

His first official single, from Bud Sweat & Beers, this reveals a maturer Devlin moving himself forward, hense the subject matter, but with the same Devlin wordplay we have all got to know and love him for, sick singer and hook. No massive paragraph. I really like it.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Tinchy Stryder - Gangsta?

Buy It Now - Woiiii... First Time I heard it, saw the video and can buy it. This is how it should be!!! That Game Over featuring Tinie Tempah sounds FUCKING EPIC. woiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! number 1 ish right there.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Everybody knows about NICEEEEEEEEEEE

This was an archived video taken from JUST JAM each and every wednesday. Grime on a weekday! You can go down to watch the hype or if you're neek and don't like leaving your house/live on the net you can stream it live to your computer and throw up gun fingers in your room. OG's are a madness, Jendor woiii.

Tell them they really not Gangstaaaa


Tinchy Stryder - Gangsta

Apparently this is his 'street' single which is basically something to keep us little 'hood rats' happy while he releases pop to the masses. I'm trying to stay above the brim and not compare this release to his pre-fame music so I won't. As a whole its a rawer version of the pop edge he's been hitting the charts with, beat wise I'm not a fan but as a whole track it's a good release. If you were expecting another Underground then please go home, that time has past. I think it's going to be a mixed response from the underground fans but it's a good attempt. Released 28th May on Itunes, if you like it Cop that, while his new album is scheduled to be released in September.



Mz Bratt - Selector

This track has received a mixed reaction from the bars to the flow, production however has everyone shouting positive remarks. I'm not sure if it's the extremely similar high pitched 'yardie' accent of Stush's or just because it's something a little different to her previous releases of I Like You and Who Do You Think You Are? It's got a nice party atmosphere feel to it which is why It's gliding past the hate line of no return and striding towards the 'I like' margin. I think it might take a further listening to just like CD IS DEAD which I hated and now I'm slyly starting to get my head around and appreciate it. The video to this will be vibes, see me guest appearing laying drunk on the floor smothered in Strong Bow.


Blacks - This Way

Blacks is establishing himself on a platform as an individual as well as being apart of OG's. Sometimes being in a high quality crew with other decent MC's it's hard to step up and stand alone as yourself. Blacks is tearing up performances, just like he does on this dubstep track, with his aggressive pure grime tone and classic flow. Fall back be easy fam just let me him do his music. For people doubting the movement just await for we he's about to smash up, don't speak just listen.

Video: Marvell Music - The World Is Ours

A very American vibe to this, similar to their previous release, very smart video and I have to say Double S even though that dreaded auto tune is still in my ear the bars are always on point. What do you guy's think of Marvell? I think as a 'mainstream' look, which let's be honest people is what everyone wants to do now, is something different to what people have seen before. S-X batters another keyboard, very well, suit you sir sam suit you.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Get your triple A passes up I will take 3 gal on a night flight don't joke cause you know that your wife might

Surprisingly I like this track, possibly because it's not something I expected Kano to release after his two previously rubbish releases. The merging of genres isn't the only thing which pans across the board as this track was recorded across 3 different capital cities – London, Berlin and Kingston – and mixed down in New York. Get Wild sees Kano features Jamaican dancehall star Aidonia and our grime boy Wiley. Berlin-based producer Boys Noize, whose other recent credits include production for the new Kelis LP.

Get Wild is the first taste of Kano’s all-new album, Method To The Maadness. Scheduled for a 30th August release, it features collaborations with Chase & Status, Hot Chip and Damon Albarn. You can buy this track from Kano is also doing a one-off hometown show with a whole heap of special guests, performing his past classics and new material. The launch party is on September 1st at Bush Hall, London. If you like a bit of K.A get your tickets over HERE.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Every time I jump on stage everybody knows it's going to be a NEXT HYPE


Tempa T along with a whole host of grime and UK hiphop artists took part in the BBC Radio 1's Big Weekender (Check out Dizzee Rascal with DJ Semtex & Chipmunk ). This video above is footage from the last track he played called Hypest Hype, produced by Chase & Status, which of whom he has just finished touring all over the UK with. The live element that Tempa T delivers is really the main body of what grime is all about, I'm so mad that I didn't make this performance. Notice that in the previous videos of tracks he performed Next Hype & Boy Off Da Ting the two girls at the front were giving weird looks to each other like tempz was an idiot - (2.10 - HERE) but as soon as his new song Hypest Hype came on they were skanking for dear life, then he took his T Shirt off and them girls were sweating harder than Gary Glitter in PC World (2min 10 - here). Dickhead Ting. Big up Tempa T & Magic. This new track is going to be a selector favourite, how do you think it compares to Next Hype?

Tempa T - Hypest Hype (For international grime lovers who can't see the BBC website)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ben gets parred

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Key's to the car you just have to gimmie it

S-StarUK Presents... Tre Mission - Don't Think (Promo) (Front Cover)


Let me introduce you to MR Tre Mission, he's at the forefront of the international grime movement. Representing for Canada, Tre is firing off the latest grime as well as hiphop for us UK heads. Make sure you download to hear his SX - Woooo Riddim version labelled Hold Up. His version of P Money's Slang Like This is where he explains some of the compares the slang of the London scene with his Canadian home land. Although When I Come Through has to be my favourite as it merges both elements of a hip hop flow with a grime beat. It's a great example of hearing a Americanized voice over a grime beat, I like it... a different angle but it's great to hear people out of London let alone the U.K enjoying the production and sound we have to offer!

That stranger returns...


This track is taken from Stranger Returns labelled Jail, hitting the shelves later this year. Back Inna My Face hit everyone's cheeks hard and this President T special tune giving us that unique meridian flavour, don't forget Big H's Smoke & Fire out in the Summer. The Bloodline crew, which is pretty much Meridian crew minus JME and Skepta then adding 9 Milli Major, were on Logan Sama's show murking like crazy last week - hear it HERE to hear the murrrrking...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Double The Trouble Grime Stubble

I try my best to hit up every grime night I can, especially living outside of London at the moment it's proving quite hard. Although without a doubt I've hit up EVERY single Just Jam there has been, it's a great chilled out night with the latest talent and streamed LIVE as well, thanks to Tim & Barry. Last week they had D Double, Footsie, P Money, Jammer and a whole host of birmingham & Wolverhampton's finest thanks to Stay Fresh. - Every Wednesday in Dalston, JP & myself will be hosting a night in july so make sure not to miss it, will be epic.

D Double E


The up north crew " In 010 man ah gonna see what I'm on..."


Jammer also jumped on mic although the best par of the day had to be calling Tim, 'Where's Wally' - hilarious times. We then ran down to Holborn to The Den to represent at Rude Kid's Are You Ready Album Launch and Badness's Nightmare Launch Party, which literally had to be one of the best nights of the year so far. I was a little drunk but nevertheless was a great night for grime music.





D Double E Footsie Skepta


Video: Trozion ft A.L - Zombie Nation (Lewi White Production)

Donatella Meets Fabulous

I'm not a big U.S Hiphop fan, well I am but I try to pay attention more to what people in my own country are building rather than across the ocean. Donatella meets up with Fabulous, she's got some epic grime interviews coming... woiii

Friday, May 14, 2010

Regular Reloads - Get Set

If my IPOD didn't have this track I'd most likely throw it against the wall in a baby fit of rage.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mix my data with their data


This 'track' goes in to pinpoint various current MC's like Little Nasty, Trilla, Griminal etc have 'ripped' off others flows and lyrics from the past. The baitest one has to be Gracious K's Migraine Skank 'stolen' from Tinchy Stryder's Gun Fingers bar. The funniest however has to be Tinie Tempah's similarity to Nicki Minaj's flow, what about Bashy's F64 with Drake?? Some I feel are just similar flow patterns and it's been OVER exaggerated to using a similar word. I mean remember when everyone was doing the 'er' at the end of every bar - that deserves a video in it's own right. Hold tight the person who wasted their whole life putting this together... Funny but hmmmm....

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Stop using guns and knives, why not take a stance? Punch man in the face if you're that hard


Video: Skepta - Rescue Me

After watching this video, the start reminds me of the underground - everyone running around having fun and then the 'professionals' come out and pick one out who's causing the most trouble on the scene. Then they lock them up into a contract so they can't move or do anything and then they f*ck you over. Independent is the way forward...

Regular Reloads - D Double E - Birds In The Sky

D Double E - Birds In The Sky

This site it focused on up to date music, news and interviews that I think are the BEST we have to offer within the underground (mainly grime). Quality control is important to me and I find that the internet is a great porthole for people to get their music heard, but nowadays everyone has a blog just how everyone wants to be the next UK Drake. Every mixtape or track etc I promote on here is something I've listened and really liked, that's if I don't state otherwise. So in a net shell I'm not going to blog any old rubbish so I'll be filling up the quiet days with sick music that I always play on my IPOD. Especially when you concentrate on new music amazing music from the past gets left to one side, that maybe someone who's new to the sound may not be aware of or a fan from day may have just forgot about. From the most obvious to the slyly more rarer tracks, I'll be jumping inside my home made time machine to bring you some of the regular reloads we all need to remember.

The first goes to D Double E with Birds In The Sky... need I really blabber on any more!?

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Ah forget it! You just don't get it! I got pure figures, I don't need street credit...


Dizzee Rascal (Chase & Status) - Heavy [DOWNLOAD rip]

The BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra hosted 10 hours full of straight Drum & Bass. This included a massive show co-presented by Zane Lowe & MistaJam featuring Chase & Status, on the show they previewed one of their newest bangers featuring Dizzee Rascal called Heavy (I've been meaning to put this up for the last day but couldn't stop listening to the song). This new Dubstep sound (I'm aware dubstep is not NEW just this new trend is becoming more frequent - ) with influences from D&B, led by grime MC's vocals is seriously sounding like the perfect level of underground material with high quality production while the MC's give it a finishing package that I have felt dubstep has always needed. I'm a grime fan so take that as me just wanting grimier beats with MC's over it. Grime MC's and Dubstep producers have been working together for years now but with these collaborations becoming ever more frequent I hope that the barriers and dividing lines between the underground sounds begin to break. Let's be honest outside of our little bubble it all sounds the same to everyone else. What do you call it Grimestep? It's just good music!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Download: S-X - Woooo Mixtape [FREE]


The Woooo Mixtape [DOWNLOAD]

It's been the 'IT' beat of 2010, even though it's at least a few years old, and has been vocalised by practically everyone in the scene. This free download consists of 44 different versions from Birmingham's Trilla to Legendary D Double E. As this is a free download make sure to support properly by purchasing the official EP. Which includes the original beat along with a whole heap of remixes, for just £2. BUY HERE. Now all you have to do is figure out you're favourite version...


Sunday, May 02, 2010


No this track is dead. Video is the usually high quality video that JME regularly delivers but everything about the actual sound, vocals and beat wise, is just average. Seeing this performed live might be a different story though, as they work the crowd like hardly anyone else I've seen, but i'm just not feeling this at all.


This is slyly growing on me.

Devilman is back

Devilman's back, didn't even realise he had gone, and he's ready to address the Skepta sending for the last few years issue (I feel a little Ghetts Vs P Money anti climax coming on).
If you have no clue what this sending is about it all goes back to Skepta clashing Devilman in Lord Of The Mics 2, then Skepta addressed the clash through many tracks in lyrics and by 'taking' his flow in high profile freestyles ( Are You Ready?, Goin In ) . What a coincidence, just as Skepta's profile is getting bigger, people come randomly out of the wood work to respond.

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