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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Ghetts - Calm Before The Storm Review

While a lot of grime MCs are heading for chart success with pop excuses for grime, Ghetts brings us his long awaited ‘Calm Before The Storm’. Fusing the best elements of UK hip-hop and grime into his pre-album massacre, he dives right in with his fast pasted ‘Intro’ tapping on every issue that fans and critics have addressed since his last release. With topics concerning clashing P Money, grime politics, deals and personal lyrical levels, the introduction sets the stride for the hurricane yet to come...

His distinctive vigorous delivery on ‘Brainless’ and ‘Dosein It’ form together the best elements of his previous release ‘Freedom Of Speech’. With his selection of flows that are second to none and insane word play, he balances his hardcore aggressive road side tracks alongside insightful songs that have a ‘Ghetto Gospel’ (his 2nd release) ingredient. ‘Job For You’ and especially ‘Trained To Kill’ soften the edge to the harsher topics and concentrate on similar issues, but the angle is brought together by Dot Rotten’s aided chorus.

The tracks fundamental factors show just how helpful a constructive hook can empower Ghetts, commanding verses even more. Just how ‘The Greatest’ shined, ‘By Shy’ is an example of how his format had the potential to be a lethal flash of lightning, but the lack of a strong chorus left its impact to just a soft breeze. Further development with choruses and additional experimentation with better production could have taken tracks like ‘My Sperm’ from a good track to a strong song.

While the production combines elements of hip-hop, grime’s dominates the collection and with ‘Grimedaily’ Justin Clark addresses his personal love and battle with the grime sound, giving an understanding to the underlying echoes of the full thunder before the real storm. Collaborations are some of the best up and comers within the UK circuit, including Maxsta, Youngsta and Badness contributing, but it has to be ‘We Control This’ that combines the best bill with Devlin and Griminal holding their own corners adding their own exclusive splash of originality to the mixture.

Fans of Ghetts will definitely not be disappointed as the CD gives a collective meltdown of all the proclaimed previous releases into one release, although there does leave a space for improvement for the official cyclone which we hope these tweaks will be addressed on.


Ghetts: 'Calm Before The Storm' - is out now.

A review similar to this appeared on MTV The Wrap Up
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