Sunday, January 23, 2011

Check It Out, It was a Massive par Attack when Skepta tried to get Right Though (to) Me , Your Love went Bottoms Up


I've tried to go cold turkey, but it didn't last as I innocently put on my radio to lock into Westwood, without me even realizing my house had a leak. Sadly National Grid were out raving so they couldn't make it in time, so I ended up spending my Saturday fully gassing in my living room to Nicki Minaj on the dial. The reason I'm blogging about this is because a few hilarious things happened, which I've made sure to edit up for you and upload on my sound cloud.  The moment where Tim teaches Nicki the term 'PAR', which hopefully doesn't explode that whole Greengate vs Maryland drama, The crazy fan called Grace who is the definition of -gassed- and Skepta getting cock blocked by Westwood.


Exclusive, thanks to MADE IT UP FROM MY HEAD TOP NEWS, I'm hearing that Skepta and Nicki Minaj linked up after the show, they hit up the studio to lay a hot 32 bars each down over Eskimo. While you're fully inhaling the toxins check out Skepta, Wretch 32, Chipmunk and Tinchy Stryder at the Diddy Launch Party (after 3:30min). If you're wondering who Diddy is, he's that guy that used to do B.I.G's adlibs on stage. I think for Skepta to say him '& diddy hooking up was the best thing that ever happened in grime - full stop' is an arguable statement. It's opened a lot of doors, but surely an american showing us love because grime fans pestered Diddy on twitter isn't exactly the best thing ever. I'll take that comment with a pinch of salt, as a gassed in the moment outburst, because I have a lot of time and love for Skepta and the range of music he's been making. Doin' It Again

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  1. Anonymous5:14 PM

    whys skepta stuttering he sounded like a neek


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