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Don't Be a Menace to South London While Drinking Your 45's in the States


Waka Flocka Flame ft Giggs - Gangsta Hop

Over the past year our UK music, as much as I try and deny it, has started to get a lot of people excited out of the usual grime bubble. It's grabbed the interest of record label execs, tabloid media like The Sun newspaper (who have actually been showing us support). As well as generally becoming a spot of interest to many young music lovers it's also got the yanks pretty excited as well. They've been showing a lot of love towards our good old acts that we have over this side of the Atlantic. However lets not try and get too excited, it's great motivation that finally people are taking notice, but while most of the MC's/rappers are getting starstruck and dancing on mountains, lets be honest with ourselves. It's no surprise that the year that the charts start showing the floating underground acts love, suddenly the yanks start sniffing over here. Are they doing it just to break into the UK market or because they like the movement? That aside it's great to see these kinds of collaborations, bringing two similar but so different sounds together. The most recent collab has been with Waka Flocka Flame & Giggs, which is taken off of Giggs's Take Your Hats Off. I wouldn't say it's the best verses I've heard from either of them let alone UK to US track, Giggs featuring B.O.B Don't Go There is easily my favourite.

Let me take you through some more UK X US tracks that have caught my ears over the years:

Kray Twinz ft. Twista, Lethal B & Gappy Ranks - What We Do

Juelz Santana feat Skepta - We Dont Give A Fuck (fake collab)

Romeo - It's All Gravy feat. Christina Milian

Sway - Up Your Speed Ft Chamillionaire

It's nothing new, American acts dipping into our MC's, remember when Dizzee Rascal worked with UGK on Where Da G's? or Lady Sovereign (did I really go there?) got signed up by Jay Z and blagged her to work with Missy Elliot? We've recently had Diddy & Dirty Money (them two girls) work with Skepta on the Hello Good Morning Grime Remix and he's also remixed 50 cent's Mean Mug with rumours of him also featuring as well.


Chipmunk has released his single with Chris Brown, which lets be honest was actually pretty good, the video however showed a clear difference in the levels of their performances. Chip looked awkward at times especially when Chris looked like he was [insert domestic violence joke] - (2.08, 3.08).

Ever so recently as well J. Cole was filmed saying that he really liked P Money and had heard Slang Like This (3.00mins), well he eventually got it out after he could get a word in. A big highlight last year was when Snoop Dogg invited Tinie Tempah on stage at Glastonbury to perform Pass Out (imagine snoop being your hype man for the day). After a random Twitter outburst from Snoop regarding Newham Generals it got me thinking, imagine D Double E featuring Snoop Dogg:


While it's all a very good look at the moment let's not get ahead of ourselves now, a few acts working with UK acts doesn't mean anyone will necessarily break America let alone scrape the sides. Just look at what all the hype did to Craig David.


  1. Brian7:28 PM

    All I would say is that alot of these guys put in with lower selling artists to keep themselves relevant and also just incase they happen to blow up. Snoop fucked with Curren$y ( and then gets to jump on a big hit single just months later on one of Curren$y's homies (

    And these guys where shifting less units then Chipmunk et al do. It's all about extending their hussle IMO. Until the UK comes with some more narrative and less hype on tracks ain't nothing serious and REALLY big going to happen like it did for Dizzee (who actually had some narrative!!). I was really hoping Giggs was going to come out strong on XL, while he managed to drop the amatuer aspects of Walk In Da Park but it just was not as good as WIDA. I actually felt angry at him for fucking up his chance to put out a classic.

    Don Strapzy or Dru Blu, whatever he is calling himself now has the potential, but why not drop Blue Steel as a FREE mixtape? Especially if he's after a major deal..


    It's just going to be hard for the UK artists really make an impact with US artists dropping mixtapes every 2-3 months with better content then most UK artists albums. I mean, J. Cole mixtape this year was just ridiculous..

    And Chris Brown with Chipmunk is a well produced single, shame the video looks like T.I and Justin Timberlake all over again. That director must have no imagination. And ofcourse Chipmunk is intimated by CB, not only is he a better singer he can come hard RAPPING.

    To quote Ice Cube, wrong nigga to fuck with. This is all.

  2. Brian7:33 PM

    PS. Where as if these guys.. for example got the backing of someone like RZA and spent some time in London you could have a classic in the image of 36 Chambers coming out the UK.


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