Tuesday, January 18, 2011



MIK & Merky Ace (DJ SPOOKY) - Shut Down

The producer that bought you Spartan has come back to lace another fast paced head banging beat. That really didn't give DJ Spooky much credit at all, did it? Let me put it this way... This is a grime excuse for a sweaty, damp, wet hair, l'oreal whipped into your face, mosh pit with grown men fly kicking each other to hardcore heavy metal. Merky Ace & MIK do it full justice and really turn up the pace, on a track that will definitely do what it does on the tin, Shut Down a dance.

MIK - Sending for Marger (War Report #2)

In reply to last weeks mini sly from Marger, MIK used Wiley's Cool Off from his war report with the movement. The send itself I felt wasn't that strong, and as I always say, for me clashes are about personal attacks with references and I felt this didn't really have many. Apart from the sly send for Donatella, who isn't exactly going to write a dub for him, or is she!? It wasn't as good as the original.

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