Saturday, January 22, 2011

I heard a rapper got signed and bought a BM, his albums wack though I wouldn't wanna be him. As long as my brothers in I'm ah say free him, like if you keep coming for sniff I'm ah stay skiing.

Wiley - It's Wiley (Royal-T Remix)

The original It's Wiley is enough for my neck to take but this Royal T remix, just took me way back but with such a modern twist, gave me whiplash. Claims Direct insurance claim sent to Royal T. The timeline samples like Ice Rink and Eskimo, also the sly radio sound clips just summed up in one track why Wiley is a legend and should stop being long and start performing again. The way it's put together also reminds me of the Selector POW 2011 Remix which sliced up classic beats (suited to the specific artists history) and laid it over the vocals.

dirty canada
Tre Mission - Maxin Everything (Out February 6th)

Launchpad, a team made up of young grime enthusiasts, have previously released two singles with Wiley, Radio Kid and Joombi.  This time round they've taken on the much loved Canadian grime mc, Tre Mission, who you may remember did our Outbreak back in May/June. I didn't expect the beat, especially as it builds up so mysteriously and then just ripples in so hard and direct. Up and coming producer Exo Remedy is definitely someone to keep your eyes on, that formation of UFO grimestep is something I'd like to hear more artists experiment with.

The dreaded echo's of a loud middle aged crowd on a drunken pub crawl, barely being able to stand up shouting 'Like a G6', is pretty much what I try and escape every binge Saturday. However Slew Dem's Rage made it bearable with this refix, 'Now I'm feeling so high with my cheese splif'.

Ghetts - Platoon (Old Skool Ghetto)

This has been on constant repeat along with a few other tracks off of Ghett's Merry Christmas EP [download]. There's some serious hidden gem's in this EP like the reflective Spun, Strike Me Dead or the freestyle he did with Stutta (which also appeared on Stutta's Promo). Ghett's has always had so much talent and potential and I feel these harder tracks really embody why we all love him.

I've always loved Durrty Goodz, but it was without a doubt the Axiom EP (all you fake grime fans who don't have this in your collection or haven't heard it - educate yourself) that really made me see how ahead of his time he was. He always seems to know how to deliver his views so eloquently and this freestyle above just shows how talented he is to just switch up his flow through all tempo's and sounds fire on all of them. Overall, should be dropping February and I'm hearing it's peak, no everest.

"If you hear a man say 'F*ck Durrty' cut them off cause they're untrustworthy."

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