Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Keep running your mouth and i'll be spiteful. I'm the father you're a yout, don't think I won't jack son like Michael.


Spooky - Spartan Remix Feat Kozzie, Marger, Merky Ace, Rival, Ego, Scrufizzer

The original was a madness, now we've got some of the best of the new generation on the remix. Usually there's one or two that stand out but I feel everyone handled their part strongly. Although I'm trying to hold myself back from labelling this as the current  Who Are You Remix. This will definitely be released very soon so keep your eyes & ears pealed but while you're there, who do you feel went in the most?


Marger - Sending for Rival & MIK

There hasn't been a real war report in so damn long, aside from Trim and Big H/Meridian, so lets not lie that this has brought some excitement to us. While there's been subtle sending on radio sets, indirects & mini shots on tracks and twitter, it seems the bickering between cousins Marger & Rival has escalated into music 'beef'. This first sending track will clearly cause a reaction on the other side so don't be surprised if this kicks off into a full blown war report. I've seen already people jumping to conclusions regarding the real reason for the send. I can confirm that it's been on going for months now and several incidents have made it escalate. It has nothing to do with petty twitter politics or whatever nonsense people are lifting out of their brains. The irony is that the reason MIK is being sent for in this track, goes way back to when Rival & MIK clashed over a year ago. It seems that while Rival & MIK are on better terms now, Marger & MIK continue to send on the sly at pretty much every opportunity. Let's see what developments happen over the next week...

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  1. I can't work out if this will work as good publicity for the new wave of MCs coming through, or just kill their progress: will be interesting to see how it progresses nonetheless.


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