Saturday, January 01, 2011


Hyperfrank has joined forces with ROUNDHOUSE & BOXFRESH to give YOU the opportunity to get involved in the music we all love. Every edition we will be choosing 1 artist, #1 is Dot Rotten, giving you three options to choose what beat we should take them into Roundhouse studios with.

Every edition will be a completely different unique selection of productions. Some based on solely one genre the other a mix & match of classic material & other underground sounds. The main aims are 1) Give fans a chance to hear what they want to hear from the MC. 2) Give opportunities for less profiled, yet still talented, producers to work with more well known acts. 3) To hear some damn GOOD music!

Voting (locked on your right) is a chance for you to get involved and tell us what you want to hear from Dot Rotten.The first edition we wanted to mix it up and give you, although similar genres, very different times and sounds for you to pick from. Dizzee Rascal's classic Wheel, Darq E Freaker's hardcore grime remix of DJ Spooky's Spartan, It's Sparta. Then finishing off with a grimey influenced hip hop production from BeatGeeks, Nightmare. Hear the selection to vote from here:

Dizzee Rascal - Wheel

Darq E Freaker X Spooky - It's Sparta

BeatGeeks - Nightmare

Voting Ends: 9.1.11


  1. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Allow It's Sparta, its a decent beat, but it's time to put that it to bed.

  2. Anonymous12:29 PM

    beatgeeks nightmare goes in too hard

  3. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Nightmare beat would suit dot rotten so much!

  4. Anonymous12:52 AM

    beatgeeks going in hard

  5. Anonymous3:48 PM

    the dizzee raas track is absolutely epic as we all kno but im gonna go with nightmare... but who r these beatgeeks i aint never herd of em


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