Friday, January 28, 2011

Volume Control #1: Dot Rotten X Beat Geeks - Thunder

Volume Control #1

For the first official Volume Control we took Dot Rotten into the Roundhouse studios last week for a hardcore session. The winning production, voted by YOU, was Beat Geek's Nightmare which completely surprised Dot. The winning beat makers are a production collective from Nottingham and have worked with a host of midlands and London talent.

With no time to waste he quickly put pen to paper, or should I say hand to Blackberry. It was so refreshing to spend the day in the studio with Dot, especially as this year seems like it's going to be a very busy and exciting year for him. He was extremely involved in the whole process from layering up vocals, auto tuning and censoring up to naughty words for Radio.

Volume Control #1 - Dot Rotten

Surprisingly we were in the studio most of the day but Dot wrote and did his vocal parts within 3hours. Hearing the result it sounds like a hell of a lot more was put into it than that. Being a grime fan and a big fan of young dot, which was his previous alias when he was making more grimier music, I had a word with him before letting him know I wanted grime Dot out of the shell and as you'll hear below he didn't disappoint. I've got a video also ready to drop with funny clips, behind the scenes footage and outtakes from the day which i'll release in the next few days. This may be the last grime track for a while to be released from him:

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  1. Abhimanyu2:06 PM

    wow! good for him. been getting this feeling that he's moving on to 'different' (for lack of a better word) things. he most certainly has been the underdog for the longest time. i just hope any unreleased grime tracks are put out there - even if to purchase.


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