Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some people tell me I'm an one hit wonder, they don't like me no wonder, cause I've been apart of two number one's and a number two


Wiley - Therapy Battling [YOUTUBE]

Since Battle Hype, we've had Goodz step back and cause a massive reaction from not only fans but also between artists mentioned. Wiley has gone in on twitter and declared, in a nut shell, that he's battled Goodz too many times and others like Ghetts need to step up. For the whole of yesterday and today, William has been literally egging him on. Imagine there's friction in the school playground and there's always that one individual that will influence one to fight, "you're not hard enough, you're scared". Well instead replace the playground with twitter, one individual with Wiley and you kind of get the picture. Wiley has since taken it upon himself to get involved in the war with this new dub played a few hours ago on JJ's show on Rinse FM.

The dub itself addresses Ghetts not wanting to reply to Goodz, then he moves on to Durrty Goodz where he points fun at his new single's video. "Go to war with no money in my pocket, it's not about doe because I'm still a big achiever, they can be Ghetts, Rotten, Goodz or Double (D Double E) - I still know I'm going to defeat ya'. He then takes a hit at Dot Rotten, which was triggered off again on twitter, because Dot said that Will copied his singing on hooks style etc. It also got brought up by fans that Wiley was quick to get on Ghett's back to reply to Goodz, but he (Wiley) never replied to Young Dot (now Dot Rotten) when he sent for him with the classic 'make eskimo dance' bar on F*ck Radio 5.

It always seems to happen, when I lose a bit of faith in Wiley and think he can't go in hard like he used to, he drops something like this. This Dub reminds me of a more up to date version of his Movement War Report. Some one call National Grid, there's been a gas leak.

Still finishing post...

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  1. Anonymous3:12 PM

    wiley been the king since 03. might noit have always been the best lyricist but his unique mind makes him a genius and grime is a walk in the park for him

    long live wiley


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