Sunday, March 06, 2011


Goodz VC Promo

We're three editions deep in now and thanks to, ROUNDHOUSE & Money Clothing Volume Control is about to up the levels even more and while we're at it get a little dirty. Let's also not forget we also have a great line up of productions for you to pick from.

Rules: Every edition we choose 1 artist, #3 is Durrty Goodz, we give you three different productions, you vote which one you would prefer Goodz to vocal and we take them into Roundhouse studios.

The voting poll is officially opened till Saturday 12th March - Midnight. This is a chance for you to get involved and tell us, from the selection, what you'd like to hear the legendary Goodz over. The Third edition have some exciting producers from Grime that all have their own unique styles. Mr Mitch gives us a hype refix of his Pimp Shoes , with it's mellow tones and sharp melodies this definitely gives space for an artist to release a lot of emotion. Hailed as a new generation Joker, Numan delivers with a Punch Bag for an MC to batter. Last but not least we have one of grime's hottest producers of the moment - Royal T with his VIP refix of his recently released Orangeade.

As always it's in YOUR hands which production you'd like to hear Durrty Goodz on. So stop reading and get voting.

Mr Mitch - Pimp Shoes (Ending Refix)

Numan - Punch Bag

Royal T - Orangeade VIP

Voting Ends: 13.3.11


  1. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Numan - Punchbag


  2. Totally Punch Bag. Durrty can get back to his Axiom style :)

  3. Ben Whatley9:08 AM

    listen to the intro of P Money - Back in Time (from Coins 2 Notes) at the same time as Numan - Punchbag... almost exactly the same thing.

    Voting for Pimp Shoes, Durrty could do so much on that, it has some dreamy atmosphere going on. very artistic

  4. Royal T - Orangeade VIP

  5. Anonymous3:41 AM

    Royal T - Orangeade VIP is the only logical choiceeeeeee

  6. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Royal T - Orangeade VIP

  7. Anonymous2:27 AM

    Royal T - Orangeade VIP..... WOW! thats all i can say


  8. Oh my days.... Royal T - Orangeade VIP


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