Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Dot Rotten - Normal Human Being

"Even when I'm looking fabulous, I'm rotten and I'm still from the hood" The great thing about Dot is that whatever genre he does, he's still Dot. The beat doesn't define his style, he defines it. When I caught up with him last year for Super Super & Artrocker we spoke about the struggles of being known with no money but also evolving as an artist:

From his evolving stages and countless releases it’s clear to see the mature side of the man behind the lyrics and production. I’ve always wondered why he never dropped into the category of the token hype grime man muttering words for the sake of it; he has the answer “I feel like my lyrics have matured with me, I speak about the things I’ve seen and what I’ve done. I’m a traveller so I’ve seen so much, if I’m spitting all loud and hyped it’s because I’m doing it on purpose but my message is still different from the usual and the journey’s truly only started. My music’s like oxygen, it’s fresh and you can never get tired of oxygen.”


As well as that I also hooked him up with Beat Geeks for my Volume Control series, which enabled me to see how he works in the studio. I've never seen anything like it, he commanded the studio from the booth, from which he made up all his lyrics on the spot, to the recording and mixing deck. So whether you're a hardcore grime head or prefer something a bit more deeper and calm, Dot Rotten is definitely someone that can deliver the balance between the two.

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  1. Enjoyed reading this. I am particularly obsessed with the Dot track 'Microphone' off same EP as this track, great artist - full of soul and emotion.


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