Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easy with it, kill a popstar with a cheesy lyric, see if you act like your sh*t don't stink when you ain't got a paddle and you're knee deep in it.

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DJ Cameo Feat All Stars - Who's Dat

An old school style all star track produced by DJ Cameo and Paperbwoy, before I tell you who really stood out, let me tell who they're. Ramzee (on chorus), Big Shiz, Lady Leshurr, Konan, Mz Bratt, Scrufizzer, Krept, Baby Blue, Lioness, Dream Mclean, Kozzie, Marger, A Dot, Lil Nasty, Menace, Young Ads and Deekay.

It's got a strong amount of talent on there, I feel on the track though Lady Leshurr, Konan, Dream Mcclean, Marger, Scrufizzer and Menace really stood out for me. Menace from Brotherhood reminds more of a northern Ice Kid, along with Blaze, they're definitely a strong team and you'll be seeing more of them on here soon. Is it just me or does Deekay sound like P Money!? A Dot's a problem, I heard her new song with Kano a few weeks ago and it's a beast to say the least. Probably could of kicked Baby blue off and put Merky Ace? just a thought. Look out for the video in the next few weeks.

Being in Newham Generals, alongside D Double E, must be a tough job as D is seen as a legend. As the years go by though, Footsie really does stand out in his own right. For me it was hearing him on Skepta's Stage Show Riddim (from 3.33) that made him stand out further than 'bare right hooks'. Then obviously we've had Modern Warfare remix, High Grade No Bush and the Skitz & Newham Generals EP Bag Of Grease to name a few projects (not forgetting the bangers Newham Gens dropped all of 09/10) that have made me respect Footsie, not only as a producer, but as an MC as well. I caught up with Footsie for Super Super Magazine a few weeks back (see my full 3 page Chronik & Footsie Interview in the newest edition).

"I definitely have changed in a positive way, as I’ve been putting in more work developing myself in that field. Before I was putting a lot of time into my production side. It’s hard to do both at a decent level and I feel like the balance is coming, looking at it it’s understandable why someone like Dr Dre has only done two albums because he’s busy making world class beats. Before it was just about having bars for radio etc but now I’m working on it I’m leaving you with a bit more, my message."

Ghost Train, produced by Frisco, has been vocalled by several others including Frisco and Jammer. Which one's your favourite? My would have to be from Frisco or Footsie. Which one toasted your crumpet?


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