Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I see a man trying to catch his breath, I see man holding his chest, KICK stop till they got that breath, LICK don't wanna smell my breath


Tempa T - Fletcher

Slew Dem's hypest has returned with a Balistiq Beats feast. With the crazy success that he has had with Next Hype, everything he releases will immediately be put up alongside it and compared rather than just appreciated. It does sound very similar, especially with the same creeping footstep beat and familiar Tempz lyric format. However, the energy that he delivers and brings out in people,you could just imagine the excitement he creates while performing this, is the most important issue when judging a new track from sir hype a lot. Does this make you want to slap your own brother with a chain saw? Yes, yes it does.

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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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