Thursday, April 14, 2011

Verse two, What's new? not much but the air force shoe


M.I.K - Rebecca Black (Prod. by Splurt)

Family Tree's MIK has been giving us 100% grime for so damn long, I love his ruthless attitude and the way he flows so tightly to his chosen productions. Splurt is definitely someone we should keep an eye on, producer wise, I've been hearing his work ever since Merky Ace done his Your Time freestyle. I've never met him though, I wonder who he is (hahaha). Family Tree, especially MIK & Merky Ace, have been putting in crazy amounts of work so make sure you keep up to date with the whole camp.

Sneakbo feat OG Niki - Freak

So we've all heard and seen THAT freestyle from OG Niki and in all honesty, her new track with Sneakbo is actually good. I could hear this mashing up a club (pun intended) all over the UK, it has a Talking The Hardest vibe to it! I would like to hear how she comes (no not like that) on a solo track with just her on it though.

In a way I do feel sorry for the female mcs who have been hustling for years building up their buzz and Niki just swiped in, dropped a few whorish rhymes and woke everyone up. It's important that they don't get distracted by this. It should be a small wake up call though that there's always newer talent out that, that will do ANYTHING to be someone. You have to come with something different and stay relevant, not that I'm saying being a whore is a good thing, but then again like I've said before, if she can talk from experience who am I to tell her what to say or do.

I've seen a lot of people moan about how they're worried about young girls picking up on this (I even brought this up) and copying her, Urban Development brought up a good point, for years we have allowed the glamorization of guns, knifes, drug dealing and men sleeping around. Yet we're so ashamed and judgmental of a young girl having sex with loads of men? We suddenly all have morals, but they/we would be the first to throw gun fingers at a Giggs or K Koke gun/drug lyric. Whatever excuse you have to explain your hate or judgement, that's a very good point to think about. Just the fact WE have all talked about her so much makes us accountable for making her message go as far as it has.


  1. M.I.K is one of the best out right now, standard, when Shutdown drops it's going to be a hype.

  2. Anonymous4:58 PM

    All this OG Niki hype is incredibly sexist. The chauvinist men are giving the message that girls who like sex are dirty but men who like sex are studs, and that women should be passive to male sexuality. The feminist women are giving the message that it's not possible for a woman to be sexually empowered and that she's demeaning herself sexually to fulfil other needs. The regressives are treating female sexuality like it's an object of trade, like if she's having sex for fun she's giving away something that she should be using to gain companionship or financial security.

    Nowhere in this debate has anyone put forward the idea that maybe Niki is enjoying her sexuality and has no reason to be ashamed of anything she has done or said. If a male MC was bragging about how much pussy he was getting we wouldn't bat an eyelid, but because it's a woman everyone is shocked. I think the whole affair has shown just how backwards we still are in our attitudes towards female sexuality, how we see women as delicate little things that need to be protected from their own desires.

    Men like sex. Women like sex. They can have as much or as little as they like. As long as they're enjoying themselves, it's fine and we have no right to criticise. If Niki is a sket, then I pray for a world with more skets like her.


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