Saturday, April 16, 2011


fem fel promo

Series 1 is nearly finished (got one more episode left after this) and to deliver something different from what we've given you before ROUNDHOUSE & F2D Clothing have come together with myself to give you Edition 4 with FEM FEL.

Rules: Every edition we choose 1 artist, #4 is Fem Fel, we give you three different productions, you vote which one you would prefer Fem to vocal and we take them into Roundhouse studios.

The voting poll is officially opened until Thursday 21th April - Midnight. This is a chance for you to get involved and tell us, from the selection, what you'd like to hear Fem put in a bag. The fourth edition we have some new Hip Hop producers that all bring different elements to the table. Chesterfield producer VeeDai gives us a mellow vibe with space for Fem to reveal on. East London War Dubz (previously known as Warnz) drops in with a fast pasted build up, while Beat Life flows in with a sharp 4AM.

As always it's in YOUR hands which production you'd like to hear Fem Fel on. So stop reading and get voting.

VeeDai - 4 ZULU

War Dubz - JUMPER

Beat Life - 4 AM

Voting Ends: 21.4.11


  1. Anonymous4:29 PM

    vee dai -4 Zulu

    Lv Kelly-marie

  2. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Are you guys on crack? That beatlife track is straight fire, how can you expect a credible artist to vocal a beat that sounds half cooked?


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