Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's not about the friends you got it's more about the friends you keep. This sh*ts deep. It's not about the talent you have it's more about the people you know.

Dot Rotten - People You Know

There's been some good music floating about, just like there always has, but for a while now nothing has made me this excited about music, as a whole or even one individual, since well, lets just say for a while. I've been lucky to see Dot work in the studio a few times now and every single time I leave wanting to scream. It's very hard especially in this underground world to find talent that can genuinely be versatile. Go from making a hype tune and then in the same breath make a song that really makes you feel something. When I say that, I don't mean oh yeah 'I've been through a struggle, I've lost my friend to the gun' type of tune that is as common as a rusty penny. This FREE EP - Above The Waves - is seriously some amazing work that literally sets the theme for Dot as a person now (even though I hear a lot was recorded as far back as early 2009). I recommend you delete all the crappy free EP's/mixtapes you've wasted disk space on this year and just put this on repeat. You'll thank me for it. I caught up with dot last year for Artrocker & Super Super - GO HERE.

Above The Waves: FREE EP [DOWNLOAD]

Must Listen: Normal Human Being, Signature Sound, People You Know, Microphone & Earthquake. (yes THE WHOLE THING)

Clement Marfo & The Frontline vs Smasher - Take A Look (Rude Kid RMX)[Download]

How did you go from being my number 1 enemy? When we first met there was nothing but good chemistry, I remember every single word you said to me. They said some things in life are meant to be!

I've been a big fan of Clement Marfo for so damn long now, I remember blogging some of his stuff years back. Great to see him with his team, signed and sealed and ready to unleash some bangers into the world. This was premiered the other night on Mista Jam's 1Xtra show and I have to say this Rude Kid remix is a smash! like smash up my room in my bathroom towel while receiving some dramatic complaints from my neighbours after banging this out at 8am. Oh well ey, it's my own personal revenge after the old folks have been cutting their grass/drilling from 7am in the morning for the last year. Enough about my life, go and listen and tell me what you think - boom bam.

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