Thursday, June 16, 2011



For the Final edition of series 1 we have an exciting treat for you, in the form of Lady Leshurr. Female actress, dancer and performer, Lady Leshurr, has built up a strong following through her acting in the musical film 1Day and touring with Wiley. Even in a male dominated music scene, she has the hottest buzz throughout the whole of the Midlands. With her unique and explosive energy throughout her vast collection of mixtapes it's not wonder she's one of the main woman in the underground right now. She's even been called the "the female version of Busta Rhymes" just for her vicious double-time flow that she regularly switches into.

Production wise we have Ipswich's Neon Beats delivering a massive hard hitting Attack with his submission for Edition 5. Blizzard a 17 year old MC and Producer gives us Set Me Free, a mellow but still very hard hitting beat, which mixes the elements of many sub genres. Lastly the final option we have is CD Spinz, with his creepy but still very Gritty production that would give space for Leshurr to work her magic over.

The choice is yours: Vote on the right hand sidebar!!!

Neon Beats - Attack

Blizzard - Set Me Free

CD Spinz - Gritty

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