Friday, January 28, 2011

Volume Control #1: Dot Rotten X Beat Geeks - Thunder

Volume Control #1

For the first official Volume Control we took Dot Rotten into the Roundhouse studios last week for a hardcore session. The winning production, voted by YOU, was Beat Geek's Nightmare which completely surprised Dot. The winning beat makers are a production collective from Nottingham and have worked with a host of midlands and London talent.

With no time to waste he quickly put pen to paper, or should I say hand to Blackberry. It was so refreshing to spend the day in the studio with Dot, especially as this year seems like it's going to be a very busy and exciting year for him. He was extremely involved in the whole process from layering up vocals, auto tuning and censoring up to naughty words for Radio.

Volume Control #1 - Dot Rotten

Surprisingly we were in the studio most of the day but Dot wrote and did his vocal parts within 3hours. Hearing the result it sounds like a hell of a lot more was put into it than that. Being a grime fan and a big fan of young dot, which was his previous alias when he was making more grimier music, I had a word with him before letting him know I wanted grime Dot out of the shell and as you'll hear below he didn't disappoint. I've got a video also ready to drop with funny clips, behind the scenes footage and outtakes from the day which i'll release in the next few days. This may be the last grime track for a while to be released from him:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Exclusive: Terrorsum Predator Freestyle

Terrorsum did this for me for as a taster for a new project I'm doing. So stay tuned for that as real grime heads, as well as music lovers, are going to love it. Boom bam thank you mam.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Exclusive: Merky Ace - Bad Boys [Mike Lowery Remix]

I'm going to blog the best of the best Mike Lowery versions tomorrow but before I do let me give you this exclusive from the Family Tree's Merky Ace. Production from one the most under rated beat makers in grime, Darq E Freaker, this is what Mike Tyson listened to before biting that boxers ear off.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Check It Out, It was a Massive par Attack when Skepta tried to get Right Though (to) Me , Your Love went Bottoms Up


I've tried to go cold turkey, but it didn't last as I innocently put on my radio to lock into Westwood, without me even realizing my house had a leak. Sadly National Grid were out raving so they couldn't make it in time, so I ended up spending my Saturday fully gassing in my living room to Nicki Minaj on the dial. The reason I'm blogging about this is because a few hilarious things happened, which I've made sure to edit up for you and upload on my sound cloud.  The moment where Tim teaches Nicki the term 'PAR', which hopefully doesn't explode that whole Greengate vs Maryland drama, The crazy fan called Grace who is the definition of -gassed- and Skepta getting cock blocked by Westwood.


Exclusive, thanks to MADE IT UP FROM MY HEAD TOP NEWS, I'm hearing that Skepta and Nicki Minaj linked up after the show, they hit up the studio to lay a hot 32 bars each down over Eskimo. While you're fully inhaling the toxins check out Skepta, Wretch 32, Chipmunk and Tinchy Stryder at the Diddy Launch Party (after 3:30min). If you're wondering who Diddy is, he's that guy that used to do B.I.G's adlibs on stage. I think for Skepta to say him '& diddy hooking up was the best thing that ever happened in grime - full stop' is an arguable statement. It's opened a lot of doors, but surely an american showing us love because grime fans pestered Diddy on twitter isn't exactly the best thing ever. I'll take that comment with a pinch of salt, as a gassed in the moment outburst, because I have a lot of time and love for Skepta and the range of music he's been making. Doin' It Again

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I heard a rapper got signed and bought a BM, his albums wack though I wouldn't wanna be him. As long as my brothers in I'm ah say free him, like if you keep coming for sniff I'm ah stay skiing.

Wiley - It's Wiley (Royal-T Remix)

The original It's Wiley is enough for my neck to take but this Royal T remix, just took me way back but with such a modern twist, gave me whiplash. Claims Direct insurance claim sent to Royal T. The timeline samples like Ice Rink and Eskimo, also the sly radio sound clips just summed up in one track why Wiley is a legend and should stop being long and start performing again. The way it's put together also reminds me of the Selector POW 2011 Remix which sliced up classic beats (suited to the specific artists history) and laid it over the vocals.

dirty canada
Tre Mission - Maxin Everything (Out February 6th)

Launchpad, a team made up of young grime enthusiasts, have previously released two singles with Wiley, Radio Kid and Joombi.  This time round they've taken on the much loved Canadian grime mc, Tre Mission, who you may remember did our Outbreak back in May/June. I didn't expect the beat, especially as it builds up so mysteriously and then just ripples in so hard and direct. Up and coming producer Exo Remedy is definitely someone to keep your eyes on, that formation of UFO grimestep is something I'd like to hear more artists experiment with.

The dreaded echo's of a loud middle aged crowd on a drunken pub crawl, barely being able to stand up shouting 'Like a G6', is pretty much what I try and escape every binge Saturday. However Slew Dem's Rage made it bearable with this refix, 'Now I'm feeling so high with my cheese splif'.

Ghetts - Platoon (Old Skool Ghetto)

This has been on constant repeat along with a few other tracks off of Ghett's Merry Christmas EP [download]. There's some serious hidden gem's in this EP like the reflective Spun, Strike Me Dead or the freestyle he did with Stutta (which also appeared on Stutta's Promo). Ghett's has always had so much talent and potential and I feel these harder tracks really embody why we all love him.

I've always loved Durrty Goodz, but it was without a doubt the Axiom EP (all you fake grime fans who don't have this in your collection or haven't heard it - educate yourself) that really made me see how ahead of his time he was. He always seems to know how to deliver his views so eloquently and this freestyle above just shows how talented he is to just switch up his flow through all tempo's and sounds fire on all of them. Overall, should be dropping February and I'm hearing it's peak, no everest.

"If you hear a man say 'F*ck Durrty' cut them off cause they're untrustworthy."

Tuesday, January 18, 2011



MIK & Merky Ace (DJ SPOOKY) - Shut Down

The producer that bought you Spartan has come back to lace another fast paced head banging beat. That really didn't give DJ Spooky much credit at all, did it? Let me put it this way... This is a grime excuse for a sweaty, damp, wet hair, l'oreal whipped into your face, mosh pit with grown men fly kicking each other to hardcore heavy metal. Merky Ace & MIK do it full justice and really turn up the pace, on a track that will definitely do what it does on the tin, Shut Down a dance.

MIK - Sending for Marger (War Report #2)

In reply to last weeks mini sly from Marger, MIK used Wiley's Cool Off from his war report with the movement. The send itself I felt wasn't that strong, and as I always say, for me clashes are about personal attacks with references and I felt this didn't really have many. Apart from the sly send for Donatella, who isn't exactly going to write a dub for him, or is she!? It wasn't as good as the original.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Keep running your mouth and i'll be spiteful. I'm the father you're a yout, don't think I won't jack son like Michael.


Spooky - Spartan Remix Feat Kozzie, Marger, Merky Ace, Rival, Ego, Scrufizzer

The original was a madness, now we've got some of the best of the new generation on the remix. Usually there's one or two that stand out but I feel everyone handled their part strongly. Although I'm trying to hold myself back from labelling this as the current  Who Are You Remix. This will definitely be released very soon so keep your eyes & ears pealed but while you're there, who do you feel went in the most?


Marger - Sending for Rival & MIK

There hasn't been a real war report in so damn long, aside from Trim and Big H/Meridian, so lets not lie that this has brought some excitement to us. While there's been subtle sending on radio sets, indirects & mini shots on tracks and twitter, it seems the bickering between cousins Marger & Rival has escalated into music 'beef'. This first sending track will clearly cause a reaction on the other side so don't be surprised if this kicks off into a full blown war report. I've seen already people jumping to conclusions regarding the real reason for the send. I can confirm that it's been on going for months now and several incidents have made it escalate. It has nothing to do with petty twitter politics or whatever nonsense people are lifting out of their brains. The irony is that the reason MIK is being sent for in this track, goes way back to when Rival & MIK clashed over a year ago. It seems that while Rival & MIK are on better terms now, Marger & MIK continue to send on the sly at pretty much every opportunity. Let's see what developments happen over the next week...

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Don't Be a Menace to South London While Drinking Your 45's in the States


Waka Flocka Flame ft Giggs - Gangsta Hop

Over the past year our UK music, as much as I try and deny it, has started to get a lot of people excited out of the usual grime bubble. It's grabbed the interest of record label execs, tabloid media like The Sun newspaper (who have actually been showing us support). As well as generally becoming a spot of interest to many young music lovers it's also got the yanks pretty excited as well. They've been showing a lot of love towards our good old acts that we have over this side of the Atlantic. However lets not try and get too excited, it's great motivation that finally people are taking notice, but while most of the MC's/rappers are getting starstruck and dancing on mountains, lets be honest with ourselves. It's no surprise that the year that the charts start showing the floating underground acts love, suddenly the yanks start sniffing over here. Are they doing it just to break into the UK market or because they like the movement? That aside it's great to see these kinds of collaborations, bringing two similar but so different sounds together. The most recent collab has been with Waka Flocka Flame & Giggs, which is taken off of Giggs's Take Your Hats Off. I wouldn't say it's the best verses I've heard from either of them let alone UK to US track, Giggs featuring B.O.B Don't Go There is easily my favourite.

Let me take you through some more UK X US tracks that have caught my ears over the years:

Kray Twinz ft. Twista, Lethal B & Gappy Ranks - What We Do

Juelz Santana feat Skepta - We Dont Give A Fuck (fake collab)

Romeo - It's All Gravy feat. Christina Milian

Sway - Up Your Speed Ft Chamillionaire

It's nothing new, American acts dipping into our MC's, remember when Dizzee Rascal worked with UGK on Where Da G's? or Lady Sovereign (did I really go there?) got signed up by Jay Z and blagged her to work with Missy Elliot? We've recently had Diddy & Dirty Money (them two girls) work with Skepta on the Hello Good Morning Grime Remix and he's also remixed 50 cent's Mean Mug with rumours of him also featuring as well.


Chipmunk has released his single with Chris Brown, which lets be honest was actually pretty good, the video however showed a clear difference in the levels of their performances. Chip looked awkward at times especially when Chris looked like he was [insert domestic violence joke] - (2.08, 3.08).

Ever so recently as well J. Cole was filmed saying that he really liked P Money and had heard Slang Like This (3.00mins), well he eventually got it out after he could get a word in. A big highlight last year was when Snoop Dogg invited Tinie Tempah on stage at Glastonbury to perform Pass Out (imagine snoop being your hype man for the day). After a random Twitter outburst from Snoop regarding Newham Generals it got me thinking, imagine D Double E featuring Snoop Dogg:


While it's all a very good look at the moment let's not get ahead of ourselves now, a few acts working with UK acts doesn't mean anyone will necessarily break America let alone scrape the sides. Just look at what all the hype did to Craig David.

Saturday, January 01, 2011


Hyperfrank has joined forces with ROUNDHOUSE & BOXFRESH to give YOU the opportunity to get involved in the music we all love. Every edition we will be choosing 1 artist, #1 is Dot Rotten, giving you three options to choose what beat we should take them into Roundhouse studios with.

Every edition will be a completely different unique selection of productions. Some based on solely one genre the other a mix & match of classic material & other underground sounds. The main aims are 1) Give fans a chance to hear what they want to hear from the MC. 2) Give opportunities for less profiled, yet still talented, producers to work with more well known acts. 3) To hear some damn GOOD music!

Voting (locked on your right) is a chance for you to get involved and tell us what you want to hear from Dot Rotten.The first edition we wanted to mix it up and give you, although similar genres, very different times and sounds for you to pick from. Dizzee Rascal's classic Wheel, Darq E Freaker's hardcore grime remix of DJ Spooky's Spartan, It's Sparta. Then finishing off with a grimey influenced hip hop production from BeatGeeks, Nightmare. Hear the selection to vote from here:

Dizzee Rascal - Wheel

Darq E Freaker X Spooky - It's Sparta

BeatGeeks - Nightmare

Voting Ends: 9.1.11
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