Friday, April 29, 2011

Hyperfrank presents 367

I brought my girls A Dot, Lady Leshurr and Lioness down to Kids Of Grime's launch party to show us just how 367 get it down. INSIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Video: Chipmunk Feat Movado - Every Gyal

This is literally all I've been listening to for the last fortnight. The other night at Chipmunk's launch party this blew up the dance and ever since I haven't been able to take it off repeat, it's actually becoming a rather addictive problem. While this will obviously come under comparisons with Kano's several collaborations with Vybz Kartel, Buss It Up and Jenga, I feel it's important to just enjoy for what it is, a great club track.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Video: Lethal B - Mind Spinning

I know it's very cheesy bait dubstep but I just love the fact that Wiley drives up with Lethal's girl at the end - definitely worth a watch.

Bust-A-Nut - Tonight!!


From 9pm till 2am
Venue name: Apples and Pears
Venue address: 26 Osborn St, Brick Lane, London, E1 6TD
Selection: House, Garage, Grime, Dubstep, Dancehall, RnB, Funky

How Much: Free before 10.30pm, £5 on guestlist £6 ig not

Artists: JJ, Dun Da Dance, Deejay SLM, Cops vs Ballistik, Dj Danos,

What you need to know:
Bust-A-Nut your new favorite jizztastic monthly event. In the heart of Shoreditch, Brick Lane. We play the best in House, Garage, RnB, Grime, Dancehall. Free before 10.30 on guestlist, £5 thereafter. £6 if not!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Video: English Frank - Musics My Sister

This is emotional, Frank has done it again.

Video: Tempa T - Work Out

So last week when I told you Tempa T was the new Jet Lie, I actually met... erm I don't know ... ermmm NEXXXXXXXT HYPE. If only I had thought of doing a work out video, I would of called it Hyperfrank - How to get a fat belly but still have skinny legs and arms routine (without sperm). He's come along way from standing in the middle of a room of 20 gassed fans (I'm in there as well) flashing our 'cameras' at him. Salute! This is just the trailer to the soon to be released Tempa T Gonzo Work Out.




We’ve all heard of Next Hype’s Tempa T, with his energetic skanks and hard hitting slogans but we’re about to take it right back to the start, right back to his East London crew Slew Dem. Chronik was, and still is one of the pioneering members of the crew and with his, similar but still even more, vicious realistic street life stories we're about to see just how much we've been missing. He has a talent for making the most violent incident into a singalong frenzy. Recently released from HMP he’s back to bring back the hardcore grease into grime that’s been missing for so many years.

I caught up with him for Super Super a few months ago to talk about how the scene has changed, fake road guys and pop boys. It's on your shelves now!! Grab that beauty.

Last Summer he blazed down Just Jam, I'm looking forward to seeing this more regularly. Make sure to check out Ring and Swear Down, bangers and we should be happy that these would given out for free. SLEWWWWWW DEMMMMMMMMM - Watch out for the beast that is Merky Ace featuring Chronik produced by Skitz Beatz. 

Logan Sama Ft. Chronik & Tempa T (19/04/2011)


Monday, April 18, 2011

Video: OG's - Were OG'S

Produced by Spooky, vocals feature: Blacks, P Money, Jendor, Little Dee and Ruger. A 2010/11 update version from the 2007/08 version.

I does this on my jack jones you see my tunes are my backbone MC's wanna jump on a tune but like Gamu I'm ah send a man back home

Brotherhood Feat. Dot Rotten - On Our Own

The Brotherhood duo, Blaze (24) and Menace, was shown to me by Dot himself earlier on last year. Both from Ipswich, these two brothers have seriously got something that stands out from the rest. Menace, the youngest, seriously reminds me of a young Ice Kid. I'm really excited to see what their I'm Real Like Dat EP sounds like, which drops on the 1st May, hard melodies and sharp skippy flows I hope.

Lil Nasty - Fireworks

This beat is a BEAST, who produced it? Nasty completely goes in on this, I'm definitely starting to appreciate Lil Nasty as an individual rather than just being apart of a collective. Rock and Rolla 2 is about to drop very soon but for now download the first EP for free HERE.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Video: Goldielocks feat Frisco - Fuckabout

JEEEEEEEEEZ Goldielocks is a beast on the buttons. This is released on Itunes 18th April.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


fem fel promo

Series 1 is nearly finished (got one more episode left after this) and to deliver something different from what we've given you before ROUNDHOUSE & F2D Clothing have come together with myself to give you Edition 4 with FEM FEL.

Rules: Every edition we choose 1 artist, #4 is Fem Fel, we give you three different productions, you vote which one you would prefer Fem to vocal and we take them into Roundhouse studios.

The voting poll is officially opened until Thursday 21th April - Midnight. This is a chance for you to get involved and tell us, from the selection, what you'd like to hear Fem put in a bag. The fourth edition we have some new Hip Hop producers that all bring different elements to the table. Chesterfield producer VeeDai gives us a mellow vibe with space for Fem to reveal on. East London War Dubz (previously known as Warnz) drops in with a fast pasted build up, while Beat Life flows in with a sharp 4AM.

As always it's in YOUR hands which production you'd like to hear Fem Fel on. So stop reading and get voting.

VeeDai - 4 ZULU

War Dubz - JUMPER

Beat Life - 4 AM

Voting Ends: 21.4.11

Don't Slut Me

I haven't laughed like this in months, Salute!!

Video: Jammer - MC Jammer

Wiley - Tour (all on stage)

In order of who took the mic from start to finish: Ghetts, Jammer, Badness, Wiley, Badness, Jammer, Kozzie, Ghetts, Wiley, Skepta, JME, Jammer, JME, Ghetts, Kozzie, Rival, Ghetts, Marger, Rival, Kozzie, Marger. (Notice the small exchanges between Rival and Marger)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Video: Wiley - Numbers in Action

After witnessing a great finale to his UK Tour last night, with a mini Eskimo Dance also making an appearance (thanks to Skepta, JME, Jammer, J2K, Bushkin, Kozzie, Marger and Rival), this video and song is definitely something great to follow it all up with. He's literally killed his whole 'Will Stereotype' in the space of a week. Not only did he turn up to EVERY tour date, even after some drama with their tour manager leaving everyone in the middle of Cardiff, after years of will he won't hes. Then he turns up to make a sick video, which looks like it took a day or two to film, and the tunes pretty good as well. Good on you Wiley! Good on yah!


Regular Reload - Statik


Statik - Charge Remix - Ft. J2K, Crazy Titch, Lethal B, Tinchy, Bushkin, Mighty Mo, God's Gift, Strike 38, D Double E, JME, Frisco & Jamakabi [2005]


Thursday, April 14, 2011

See Saw

Just a little post about a few things that I've been quoted from or included in over the last week. This happens quite regularly so I thought I'd keep track of it by

Ten Grime tracks that helped Grime evolve:
The Huffington Post

New Band Of The Day: Dot Rotten (No 1001)
The Guardian

OG Niki
RWD Magazine Online

Verse two, What's new? not much but the air force shoe


M.I.K - Rebecca Black (Prod. by Splurt)

Family Tree's MIK has been giving us 100% grime for so damn long, I love his ruthless attitude and the way he flows so tightly to his chosen productions. Splurt is definitely someone we should keep an eye on, producer wise, I've been hearing his work ever since Merky Ace done his Your Time freestyle. I've never met him though, I wonder who he is (hahaha). Family Tree, especially MIK & Merky Ace, have been putting in crazy amounts of work so make sure you keep up to date with the whole camp.

Sneakbo feat OG Niki - Freak

So we've all heard and seen THAT freestyle from OG Niki and in all honesty, her new track with Sneakbo is actually good. I could hear this mashing up a club (pun intended) all over the UK, it has a Talking The Hardest vibe to it! I would like to hear how she comes (no not like that) on a solo track with just her on it though.

In a way I do feel sorry for the female mcs who have been hustling for years building up their buzz and Niki just swiped in, dropped a few whorish rhymes and woke everyone up. It's important that they don't get distracted by this. It should be a small wake up call though that there's always newer talent out that, that will do ANYTHING to be someone. You have to come with something different and stay relevant, not that I'm saying being a whore is a good thing, but then again like I've said before, if she can talk from experience who am I to tell her what to say or do.

I've seen a lot of people moan about how they're worried about young girls picking up on this (I even brought this up) and copying her, Urban Development brought up a good point, for years we have allowed the glamorization of guns, knifes, drug dealing and men sleeping around. Yet we're so ashamed and judgmental of a young girl having sex with loads of men? We suddenly all have morals, but they/we would be the first to throw gun fingers at a Giggs or K Koke gun/drug lyric. Whatever excuse you have to explain your hate or judgement, that's a very good point to think about. Just the fact WE have all talked about her so much makes us accountable for making her message go as far as it has.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easy with it, kill a popstar with a cheesy lyric, see if you act like your sh*t don't stink when you ain't got a paddle and you're knee deep in it.

Untitled-38 copy
DJ Cameo Feat All Stars - Who's Dat

An old school style all star track produced by DJ Cameo and Paperbwoy, before I tell you who really stood out, let me tell who they're. Ramzee (on chorus), Big Shiz, Lady Leshurr, Konan, Mz Bratt, Scrufizzer, Krept, Baby Blue, Lioness, Dream Mclean, Kozzie, Marger, A Dot, Lil Nasty, Menace, Young Ads and Deekay.

It's got a strong amount of talent on there, I feel on the track though Lady Leshurr, Konan, Dream Mcclean, Marger, Scrufizzer and Menace really stood out for me. Menace from Brotherhood reminds more of a northern Ice Kid, along with Blaze, they're definitely a strong team and you'll be seeing more of them on here soon. Is it just me or does Deekay sound like P Money!? A Dot's a problem, I heard her new song with Kano a few weeks ago and it's a beast to say the least. Probably could of kicked Baby blue off and put Merky Ace? just a thought. Look out for the video in the next few weeks.

Being in Newham Generals, alongside D Double E, must be a tough job as D is seen as a legend. As the years go by though, Footsie really does stand out in his own right. For me it was hearing him on Skepta's Stage Show Riddim (from 3.33) that made him stand out further than 'bare right hooks'. Then obviously we've had Modern Warfare remix, High Grade No Bush and the Skitz & Newham Generals EP Bag Of Grease to name a few projects (not forgetting the bangers Newham Gens dropped all of 09/10) that have made me respect Footsie, not only as a producer, but as an MC as well. I caught up with Footsie for Super Super Magazine a few weeks back (see my full 3 page Chronik & Footsie Interview in the newest edition).

"I definitely have changed in a positive way, as I’ve been putting in more work developing myself in that field. Before I was putting a lot of time into my production side. It’s hard to do both at a decent level and I feel like the balance is coming, looking at it it’s understandable why someone like Dr Dre has only done two albums because he’s busy making world class beats. Before it was just about having bars for radio etc but now I’m working on it I’m leaving you with a bit more, my message."

Ghost Train, produced by Frisco, has been vocalled by several others including Frisco and Jammer. Which one's your favourite? My would have to be from Frisco or Footsie. Which one toasted your crumpet?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I see a man trying to catch his breath, I see man holding his chest, KICK stop till they got that breath, LICK don't wanna smell my breath


Tempa T - Fletcher

Slew Dem's hypest has returned with a Balistiq Beats feast. With the crazy success that he has had with Next Hype, everything he releases will immediately be put up alongside it and compared rather than just appreciated. It does sound very similar, especially with the same creeping footstep beat and familiar Tempz lyric format. However, the energy that he delivers and brings out in people,you could just imagine the excitement he creates while performing this, is the most important issue when judging a new track from sir hype a lot. Does this make you want to slap your own brother with a chain saw? Yes, yes it does.

Get f*cked from the back screaming LALALA, I f*cked 6 man on the camera, don't give fuck, my mum knows so why you telling her?

At first my reaction was 'Why is this girl exposing her whole disgusting life to the world through basic flow and rhymes?', then I saw the reactions of everyone else. Most men were surprisingly excited like they were a geeky school kid, getting his first sneaky peak of a nipple, while most woman seemed shocked. Thinking about it, what is so shocking about a young girl talking like this? As 85% of Hip hop rappers and Grime MC's describe woman, as well as their own sex lives, in pretty much the same explicit detail. So is it acceptable for most men to talk about this, and take part in, but not for woman?

The other issue is, OG Niki is 17 years old, there's just a few things wrong with hearing them lyrics and then associating them with someone so young. Then again, saying them and then seeing these extremely revealing 'sex tape' like videos, that are going around of her all over the net, makes it all a bit too real. Surely if she does want to spit and she is just a dirty little sket, then she is just reflecting who she really is in her music. Before hearing this I thought she was probably trying a smart little hype move, but after, she just seemed like a lyrical Kat Stacks who just wants her 15mins in the spot light. She's extremely brave but has she thought about the long time effects this could have?

Is this just a reflection of how eager young people are to get known? Or how gullible we're for a young girl to drop a few insightful explicit lyrics, then for us to be dropping at her knees to talk about her and make her blow?

Over in the states they have had a lot of woman make their break with this whole 'suck it, f*ck it, I'm a rap bitch' angle, but we've yet (apart from Shimmer), till today, to have a female lyricist step up and drop it like that. If I'm honest I preferred how it was before, where woman who rapped had respect for themselves and didn't use their private shenanigans to get a little hype.

Whatever your view of the subject matter, there's one thing you can not deny, she's literally went from nobody to somebody in the space of 24hours. She's the 2011 Shardinay. I'm a bit worried, that even though I'm fully aware that this young promiscuous culture has been thriving for decades now, this might trigger more young female MC's to think it's acceptable to expose themselves in this manner just to get a quick hype (Remember Rochelle Sket Diaries). Let's be honest, if she wasn't talking about sex would anyone care? Will we care in a few weeks time when the gimmick shock has worn off?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Don't take offence like a thief in the garden, you just can't mimic me, lyrically, I can't be explained scientifically

Devlin - Jim Laden freestyle (Produced by Lewi White)

After the success of his debut album, Devlin is back to deliver a classic haunted grime freestyle just to prove he can give us exactly what we want. Flowing on a Lewi White production he slaughters every bar with pure venom and shows that even though he's had some mainstream love, his hearts in the underground. I love it when Devlin jumps on this type of vibe. More more more please.

No Lay (Ft Ms Dynamite) - Drugs - Produced by A-D

I was completely caught off guard with this, although she may have dropped a few tracks & projects here and there, nothing stood out for me. This new No Lay however, is the right direction I'd love to see her go in, with a UK edge, good production and with a good feature/sample. No Lay is incredibly talented, there is no arguing that, but sometimes I feel she gets caught up with trying to prove herself too much as lyrical strong, when everyone rates her on that level already. Rather than that she should focus on making a great song, this isn't just for her though, this can be said for a lot of people. This is definitely back on the Unorthodox Daughter route that I always loved from her. Can't wait to hear what else she has up her sleeve.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Rainbow Noise Feat Master 'bait' Shortie - IMMA HOMO

So that's what he's being doing since the fake young money hype. It's all clear now. (Play from 0.44min)

Dot Rotten - Normal Human Being

"Even when I'm looking fabulous, I'm rotten and I'm still from the hood" The great thing about Dot is that whatever genre he does, he's still Dot. The beat doesn't define his style, he defines it. When I caught up with him last year for Super Super & Artrocker we spoke about the struggles of being known with no money but also evolving as an artist:

From his evolving stages and countless releases it’s clear to see the mature side of the man behind the lyrics and production. I’ve always wondered why he never dropped into the category of the token hype grime man muttering words for the sake of it; he has the answer “I feel like my lyrics have matured with me, I speak about the things I’ve seen and what I’ve done. I’m a traveller so I’ve seen so much, if I’m spitting all loud and hyped it’s because I’m doing it on purpose but my message is still different from the usual and the journey’s truly only started. My music’s like oxygen, it’s fresh and you can never get tired of oxygen.”


As well as that I also hooked him up with Beat Geeks for my Volume Control series, which enabled me to see how he works in the studio. I've never seen anything like it, he commanded the studio from the booth, from which he made up all his lyrics on the spot, to the recording and mixing deck. So whether you're a hardcore grime head or prefer something a bit more deeper and calm, Dot Rotten is definitely someone that can deliver the balance between the two.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Durrty Goodz - Volume Control Edition 3


With the excitement around Goodz dropping his Overall album on the first week of May, as well as his controversial Battle Hype, I'm very happy to say we have another exclusive edition of Volume Control and with the grime veteran himself. Red Alert features Durrty Goodz and Scarz, an up and coming MC from East London, going up against Royal T's exclusive Orangeade VIP (Original Buy HERE. Durrty Goodz, previously known as Doogz, has always been one of my favourite MC's not just because of his versatile flows and experimental choice of beats, but because even though he's had some serious set backs he's kept on representing and releasing quality music.

For everyone who wants to be in the know, all of the tracks from VC Series 1 will be released on an EP. Which will be released after Episode 5. If you've come across any youtube rips, that have been floating about, ignore them I used unmixed down version on the videos just so anyone that did rip them would eventually lose their hearing in due course.

If you like the tune, request it to your favourite DJ, Watch it, Spread and Share it. Thanks for supporting.

True Tiger & P Money Feat Peter Slang Like This (Eton Man Dem Remix)

I think it would of been funnier if he would of remade the tune and with the 'bruv, cuz' parts done some 'chaps, aunty hilda' endings. Oh well ey, I guess this will do.
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