Monday, June 27, 2011

Niki gets f*cked from the back screaming la la la I know a lot of man that wouldn't even dagger yah

"The only Niki I rate is Minaj, you ain't young money you're young broke and parred"

If you're out of the loop or just stay away from twitter because you have a life, then you've missed out on the hype of the year - Lord Of The Mics 3. With the last 2 delivering us some of the best clashes so far - Wiley Vs Kano - Crazy Titch Vs Bruza - Devilman Vs Skepta, this series is about to take the gas meter up a notch. Embracing the great advantages of the internet they've created pre-hype sessions where those involved will be interviewed, confirm who they want to clash and even lay some lyrics down. For me personally the only one so far that has literally got me waking up at 3am, to see if they've uploaded it to youtube/ try to bribe Cameraman Sketch with a mars bar to just see the hype sessions - No Lay Vs OG Niki.

Yeah I'm white but don't watch that.

Just imagine if Cher Lloyd and Giggs had a child... well maybe we don't have to. I think I may ghost write her bars : "I'm a bitch yeah I'm a f*cking sensation, I never get it wrong, only the shade of my foundation"

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Understand I'm not talking French - Bluku Bluku


D Double E Ft Dizzee Rascal - Bluku! Bluku!

With his soon to drop EP Bluku Bluku about to drop ever so soon this new S-X produced banger has been given to us as a sneak peak of what's in store. Double as always is a general on the mic but for him to get Diz to get that rawness back and dive right back in again (like his collab with Chase & Status) he deserves a 21-gun salute.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Video: Fireworkz - Bounty Killa, Ghetts, Shystie, Trilla, 3.2.1 & English Frank - Limb By Limb

English Frank completely rips this apart especially with this - "I had the keys to the bimmer and the keys to the yard so having the keys to your girls pum pum ain't hard". Also 321? Marcie Phonix and Hypa Fenn you guys still about yeah? now just back with a Midlands flow? It's always good to see Shystie back on the music vibe, more and more!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's not about the friends you got it's more about the friends you keep. This sh*ts deep. It's not about the talent you have it's more about the people you know.

Dot Rotten - People You Know

There's been some good music floating about, just like there always has, but for a while now nothing has made me this excited about music, as a whole or even one individual, since well, lets just say for a while. I've been lucky to see Dot work in the studio a few times now and every single time I leave wanting to scream. It's very hard especially in this underground world to find talent that can genuinely be versatile. Go from making a hype tune and then in the same breath make a song that really makes you feel something. When I say that, I don't mean oh yeah 'I've been through a struggle, I've lost my friend to the gun' type of tune that is as common as a rusty penny. This FREE EP - Above The Waves - is seriously some amazing work that literally sets the theme for Dot as a person now (even though I hear a lot was recorded as far back as early 2009). I recommend you delete all the crappy free EP's/mixtapes you've wasted disk space on this year and just put this on repeat. You'll thank me for it. I caught up with dot last year for Artrocker & Super Super - GO HERE.

Above The Waves: FREE EP [DOWNLOAD]

Must Listen: Normal Human Being, Signature Sound, People You Know, Microphone & Earthquake. (yes THE WHOLE THING)

Clement Marfo & The Frontline vs Smasher - Take A Look (Rude Kid RMX)[Download]

How did you go from being my number 1 enemy? When we first met there was nothing but good chemistry, I remember every single word you said to me. They said some things in life are meant to be!

I've been a big fan of Clement Marfo for so damn long now, I remember blogging some of his stuff years back. Great to see him with his team, signed and sealed and ready to unleash some bangers into the world. This was premiered the other night on Mista Jam's 1Xtra show and I have to say this Rude Kid remix is a smash! like smash up my room in my bathroom towel while receiving some dramatic complaints from my neighbours after banging this out at 8am. Oh well ey, it's my own personal revenge after the old folks have been cutting their grass/drilling from 7am in the morning for the last year. Enough about my life, go and listen and tell me what you think - boom bam.



For the Final edition of series 1 we have an exciting treat for you, in the form of Lady Leshurr. Female actress, dancer and performer, Lady Leshurr, has built up a strong following through her acting in the musical film 1Day and touring with Wiley. Even in a male dominated music scene, she has the hottest buzz throughout the whole of the Midlands. With her unique and explosive energy throughout her vast collection of mixtapes it's not wonder she's one of the main woman in the underground right now. She's even been called the "the female version of Busta Rhymes" just for her vicious double-time flow that she regularly switches into.

Production wise we have Ipswich's Neon Beats delivering a massive hard hitting Attack with his submission for Edition 5. Blizzard a 17 year old MC and Producer gives us Set Me Free, a mellow but still very hard hitting beat, which mixes the elements of many sub genres. Lastly the final option we have is CD Spinz, with his creepy but still very Gritty production that would give space for Leshurr to work her magic over.

The choice is yours: Vote on the right hand sidebar!!!

Neon Beats - Attack

Blizzard - Set Me Free

CD Spinz - Gritty

Monday, June 13, 2011

Roxxxan - Tear

Lets go straight in with a smash from R O triple X with Tear, 'Love me now or learn how to be my hater'. With one finger off my hand shouting back pack gang, I remember watching her win the 2006 female battle competition, Phuture Hype and although we've had several teasers of music, from her feature on the Female Takeover of Tinchy Stryder's Gameover and the gritty raw Boxing ting, Tear introduces us to something more together and packaged. It's definitely more of a statement than just a hard feature. She's entered the boxing ring and now we're going to start seeing some hits, either get your boxing gloves on or support in the crowd.

Hyper Meets Bun B

Hyper meets Bun B

I caught up with legendary rapper and one half of the Southern hip-hop duo UGK, Bun B, at New York’s Sneakerpedia launch party, where he talked about his love for sneakers, how he had to save up for his first pair, and how important it is for the UK music scene to stand up tall…

With a whole host of collaborations under his 'OG' belt, which includes Drake, Jay-Z, Rick Ross and our very own Dizzee Rascal – to name but a few, it’s no surprise that Bun B takes a fond interest in keeping some special footwear to cover his toes, making sure that he keeps his feet stuck firmly to the ground. Reminiscing back to his humble begins and growing up in the Southern part of the States, having the freshest trainers wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to get.

"I’m old enough to remember the first release of the Jordan, and how insane the concept was to ask your mother to buy you a new shoe," says Bun B. But now that he’s in a position to buy as many pairs of sneakers as his heart desires, the rapper has now accumulated quite a collection. With the new launch of sneaker-dedicated website, Sneakerpedia, fellow sneakerheads are now able to also share their stories.

For the Full Interview Go over the MTV here.

Hyper Meets Kreayshawn

Hyper Meets Kreayshawn

America’s latest export, Kreayshawn, has had the online world going crazy for her recently. With her dubstep-influenced hip-hop sound and catchy hooks, this Oakland-born rapper has become everyone’s secret guilty pleasure overnight. In her first UK interview, Kreayshawn talks to The Wrap Up’s Laura Brosnan about her love for music, fashion, tattoos and, erm, weed...

You’ve been called 'the white Gucci Mane', 'the American Lady Sovereign' and 'the rap Lady GaGa.' What other comparisons have you had and what would you say is the most random/weirdest?

Kreayshawn: The most random has to be a white version of Gucci Mane, but people are always, and I mean always, saying that I’m the female Lil B. When it comes to comparisons, I don’t really care. Comparing me to anything or anyone isn’t really much of a compliment; it’s just trying to make sense of something you don’t know what to call or where to place, just yet.

For the Full Interview go over to MTV here.

Kreayshawn also randomly dropped me a big up on another interview which you can see here.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Russo feat Dot Rotten - Bad Tonight

Loving this track, Russo is definitely someone to look out for and of course Dot Rotten smashes it as per usual.
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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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